Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues – Album Review

For my 652nd review, I reluctantly dig into Jimmy Eat World’s ninth studio album… and find a more mature, well-produced release, their best in around a decade.

Best Songs: ‘You Are Free’, ‘The End Is Beautiful’, ‘Pol Roger’, ‘Integrity Blues’, ‘It Matters’
Worst Songs: ‘Pass The Baby’


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Text review of ‘Integrity Blues’: http://www.spectrum-pulse.ca/2016/10/album-review-integrity-blues-by-jimmy.html

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Olly Howcroft says:

Tove Lo – lady wood pz

Patrick Harris says:

Please cover the new Avenged Sevenfold record “The Stage” It’s much more technical and progressive than their previous work. Very Dream Theater-esque

Fran Soumastre says:

Tove Lo- Lady Wood!!!!

Agent 48 says:


Richard Gerst says:

I want to let you know that Icon For Hire is coming out with a new album. It’s being released on November 25, but pre-orders are available. I saw that you liked their self-titled album, so I thought I would give you the head’s up

Tristan de Robillard says:

Honestly, I was surprised you enjoyed this as much as you did, Mark, given that I read your Damage review. That said, I’m so happy you do like it, as I love this album a lot. Truly great work fro the band.

Teddy Haines says:

I remembered you not being a big fan of Jimmy Eat World – glad to see they’ve won you over a bit.

By the way, Kate Voegele’s album dropped today and upon preliminary listening it’s pretty good. She’s basically gone full folk/alt-country by now, as further enticement for you. I’m pretty sure you’d find something to like, especially since she’s very similar to Karen Jonas vocally on top of everything else.

calebxw says:

You should try out Deadeye by The Ballroom Thieves!! Some great country-folk-rock music, and generally, I cannot stand modern country music.

Cooper says:

You should review Tove Lo’s new album, Lady Wood

CobaltT9 says:

Like everyone else, The Middle was my introduction to this band. Next came Pain through Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (fun game) and my first JEW record was Chase This Light and I really listened to it a lot back then. Futures came afterwards and maybe I should listen to it again. I’m interested on your take on Robbie Williams’ new album The Heavy Entertainment Show.


Are you going to review the new CRX album? (The new band of Nick Valensi from The Strokes)

S Moore says:

can you review the new Norah Jones album

River Alex says:

Shit third

Moonlightbae 14568 says:

lady wood please

Owen W says:

Saor just put their new album up for early streaming, and I bet you’d like it. It’s atmospheric black metal with Celtic folk touches. I feel like there’s some influence of Panopticon’s Autumn Eternal on the album, so I bet you’d enjoy it.

Jakanthony Brentfordton says:

Haha the fact that you’re “Not sure” about Jimmy Eat World but are perfectly sure about some of the shit music you talk about is disturbing.

Untitled For Now says:

Empire Of The Sun New Places
Tove Lo Lady Wood
Meek Mill DC4

TheKaijudist says:

Such a pleasant surprise. I love the crap out of this album

SquidofBaconator says:

Can you review Avenged Sevenfold’s new album, The Stage?

Joshua Ruiz says:

Catch JEW live, dude. They’ll blow you away

Sara Montes says:

Please , Can you do an album review from the catalan band, Obeses- Monstres i Princeses

Justin Thompson says:

After being massively disappointed with Damaged, I was interested but not necessarily excited about this album (and I was a big JEW fan through high school and college). Sure and Certain as the lead single caught my interest and I stopped off to buy a copy when it was released. It definitely reminded me of Futures more than any other album of theirs, which was a good thing – probably my second favorite after Clarity. Also I loved that they ended with the long, massive track like they did on albums 2-5 (Invented did this too, but I had the deluxe edition, so it didn’t feel like the end). Overall, as a fan of Jimmy Eat World, I would give it an 8 and I loved the review, always enjoy watching. Thanks.

Naos says:

So I guess Sabrina Carpenter got skipped… sad. How about Tove Lo?

StarshipRangerMoore says:

I’m really glad everyone seems to be loving this album! Maybe you’re a bit more objective than me as I’ve been a huge fan of Jimmy Eat World for about the past 12 years or so but I would disagree with you about Jim Adkins voice, maybe not the strongest but it’s really emotive and amazing live! While Bleed American and Chase This Light may have had some songs with ‘immature’ writing, they weren’t trying for anything other than that (The Middle being the obvious example) but a lot of their writing, especially on Clarity and Futures are incredibly mature – again with Clarity and 23 being great examples of those albums. Also, maybe because the themes of the albums were kind of relevant to the point in my life when they came out but I’m one of the few who likes Invented and Damage!

Glad you liked it over all and if you get a chance check them out live!

gatorade350125 says:

Gross dude…enjoy your herpes. if anything is gross, it’s your fucking mouth.

Marty, I'm Scared says:

Could you please review American Football’s new album?

Alex Kurandy says:

hey can u review lady wood by tove lo

CountryMC says:

Can you review Cosmic Hallelujah by Kenny Chesney?

alexfithero says:

I like it. Emo are you retarded? Great song writers? Their good writers music emo cause U feel it dumbass

Jake Allison says:

i’m a long time jimmy eat world fan, and this is better than i was expecting

KDog1265 says:

Maybe it’s because I never followed this band too far outside of Bleed American, but I am not too big of a fan of this album, even though it did grow on me a little. I’d give it a strong 6/10.
Favorites: “It Matters”, “Sure and Certain” “Pass the Baby”
Worst: “Through”

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