Maroon 5 | Red Pill Blues Album (First Listen)

This is my first listen/reaction to Maroon 5’s new album ‘Red Pill Blues’. I hope you enjoy.

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No copyright intended. All rights go to Maroon 5, Interscope Records, 222 and everyone involved in the making of ‘Red Pill Blues’.


MissCrista says:

“Girls Like You” is my FAVORITE!!!!

bart lanser says:

iPhone speakers?

Kevin Thibodeau says:

Maroon 5 favorite band I believe my favorite song has to be visions btw great video and channel

Sarah says:

you let me feel so excited to listen to the album, i love Maroon 5 but i didn’t listen to it but i will now !!! LOVED THE VEDIO AS ALWAYS !! A GAMMER.

신성빈 says:

What’s different from deluxe version and original??

abcdez30 says:

What does tickle my fancy mean?

Maddison Levine says:

I really love Girls like you

dillowman_8 says:

Tom, the point was to have an “extended instrumental jam session” on Closure. I loved it. Showcased them as musicians. Nice change

Estelle Burgess says:

I like most of the album it’s not a bad album everyone is so use to there old stuff best 4 you lips on you vision

Linda Hallman says:

Try “Whiskey” again.  My favorite off the album.

Sev Fizzy says:

Love this lots x

abdou bkh says:

For the record : whiskey is the best song on the album

Corrie P. says:

You should listen to Andy Grammer

TheDuffyGamer34 says:

My favorites that aren’t pre-order are Best 4 U, Lips on You Who I Am, and Closure, and on the Deluxe Edition, Visions. I also love all of the pre-order songs (What Lovers Do, Wait, Help Me Out, Whiskey, Don’t Wanna Know, and Cold). My least favorites are Bet My Heart and Girls Like You. The ones I’m indifferent about are the other two Deluxe Edition songs, Denim Jacket and Plastic Rose.

Jana Khaled says:

Not a huge maroon 5 fan but watched the video for you

Stephanie Aldridge says:

What lovers do is amazing!!!

BallHawkDee says:

Best album from m5

MxZvGx says:

Whiskey best song on the album if you listen a few times to it… how can you not feel that vibe…

Bailey Townsley says:

Bdbdbbs i asked for you to do this on instagram and you actually did it dbdbsh

NASDriver says:

17:33 YEAH!

holly marshall says:

so many uploads my heart cant take it

Dorothea Clason says:


Billy4 Gd says:

Tom I literally get heart attack of joy every time my notification comes that you’ve uploaded- x haah

Jeremiah Jensen says:

Plastic Rose, anyone?

Zoee Avery says:

I feel like their music has changed but like theyve adapted their style to the modern music scene. Like it still sounds like stuff they’d do but theyve adapted to the styles of today. Its quite cool

Max Whittle says:

I love you

Fer Cm says:

I listened to “Whiskey” like 5 times until I actually liked it hahaha

Hugo Holm says:

Waited for this since the album came out, gotta listen to it with tom!

Jared West says:

Whiskey is my favorite song. Mostly because i know it doesn’t have a buildup or drums. It’s a lovely song in my opinion. i do agree that A$AP Rocky’s verse is EXTREMELY unnecessary though. That’s my only complaint though

robert7567 says:

Closure is my FAVE!!

kim galstyan says:

Tom , I know there’s no way that you’ll see this , but I just wanna say it anyway
I love you so much , I’ve been going through tough time , and you’ve helped me a lot without even knowing. Thank you very much , I’m not going into details, but you’re amazing , cute and a good YouTuber.
Thanks for making a different platform for people.

NASDriver says:

i love how my 2nd fav song is Tom’s most hated (Whiskey)

Natalie Jane says:

❤ Maroon 5 ❤ Such a good album

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