Saturation I and Too Legit to Quit Album reviews: GO #145

00:00 Drake and “God’s Plan”
12:53 MC Hammer “2 Legit 2 Quit” Patreon Requested Album Review
43:18 BROCKHAMPTON “Saturation” Patreon Requested Album Review


David David says:

some people want reform in these deformed abstract rap
that that raps back-wards the four beats all never land
forever bland. that word feels forces in. Boring. your facts
all facts. flaws stacks. flows wack. your raps, no rap.
your breathing’s off. mixing stinks. licking lips. your speaking soft.
you speakin truth. I’m weak in youth. But three, ten, years. I’ll spit hits, truth
beaming through I’m screaming you damn right I do, I spazz
Pause they’ll never understand cause im never gangster man sure I’m clever man forever stand
‘Gainst ya wordy fiends. learn this B. your triplet I skip it its easy, so when I heat seak
my pen’s ice, deep freezed , I spend nights dreaming. Screw friends, write EP’s
Through Neglect I’ll grit my teeth, through the sweat, fights then find beef, off too the next fight, then I scream.
its no quizzers treat. why my dough’s dipping deep. my life yo, it’s missing me. I’d find hope, in history
Why Write yo? This’s it for me R O P E, lie asleep.
Are yo happy?
Goodnight all those who look down to me, you right y’all know I look up to feet

Abioye Omari Amaechi says:

More like drakes plan. I love the song , I just hate the title . Imagine if it was called ” thors plan” how would that be received. Lol love the video , though

Michael Awotwi says:

The guy saying MC hammer was a robot was Ralph Tresvant from New edition

Rasengan says:

How can you hate Heat BRUH

Bruce Leeds says:

Nelly got flack, at one of his appearances women wanted to cross examine his exploitive videos o he didn’t turn up

ArmondoeCruze88 says:

The guy who said Hammer was a robot is Ralph Tresvant

P.M says:

JOBA screaming is the best lol, but I guess you either love it or hate it

Myggdreper says:

Best intro in a minute

SomethingSerious says:

1 = 2 > 3

My parents named me Martin says:

I liked it just off the intro alone.

Seanji Idfk says:


Liam pphh says:

2-1-3 for sure

Siiiscoe says:


Black Mug says:


Mushroomanjc c says:

Rap critic, i like you, but that intro was cancer

Michael Berthelsen says:

Just a thought, that tongue roll is often taught as a way to deal with certain speech impediments, in order to pronounce ‘r’ properly. Might be that Hammer has a speech impediment, and never got better at ‘r’, so he keeps rolling it.

TheSoccer0912 says:

it’s 3>1>2 for me i think

CobaltT9 says:

Unless those mumble rappers have better production (Migos on Calvin Harris’ ‘Slide’) and raise their lyrical imagery and wordplay from below average, I’ll stick with Hammer’s pre-cursor to Soulja Boy cornball, stilted and limited rap flow and lyrics with sub-standard mainstream production.

Kortlen Dunst says:

Bro this show barely gets 10k views. Meanwhile your rap critic videos push toward 100k.
Why not put more time into RC instead of GO?

Bruce Leeds says:

I tell you what, Hammer might be one of the founders of adlib rap “Cause all the killers always seem to look like me (BLACK)” lmao

P.M says:

3 was dope, possibly my favorite, and thats the opinion I’m stick with

Jenin Faour says:

Now that’s an intro..

Awesomeaaron2000 says:


Meerkat Man says:

1>3>2 if you disagree then meet me at KFC tonight for rumbles

Sound Mind says:

According to Genius, it is in fact Fergie. I mean. Her voice is distinct…

chucky D .rapmusic says:


MF West says:

1 > 2 > 3

Juan Nunez says:

The video for 2 Legit 2 Quit is an amazing time capsule for the early 90’s.

Ty_ teynium says:

What about these tracks:
Jonwayne afraid of us feat zeroh
Exquisite Corpses
Campaign Speech
Too long? Just curious.

Kaileidoscope says:

43:51 you mossed a good chance to say “…where does the needle drop?”

Andrew N says:

I think 2 > 1 > 3. Great review though

No Face Killah says:

Saturation 3 > 2 > 1 Fight ME!

D. Unsilence says:

3 > 1 > 2

IllTellYouWhat says:

Also, I got to agree that Heats not a bad track, but one of the worse tracks Brockhampton put out. Really good hook into the album though. And, I got to say I love the Bearface tracks, the vibes are too nice

InFamousSs says:


rockisheaven says:

In terms of the time limit for classic albums: do you think this rule counts for double or triple albums (The Wall, The White Album, etc)

Hula nani says:

Okay Saturation 1 wasn’t AMAZING, but jfc it isn’t that bad???

Billboardguy1 says:

I listened to all of Hammer’s hit songs, and I never heard or noticed that thing you claim he does. Also, “God’s Plan” is boring and it sucks. Not worthy of being #1 at all. But at least I can respect Drake for giving away the money spent on the video for good causes.

Super Duper Murph says:

3 > 2 > or = 1

MF West says:

Nelly was getting it in 99??

nurse says:

1>3>2 ur all wrong

P.M says:

Who else can’t decide wether Dom or JOBA is your favorite? cause I have been every since I first started getting into them

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