Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues | Album Review

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►Veteran rock band Jimmy Eat World return with a wise & self aware 9th album “Integrity Blues”.

“Integrity Blues”
RCA Records
Release: 10/21/16
Rating: 4/5

►Favorite tracks: Pass the Baby, Pretty Grids, Through, It Matters, Get Right, Pol Rogers

►Least faves: Integrity Blues, You With Me, The End is Beautiful

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►Opening riff by Rob Scallion: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/03hVtUfmQW3fhMbYoliIod


LostEarbuds says:

I live for that intro

ToGo ? says:

This is completely off topic but what are your feelings on System of a Down? they’re one of my favorite bands and I’d like to get your opinion on them.

ChopChan says:

Sputnikmusic users say that you’re a very bad reviewer. What would you respond to that? XD
Also you need to review Dance Gavin Dance Mothership. It sounds absolutely phenomenal.

Migue Ugartechea says:

Please Enema of the State Reviewww

Mr. Felipiux says:

Why dont u do a 10 band u should listen to

Connor Hayes says:

Now I don’t have to ask IF you are doing a review of A7X The Stage but WHEN are you gonna do it is the better question

Harryet Potter says:

You should do a review of Jimmy Eat World Bleed American.

musiclover1924 says:

Are you going to review The Pretty Reckless’ new album “Who You Selling For” ?

Iman Hamid says:

Hey Jon, I was wondering if you could check out the indie artist Regina Spektor? Her album ‘Far’ is G R E AT and her style is really different from anything else out there.

Christian Gilbert says:

Hey john have you checked out the Broadside album “Old Bones”? Coffee Talk is such an awesome pop punk song

Josh Christiansen says:

This dude is the white Tyler

Louis_Green2002 says:

what’s the song from the start

BGM Live! says:

Dude, just some random suggestion, you should review the New Radicals album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too. It’s a GREAT underrated 90s pop record. I’d love to hear your thoughts

Adolfo Gonzalez says:

ARTV can you album review I Prevail Lifelines.

Lizzy C says:

The album’s pretty solid considering their usual standards. Amazing live performers though.

Denzel Mcconico says:

These guys are still making music….. HELL YEAH, the middle was my jam!!!!

David R says:

Pretty Grids is probably the only song on the album that I don’t like at all.

David J says:

Agree with you on most things about the album. But I disagree about the song ‘Integrity Blues’. I love that song. I find the music dreamlike and lamenting. The lyrics seem to indicate that feeling. “I wish I could hold, I wish I could touch. But a fool just wants and wants”.
That song and Pass the Baby, at first blush, were my least favorite. But after many, many listens they’ve become two of my favorite.
That’s the beauty of music. Not everyone likes the same songs.

Lovehatetragedy says:

Pass The Baby is amazing. Best song on the album.

ChopChan says:

Nice review btw. You are my favorite music reviewer. I love your charisma and I liked this album. 3/5 imo


ARTV > TheNeedledrop
getting tired of Anthony’s meme reviews being more important than his actual music reviews to the point where he barely tries to review albums fairly and properly.

DestroyaDallon says:

Can you review lifelines by I prevail? Great album in my opinion.

stuart gray says:

quite a different album for Jimmy, takes a few listens to get into it. ‘You are free’ hit me the most, loving that track

Paradise Ranch says:

Will you be reviewing Tidal Wave from TBS?

Abraham Alvarez says:

+ARTV can you plz make an album review for State Champs? (I mean “The Finer Things” and “All Around The World And Back”) they are a solid pop punk band in my opinion and I truly think that they are worthy of a review from you. Thanks!

Maranda Renae says:

ARTV, what are your thoughts on I Prevail’s album Lifelines, and would you consider doing a review of it on this channel?

James Shepard says:

Jimmy Eat World is my very favorite band. I was quite excited for this album and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s more mid-tempo than their last work, but the pacing and placement of each track works so well. I feel like this works as a full album better than Damage or Invented — those albums had superb tracks, but the pacing sometimes felt off.

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

I’m surprised you gave both this and the new Korn album a 3.5. I feel like, as a whole, this album is leaps and bounds better than the Korn record. I’d love to see like a published criterial tab of your reviews (I get that it’s subjective), but I’m interested in seeing what determines a half score as opposed to a full score.

Great review!

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