The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues | ALBUM REVIEW

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Metalcore act The Devil Wears Prada are back with Transit Blues out now from Rise Records.


yourturningpoint777 says:

u so smart. much wow. so glad u post vid about what u know. hhmmmm knowledge.

muddaphukka jones says:

5:55 there is no new backing vocalist, it’s Jeremy depoyster (clean vocalist) same one as ever and mike (the screamer) this album is POETRY!

Jesse A says:

agreed with most of your points, however i think you might be missing on some serious magic starting tdwp at the zombie ep. don’t get me wrong these albums are good also, i guess it just doesn’t compute in my head how someone couldn’t like with roots above and branches below ect. anyway keep the reviews coming, goodwork.

Cody Audiss says:

dead throne is not that great of an album. quite a few songs on there that simply are bad.

Cody Busby says:

am I the only one who was a little dossappinted with this album?? I really liked daughter and to the key of evergreen but then the other songs just were average. that’s just how I felt anyways

bananabean says:

completely agree on you with dead throne, in my top 5 albums at least. Vengeance and Born to lose are just flawless 🙂 and Worldwide is a masterpiece! <3

Gabe Bernard says:

Home for a grave, and any moments in the other tracks where mike’s vocals are “Off” it’s intentional, so many bands are starting to do it, it’s true emotion, not caring about the perfection but the meaning behind the lyrics, the cracks in the voice or uneasy voice. There are a lot emotions surrounding this album. By far the best album by TDWP, I’ve been a fan of theirs since their first album, they have come a long way and they have found a perfect place to be with Transit blue

Alexander says:

Dead Throne is what got me hooked to TDWP, its their best album.

Hayabusa says:

It was aight. I’m digging Deathgrip a lot more.

analogmesaman says:

totally disagree regarding home for grave pt 2. That’s probably my second favorite song on the album.

Jason LovesABR says:

New subscriber! Good stuff man. Love this album too. It’s #7 on my year end list so far. But yeah, Home For Grave Part II is definitely an off putting track for me too. I’m honestly surprised by how many similar views we have on the band. A lot of people seemed to think Space is their best effort, but it’s easily DT and Zombie followed right on it. Mike’s vocals were at his best around that time too.

Blanton Stamey says:

Same story for me. Dead throne is a ridiculously good album. Top 15 of all time for me. What song is your favorite may I ask? Mine would be Vengeance or My questions.

Anthony Lyder says:

Loved this album! Good review dude, you’ve got a new subscriber!

Ben Fruit says:

I don’t think this guy knows enough about music or bands and their histories enough to review music.

William Quave, III says:

Dude.. 8:18 is “eight-eighteen” not “eight-one-eight” … good review, though. 🙂

XZYLO Savage says:

I think I’m the only one that is strongly for the fact that I think 8:18 was the best Prada album of all time. I don’t think anything they do in my opinion will top that album and everyone sleeps on it too.

LEGOSuperDKong says:

Thought-provoking review, enjoyed.
And it’s pronounced “eight eighteen.”

Jurgen Alfonso Romero says:

I think Transit Blues is a fairly new album for us who are accustomed to feel all the power in music and lyrics. Not a bad album.

Ryan Robinson says:

I really liked this record

olnfan16 says:

Yeah I think Mike was giving a nod to the people who read the home for grave book by actually giving us spoken word reading for part 2. it continued the story very well.

cokerockstop2 says:

this is probably my favorite album of theirs. it brings back that feeling of listening to them for the first time.

Adventuresofyoseph says:

Build up build up build up and hold on to your hats….

Oh was there supposed to be a breakdown there?

MrTrixzzzz says:

This album is perfect imo. The emotion can really be felt. Ive been listening to tdwl since their first album and they have never once disappointed me. Transit blues is my album if 2016.

BlueLineRipper says:

I didn’t like “To the Key of Evergreen” at all either, weakest song on the album, and I agree with what you said about Mike’s screams- I hated the spoken word bs.

Isaac Frazier says:

You know Mike wanted his voice to sound real instead of computer ish and home for grave is like Mike speaking poetry to you and I love it.

Oliver Prins says:

Everyone has an opinion. This opinion is respected but not seen eye to eye.This album is probably one of their better albums in my opinion. It’s the album that gives them a new sound and gives them a great rebirthing as a band since they lost two members of their band.
To me Mike has unique vocals and I can see where people could be disappointed. Actually at first when I heard “HFG pt2” I was kind of like “woah, that doesn’t sound too good.” But then I gave it more time and now it has become one of the better songs from the album! I love how it builds up and at the end and gets pretty epic.
As for the second single release before the album came out; their song called, To The Key Of Evergreen”; it is by far my favourite, even after going through the album! I love the aggressive intro, and then I love the transitions and the progressiveness of the song, and I especially the love/epic/inspiring vibes that you get from it!! It hurt a little to hear that this song was less approved. 
I think the album is killer and has really made Prada something new anencephaly established. 
And don’t mistake this this comment as me not liking Prada’s older albums, cause I think TDWP’s albums are all fantastic and all have their own unique element. Other than Transit Blues, I would say their album WRAABB is another incredible piece! Thanks! hope I didn’t bother anybody with my opinion.

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