Nina Simone Sings the Blues VMP edition unboxing & 1st impressions

The Vinyl Geek unboxes and takes a first listen to Nina Simone Sings the Blues from 1967. This is the Vinyl Me, Please featured album for December 2016.
Album provided by Vinyl Me, Please for review purposes




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Cajun Queen says:

Thanks to this review, I’ll be checking out this classic album. Thx for doing this.

Derrick Pemberton says:

This album is great. Check Nina Simone In Concert: its my favorite album of hers.

Richard Riley says:

I also have the 2013 version. This version is excellent. After watching the documentary movie about her, you appreciate her performances even more. Happy New Year. I listened to a first press Dynagroove of Gale Garnett the other day, the sound was excellent. I think there better than there reputation.

rockonblackops777 says:

have you heard of the album The Ghost of a saber toothed tiger?

George Wong says: my friend have good taste, The Beatles Prince…and now this, digging your vibe..very cool!

Kashif Chaudhry says:

One of the main reason I hate remastered records, apart from the sub-par sound compared to the original. The artwork looks like crap and full of grain. Like they took a low resolution scan of the original cover. Just horrible.

Andrea Sanders-Crouch says:

Just bought my boyfriend a subscription for ‘Vinyl Me, Please’ for christmas! Bummed to have missed this record – was just 2 days too late, but I loved your review of it. Keep doing what you’re doing! Awesome channel.

SgtPepperChannel says:

Gary Crimble, Eric !

dixielandfarm says:

I have never seen a Nina Simone record in real life in all of my digging – not in real stores, not in the thrifts, not at yard sales… The documentary on Netflix about her was fascinating – had warts and all.

wildbilltexas says:

Dynagroove was a system RCA developed so their records could track and sound better on cheaper stereos. But it was a nightmare for audiophiles and classical music lovers because it compressed the audio and lowered the dynamic range. But I couldn’t hear Dynagroove make any big sound difference on any RCA Easy Listening, Pop-Rock and Country albums I have, maybe because they were mixed with some compression in the studio. Maybe RCA had stopped using the Dynagroove mastering system and just used it as a trade name.

Jimmy M says:

I loved the album. One of my favorites of this year by them by far. Probably tied with the Wells Fargo one. Totally dig the color as well. Although not to sure about next month’s release. Seems for me and my taste VMP hits it out of the park like every other month.

mac churl says:

Audiophiles have always maintained that RCA non – dynagroove stereo recordings had superior sound quality , but I’ve never really noticed a significant difference , and my playback equipment is not too shabby . On a different note , I was told that Ms. Simone could be a rather difficult person to deal with . The person who shared this information with me cited an altercation she instigated with fellow artist Dusty Springfield . Apparently , Simone took exception to Springfields’ singing style , accusing her of purposely trying to sound ‘ black ‘ , and a fight ensued . I was never told who won .

BarakaPDub says:

Thanks for putting in the info about the Dynagroove! Merry Christmas to you and the fiancé!

Tracy Ratelle says:

I need to see you master the box opening 🙂

Kamikaze Falcon says:

Do a vinyl review of the man because I think we’d all want to see that happen

Coker0415 says:

can you review the beach boys christmas album

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