The Devil Wears Prada – TRANSIT BLUES Album Review

The Devil Wears Prada return with an album that sounds like its teetering between snapshot songs and longer, more focused odes. This disc travels much like a band does, but are the destinations worthy of the journey? Lets take a listen.

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Suiv UO says:

The New TWDP album was very good it made me very happy that it was up to my expectations.

UnholySermons says:

These guys are terrible now, I hate to shit talk but holy fuck they haven’t released a good song in a long time.

Ty Rivera says:

what’s the song in the background ?

Spaghetti Yeti says:


The Negan Guy says:

this album was excellent and listenable

Luca Martinez says:

I love the album so far, my favourite track is To The Key of Evergreen. For the most part I like all the songs, but haven’t really gotten into Praise Poison yet. Right now the album’s standing on an 83/100 for me.

James Johnson says:

Coming from their earlier works. Wow they have evolved

gabriel moreno says:

I love TDWP, but TB didn’t furfill my expectations as i would liked to…

Zach Nelson says:

i’d say praise poison or daughter or the condition are my favorite tracks on this album, still not my fav ablbum, but it is really well put together and will probably hold up in the future. Zombie, plagues, & deadthrone are my favorites from these guys

Noah Dockery says:

Dayshell Nexus album review?

QueenLiAnn says:

Good review, thanks for all of the detail you put into your review.

Jason Murillo says:

The album certainly improves from one song to the next, and I would also agree To the Key of Evergreen is the most musically progressive song. However an entire album in that vein would represent a significant departure for the band on the whole.

Trever P says:

I got the album yesterday can’t wait to listen to it today. Hoping it’s good I love TDWP even though I listen to a lot more death, black and all other kinds of metal TWDP and metal core will always be enjoyable to me.

ping oh' says:

Check out Demon Hunter.

Kyle Petruzziello says:

I absolutely love the solemness yet brutality of this album! I love every song except worldwide….I feel like they were trying to make a hit but failed with that song.

Rob Ctrc says:

awesome review!

Isaac Tejeda says:

this albums sick. love the progression


plagues is still my most favourite, though transit blues is good. its far better than 8 18

Liam Christopher says:

I liked the whole record besides maybe Detroit tapes and hfg is kinda upsetting, really like praise poison and transit blues and the condition

Haydn Brine says:

Personally this is one of my favourite albums to date. The atmosphere it creates just hits me so hard. and a lot of the riffs are fantastic. I don’t think the departure of chris rubey affected them as much as i originally thought, in fact i think it forced them to develop.

Lane Hughes says:

TDWP has reached a massive peak of exploration with this new record and they’ve successfully executed their vision of sound.The new music has subtle hooks of their metal-core history, but it’s subtle enough to maintain their unique heaviness and guitar playing styles, and still have an extremely quenching and fresh new flavor of style. I find that the lengths of each track are intentional. Any track deemed “short” could most certainly be lengthened given their skill, but I feel they have these tracks to that link for good reason. The sequence and pacing of an album is important and some songs are meant to be more sudden and abrupt with no standard musical structure-to keep listeners off-guard.

Daniel Jenkins says:

I personally like aspects of ALL their albums, but my favorite is most definitely DEAD THRONE. Transit Blues has a more emotional feel to it. Rather than being simply metalcore, they have channeled a more atmospheric, ambient sound, while maintaining their roots in the genre.

You Have No Neck says:

Has anyone seen manbearpig around?

Jeremiah Gerhart says:

Back then they were all about the breakdowns and brutality. Now they’ve evolved into a more mature band with an ambient sound to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was their last album. Phenomenal band.

Gunnar Stephan says:

if you go through the track by track analysis you will know the meanings behind all of the songs. you might like the songs more if you look at those.

Blueskythinking says:

The last album 8:18 was fairly decent this is not

Luke Sandoval says:

I actually agree with you on this album I thought it was very good but there was some aspects left to be desired. However lyrically and vocally and the overall talent of the musicians was the best that tdwp has ever had and I think in this album more than any other that they have written you can really feel the emotion and passion that they put into every song so I really dig that

Jared Nelson says:

great review. I have different feelings on 8:18, I felt like Dead Throne was their real breakout. Anywho, I like the whole Transit Blues album. there are definitely songs I prefer over the others. songs like Transit Blues, To The Key, and Submersion are really great. I’m with you on the second half is better than the first aside from Home for Grave which I didn’t really enjoy all that much.

Matthew Zisk says:

A very unique album by them. I’m loving it. The Condition is my fav

Vycrance says:

I love this album. They have progressed more than any band in this scene, imo.

Carlos Lara says:

Hey CKN! Will you review Sonata Arctica’s The Ninth Hour?
I really want to hear what you think about it dude!

OfficialRade says:

Honestly this album fell short of any other releases in the past 🙁 its still solid but dead throne and 818 top this

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