Ringo Starr Beaucoups of Blues Album Review


day tripper says:

Thank you so much for this review john. I didn’t care to much for this album when it first came out, but i played it a couple of months ago and i loved it. Thank you for the back story of the last track, i had no idea about this song. I must tell you this very short story. I have a brother who fought in vietnam and one night i was in my room looking at his picture cause i missed him so much and i swear to god the next morning he came home october 1970. I hugged him so tight his eyes almost popped out:) Excellent review john. I’m off to play the cd right now.

Thomas Calden says:

Far and away my favorite Ringo album and this is the best review of it I’ve ever come across..Great job as always John..

margus kiis says:

Absolutely his best album and one of best beatle solo albums ever.

ginzod says:

This is a good album….if you got it for a few dollars at a garage sale. Yeah it’s an ex-Beatle……..it’s not bad, but after you hear the whole thing once, you won’t be pulling it out again anytime soon. Some ok songs on there.. but for an ex-Beatle…….then again, he was the drummer. Bad Boy, Ringo the 4th, Sentimental Journey and this one………pretty much all alike.

MeanMr Mayo says:

Thanks for the review, John. One of the few albums I still am unfamiliar with as a whole. But I’m always hearing that these days it’s considered one of Ringo’s best records. It’s a very ambitious undertaking for Ringo, and I would say the same looking back to the previous SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. I still would like to see Ringo record a new country-ish album.

beatleman69 says:

I wonder if it done better had he did another cover album but this time of the older country music songs like John Fogerty did in on his first solo LP “Blue Ridge Rangers” in 1973. Charlie Daniels once said this is what got him started in country music.

Beatle Brad says:

Good and fun information. John I recently I got this on 180 gram cd and it came alive I think it is better then the lp..

mrbonifant says:

wow, we actually agree on something Fab……

clearcoat2000 says:

This is a great album by Richard Starkey.  Like a fine wine it has improved with age.

Father Damien Karras says:

Best Ringo LP IMO.

FitToBe TieDyed says:

I’m not a fan of country music but rather enjoy listening with this one. It really is recorded well and Ringo’s performances are first rate. Song choices are also excellent. In addition to my Canadian pressing I also have an Australian pressing that sounds great. Nice review, John. Thanks for doing it.

Jos Housen says:

It is nice to see that this album get’s an extended review which it deserves imo. I agree that this is one of Ringo’s best albums and he should do another country album. Nice review :-))

Justin Marley says:

John explaining he got Linda to take the cover of the Get Back lp cover. I knew I heard it somewhere. Great Andy Peebles interview. Two days before that awful day.

Paul Cachia says:

A fabulous album!

namesvoorbugvall says:

it very good lp very nice

James Griffiths says:

Hi John. This album is pretty near the top of my solo Beatles wants-list at the moment, so this review was very interesting, thanks. I had no idea that the album featured the same people as Nashville Skyline. The band I play drums for do a version of Don’t Be Cruel and we make a stab at the Jordinaires’ vocal arrangements. DJ Fontana was Elvis’ drummer.

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