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►The world has been waiting patiently, and here we finally are at “Reputation”, the 6th album by the superstar herself, Taylor Swift. Everything expressed in the review is MY opinion, and if you don’t agree, say it in a way that doesn’t scream “I’m a 14 year old that runs a fan account”.

Big Machine Records
Release: 11/10/17
Rating: watch the review/5

►Favorite tracks: Getaway Car, King of My Heart, …Ready For It?, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Call It What You Want, Dancing With Our Hands Tied

►Least faves: End Game, Don’t Blame Me, So It Goes, Dress, I Did Something Bad, New Year’s Day

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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►Buy the album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/reputation/1274999981


Santiago Moreno Páez says:

You’re so cute

TheCaliforniaboy1 says:

This is EXACTLY how I feel about the album.

Patf Ts says:

Unpopular opinion: reputation is better than 1989

Callum Sinclair says:

Reputation for me is a 5/5
Best album of 2017

Jacob Patrick Poulsen says:

I feel like “Reputation” is not a bad album. But it does not come close to the “1989” album for me. The “1989” album was a perfect combination of catchy pop songs and also great production on most of the songs. “Reputation” seems like an inconsistent album, and she goes in a lot of directions, which makes the album hard to get to the bottom of. Maybe she should just make a whole pop album the next time. The dark music tones on this album, don´t suite her that well. It sounds desperate like she wants to do every genre to get hits from the album, which the first albums first to singels, did do for her. However no matter what music style she does, she will still have a couple of hits pr. album. I just think that she should make a pop-album the next time, That music genre (pop-music genre) along with the country music- genre, she does really well. 🙂

Srishty Swiftie says:

Getaway car is my favorite too yay, although I love the whole album

Ferdhaus Ismael says:

King of My Heart is sooo cliché tho…

Bobius07 says:

Don’t criticize an album for what it’s not trying to be.

Demetrio Daniel Coconi says:

As a Swiftie, I respect your opinion, in my personal opinion I love this album but yea!

Diana Barsom says:

But writing a song about being happy doesn’t mean she’s going to be happy all the time.
She just felt happy in a phase of her life and got inspired so made a song about it.. songs are made from moment like that and doesn’t mean that what u felt in that moment is going to last

Horror fan 13 says:

2.5 yeah I can tell that your gonna die by your cousin

May says:

Is it weird that all your least faves were my faves? So It Goes and Dress are great

ARTV says:

Thanks for checking out my Reputation review! It’s all opinion, no one is right or wrong. Remember that Swifties 😉
Hit that like button and share the review, thanks for watching!

SleepyHead says:

Can’t believe new years day is one of your least faves tho…

Haylor Swyles says:

The reason why the first half of the album seemed worse than the second is because that part was how the media’s perception of her was. Just trying to get it out there.

Tomas Garcia says:

My favorite song off Reputation is “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” I love the instrumental and her vocals at the end were AMAZING. I did not know she could belt like that.

Víctor Colón García says:

LWYMMD is an embarrasing song. Don´t know what she was thinkg. Ready for it is ok, I like the futuristic Michael Jackson production. Gorgeous is awful. Worst lyrics ever?? The rest I have not listend and have no intention of doing so… I don´t like her personality, her terrible voice, her pettyness and in general she is a really bad pop product…

ruben garcia says:

I love all her albums but this one is more of my guilty pleasure. This is just my opinion and I respect your opinion.

amirhosein razmara says:

come on having sex with the person that you love is a normal part off life and there is nothing wrong with that
that song actually just about sex its more about falling in love with someone who realy wants you as who you are and the real person behind this ” reputation ” and sex refrence is after all of this which is really nice to me
also you can’t call this album inconsistent just because it has different songs actually i like the tone difference in the album alot cuz the album includes songs for all Moods and i can relate to some song of this song any day
and i also feel the lyrics on this album are more real . not to say the previous ones were not but i feel in this one she is really speaking from bottem of her heart

i really thing the album wasn’t your taste so you didn’t liked it as much as 1989
and for the 12356898th time
knye never told her anything about calling her a bitch and taking credit for fame or having naked vax figure of her and . and he know that this would hurt taylor but he did it and also took that 19 second video which proved nothing to excuse himself and he didn’t let taylor breath at that time
he hurt my baby and noe he deserves way more cuz he is a fuckin jackass

Youssef Shaqroon says:

“reputation” songs from ranked from worst to best (my opinion):
15. Look What You Made Me Do
14. Delicate
13. Dress
12. I Did Something Bad
11. King Of My Heart
10. Don’t Blame Me
9. Gorgeous
8. Call It What You Want
7. End Game
6. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
5. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
4. …Ready For It?
3. So It Goes…
2. Getaway Car
1. New Year’s Day

Mizzy Cat says:

I actually do like this album a LOT, but I can actually see why people don’t like it

My review: 8/10

Favorites: I Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, Delicate, …So It Goes, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Least Favorites: End Game, Gorgeous, King Of My Heart, Dress (I love the production though)

Paraic delahunt says:

This review leans towards towards the irrelevant. This is a grown woman revealing more about her personal life; as she always has. You need to do more context research

Disney_Fan says:

I mostly agree with you. I am a huge Taylor swift fan and in my opinion 1989 is by far her best album. I love it so so so much. Reputation has a few excellent songs but a lot of it for me is quite disappointing.

Danilo Xavier says:

Oh man, I understand your point of view and I respect your opinion… But 2.5 out of 5? Sounds unfair to me…

reputation it’s a messy album in terms of it’s topics, production and based on how Taylor put the Tracklist together but I guest this is the point of the project: pieces of what people say about you, pieces of who you really are, pieces of your pride and joy and of course, owning your flaws in the process. If you pay attention, the album really starts where her life stopped, in a very angry way and it ends where she’s now with her life.

I respect the fact that Taylor is always trying new things with her sound. Speak Now it’s my favorite álbum from her and reputation it’s only better than her debut in my opinion. But still for me is a really solid project, like any of her albums.



Steve Olson says:

She’s got a lot of talent, just needs to focus herself a little and be a little less “drama queen” I still have hope that she’ll make another great album in her career

Anyuta Binod says:

everything I went through while I listened to reputation, put it into words….thank u!

kyle dominguez says:

love your blogs

Wildmorami says:

React to her explaining the songs and their meaning. There IS a video! The album itself tells a story. You may be surprised on how brilliant she is. Everything in the album is the way it is for a reason. The destination she’s trying to reach is more authentic than it looks like on the outside.


I was just thinking when you said

Kanye needs a room to breathe

Lol when did kanye give a room to taylor to breathe? he is literally soffucating taylor in 2016

Ferdhaus Ismael says:

King of My Heart is sooo cliché tho…

Brookesio says:

I’m a 100% diehard Swiftie, but I respect your opinion and I think this is a very thorough, well done review. I happen to love reputation, but I do agree with some of the negative things you pointed out because I’m not a blind fan and I can find flaws in any album. Some things I disliked when I first heard the album have grown on me or my opinion has changed, so I overall love it.

Ricky Motionless 570 says:

TBH I really like this album along with 1989…reds Ok!

Maria Kellogg says:

I just found your channel and as an artist and music lover, I LOVE your channel! Subscribed !

tumblr trash says:

i’d say:
speak now 10/10
1989 10/10
red 9.5/10
self-titled 5.5/10
reputation 8.5/10

Diana Barsom says:

I think most albums don’t have songs with the same contant..

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