The 3 Best Moody Blues Records

I talk about (what I consider to be) the holy trinity of Moody Blues albums. Released in ’67, ’68 and ’69. THIS OF COURSE IS JUST MY OPINION.

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tsaylorbeatle says:

I love days of future passed and search of the lost chord I have copy’s of them on viynl that my mom gave me from her viynl collection:)

DJ Trish says:

great choices!

JayOneAlumni says:

I just got their 2 lp greatest hits. Pretty cool.

Evan Moyer says:

The best Moody Blues albums were Days of Future Passed through Seventh Sojourn.

RYAN C says:

My favorite album of theirs has to be In Search Of The Lost Chord, great video!

Richard Bogart Burke says:

True, those records really meant a LOT to people back in the day when , hard to believe, LSD was a fad.

That Vinyl Guy says:

Days of Future Passed definitely introduced me to the Moody Blues and It is a solid album. Now I really want to buy the other two in the “Trinity.” My absolute favorite album by The Moody Blues has to be Every Good Boy Deserves Favor from 1971.

Kurt Kalapach says:

That’s definitely a great start for a trinity pick. Also later on Long Distance Voyager and even Other Side of Life if you want to bring in the MTV era. They have a large discography that can be mined for lots of other great stuff as well. Check out their live DVD sets also there are many to chose from various eras of the band.

ClarenceFisher says:

I love Days of Future Passed and you’ve inspired me to seek out the other two albums,. One thing I love about progressive rock and something I miss about it is the super long titles. You can’t do that sort of thing these days with rap and kids with short attention spans. Their eyes would glaze over just trying to read the album title.

SINCE THEN – I went to a record show in Hillside, Illinois this morning and found those other two albums, and I’m really enjoying In Search of the Lost Chord, SIDE ONE is just wrapping up. Glad I caught this video a couple of weeks ago and I’m glad I remembered to seek them out today. Original Deram Records pressings and they sound and look good.

Moody Jill says:

Definitely agree with you that On the Threshold of a Dream goes onto the list of top 3. My other two would be To Our Children’s Children’s Children and Seventh Sojourn, but I really appreciate you putting this video out and giving some direction to folks who are just now discovering this incredible band.

Richard Riley says:

The only thing missing was some needle drops.

FitToBe TieDyed says:

Yes. Its about time someone talked about this band. I’m inspired to dust off my collection. Great topic!

Kim Workman says:

Love the moody blues. Those albums you picked are awesome. My two favorite songs are “ride my see saw “and ” tuesday afternoon”

Juke Joint says:

Denny Laine was lead singer on their first album hit “Go Now”. He went on to play with Wings…

Blake L says:


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