The Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager Album Review

As requested by James Laubhan I review The Moody Blues 1981 album Long Distance Voyager.

James Moody Blues Video:


Alejandro Rivera says:

it’s funny, the Voice, 22,000 days and Cosmic dancer are the reasons I’m getting this lol, the rest of the songs are ok, so I guess I like it more than you do

VinylCollector James says:

Hey Ross, first up thanks for doing my review suggestion and I’m glad I talked you into trying this album. I know it can be found cheap so I figured it was pretty low risk for you either way. Didn’t turn out too badly I’d say as your review is fair and balanced, although somewhat predictable knowing your taste. I know you aren’t a big fan of longish songs, nor progressive rock in general, so it doesn’t shock me that you prefer the more commercial songs on the album, but I am pleased you found some gems on here that you can enjoy. I could comment forever on this album, but I just hope in time you might grow to like more progressive rock, such as the trio of songs that close out the album. I can see why a new listener or not a fan of the genre might find them pretentious (your word, not mine lol) however I really do appreciate John Lodge and Ray Thomas’s writing style, but I would agree with you that Justin Hayward is the more easy to listen to of the 3.. In later years he would pretty much take over most songwriting on their albums but they suffered from lack of variety. Mostly I wanted you to hear this from 1981 as I thought it would remind you some of ELO and it was just an album I have loved dearly over the years. Not a bad score though and it would be very interesting to see your review it again in a decade to see how your tastes have perhaps changed. Nice job though, didn’t know about the cover art for example so it’s always good to learn something new from something I thought I knew everything about haha.. Take Care Ross

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