Maroon 5 – Red Pill Blues | Album Review

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►My review of yet another run of the mill groan-worthy album by pop band Maroon 5. This one’s got a dumb name, “Red Pill Blues”. hope you enjoy the review and the skit! I get worked up in this one and sweat a lot, sorry about that. It took 3 takes of this review before I got one I liked.

“Red Pill Blues”
Interscope Records
Release: 11/3/17
Rating: 2/5

►Favorite tracks: Lips On You, Help Me Out, Best 4 U, What Lovers Do

►Least faves: Who I Am, Bet My Heart, Wait, Closure, Girls Like You

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah:

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Garrett Scroggs says:

I actually loved “Closure”. Yeah, it’s repetitive, but they do vary just enough. I don’t like “Help Me Out”, as it’s not unique enough to stand out, but off enough to not be catchy. Overall, I think I like this better than V. If not for “Don’t Wanna Know” or “Help Me Out” (and maybe “Plastic Rose”), I would like this better than Overexposed. “Lips On You” completely shocked me as to how grand it was. On the deluxe edition, “Denim Jacket” and “Visions” are pretty cool.

FDM says:

More intros like this one please!!!

RJWolfe07 HLAHG says:

“Maroon 4” LOL

MicroLambdaMan says:

Why was the start of this video like a modern porn video?

Hailey Petersen says:

I’ve been waiting for this album since I saw the cover for it on the graphic design is my passion Facebook group lmao

Brynn Adelia says:

man i love me some maroon 4

KDog1265 says:

I feel really bad for LunchMoney Lewis. He’s a pretty fun artist but his career has been so horribly mismanaged.

Alexander Greensmith says:

Maroon 5 peaked at Kara’s Flowers, though this new album is their best since It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. Great video though. Loved the intro.

dadmumdarrenV2 says:

The front cover that is all bye

ThePolariChamber says:

To be fair, Don’t Wanna Know and Cold were standalone singles.

my waterparks romance 182 says:

What is the thumbnail

EPIC Tv says:

This album sounds very cheap. NOT GOOD… AT ALL

Scott Basler says:

Med Swill Snooze

Matthew Roberts says:

That thumbnail though. LMAO

brian montoya says:


Quentin Childs says:

That thumbnail XD Nice review, man! Keep up the great work!

Alexander Amaya says:

The last good song Maroon 5 released was Lost Stars. Too bad you didn’t review Meaning of Life by Kelly Clarkson


Love it when you do the intros w/ Hanna love you both

RJWolfe07 HLAHG says:

The skits keep getting better and better, I love you guys

Aidan Cruskie says:

That better not be a fucking dog filter jon

Sean R says:

2:10 …8 Ms in my bank account

Angad Bawa says:

Maroon 5 is going is not even stadiny out in 2017 when allmost all pop music sounds the same. I miss it wont be soon before long

Ryan Burr says:

Hey Jon! I’m trying to get a start in the media critique world and it would mean the world if you checked out the first post I’ve written. It’s a review of the first season of 13 Reasons Why and I’d be really appreciative to hear some advice about critical writing since you’re one of my biggest influences. I know you’re super busy so if you can’t it’s cool, but if you’re interested just let me know how to get help you get to the page! Thanks!

HappyTaurus says:

Hey Jon, any chance of a review of a Smiths or Cure album? 🙂
Keep up the great content! 🙂

S says:

“old man ew get away from me” LOL

Natalia Vargas says:

Maroon 5 is slowly going downhill and i don’t think they’ll ever be as good as their 2000’s era

Tonny Bivans says:

Maroon 4 LMFAO

dirty rat says:

maroon 5 has had one of the most intense downward spirals i’ve ever seen in music

Usernames today suck says:

Snapchat filters are the biggest cringe on the market. I hate them so much

Elizabeth Nicole says:

“were you watching too much stranger things? Were you hooked on the number eleven? Why else would this song be eleven minutes?” I can’t stop laughing.

ARTV says:

An album cover & title this awful deserve a thumbnail this terrifyingly awful. Enjoy the skit, the review, and me sweating a lot because this took 3 takes and my studio got hot af!

Cale Coleman says:

your girlfriend wasn’t wrong when she said Maroon 7 lol
literally it’s all Adam Levine. the other 6 guys don’t do shit.

Pig Icarus, Meme Lord says:

Kawaii Snapchat filter Jon scares me

Nasu Nguyen says:

Just in case you didn’t know, Sam Farrar, the 7th member that was added to the band was always close to Maroon 5 since high school. In fact he even contributed to most of the songwriting on “Hands All Over” and always toured with them back in 2014. It wasn’t until now that he was officially labeled as one of the members.

Jonathan Bouthillette says:

Maroon team 5

pricila says:

Im done with maroon 5

לביא גלזמן says:

*MAROON 3.14159*

Ardem Gourdikian says:

John, have you listened to the Kara’s Flowers album the Fourth World? It’s basically the maroon 5 before they toon off. It sounds like a mix between Weezer and the Beatles. I highly recommend you guys check it out.

OddMentalities 000 says:

We have the same opinion about What Lovers Do

Hendrix Campos says:

How ARTV is great on videos.
1. Thumbnail always shows his reaction and where the direction of the video goes with.
2. Funny as hell sometimes
3. Doesn’t give a shit about haters
4. He’s great

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