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►My review of Swedish pop artist Tove Lo’s third studio album “Blue Lips”. This is phase 2 of “Lady Wood” (ew still hate that title) and features two sections within the album. PS, I’m testing you with this thumbnail. I really only used it because it was a picture where my lips are showing :p

“Blue Lips”
Island Records
Release: 11/17/17
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Bad Days, Shivering Gold, Stranger, B*tches, Cycles

►Least faves: Disco Tits, 9th of October, Romantics

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah:

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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kaz brekker says:

Loved your reactions! I can always rely on you when it comes to good, genuine reaction. Also, if you are up for suggestions, new fob song reaction? The minute the video was uploaded, i was like ‘hey I wonder what beyondartv would say haha’ also, panic! covers of karma police, bohemian rhapsody, lonely days at BeeGeea tribute, carry on my wayward son… just curious to know if you will like these stuff or not^

lindzeybee says:

But seriously I’m all for anyone’s opinion tbh.
Some great songs on this but some tracks are definitely growers.

Suya Götz says:

I actually like Lady Wood more than Queen of the clouds, let’s see how ill feel about this album.

MJ says:

Fucking love it. 9/10
Stranger is sooo good!

Rachanite Gaming says:


The Negan Guy says:

2/5 not for me sorry it is still better than her last album

shimiko20 says:

The last album Lady wood got me absolutely hooked- its so relatable and I still listen to it all the time. But the songs here are so repeated and boring. The lyrics are so straightforward but it doesnt convey any emotions.

Edit: upon second listen I think Shedontknowbutsheknows is pretty catchy, so as bitches and maybe stranger.

NeverMindGaming says:

Blue balls ew

Kristal Molina says:

okay but like Blue Lips is so fucking good and it’s all I’ve been listening to since it came out

clémence CAYREL says:

Whattttt ??? Lady Wood is an incredible album ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

warsaw lover says:

am i the only one who liked lady wood more than every other records of her?

Jd says:

Blue Lips contains some really good songs that could become hits like “shedontknowbutsheknows, stranger, shivering gold, struggle” The rest are pretty damn good too in which I find myself going back to and liking them more with every listen. Especially Bad Days and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell didnt do it for me the first time but now they’re stuck in my head!! GG Tove!!

Hon Hill says:

Am I️ the only one I️ am pissed the album is called “Blue Lips” but the album cover is Red?

KendylTV says:

Tove Lo hasn’t really found her “spark” yet, in my opinion. Queen of the Clouds was a solid debut, but it’s no Pure Heroine. And Lady Wood and so far Blue Lips are above-average for me. She’s talented, but there’s just so many better alternative pop artists out there.

Let's Chat Movies! TV says:

I was actually a big fan of Lady Wood but this felt very bland and lifeless to me. However the first three tracks, disco tits, shedontknowbutsheknows and shivering gold are some of my favorite songs of the year, I’ve been listening to them on repeat for a few days now 😛

zayyyyyy says:


Mazzack NY says:

I actually thought Lady Wood was good. Like really really good. It took me off guard because it was so different from the upbeat fun sound of Queen of Clouds. Maybe I need to listen to Blue Lips more but it hasn’t drawn me in yet. Lady Wood had better a synth instrumental sound throughout I think. Though I do remember it took a few listens to get into Lady Wood so this will probably be the same.

PS: I’m still waiting for a review of 311’s new album Mosaic!

Fernando says:

Why artists always make the worst tracks single?

Sean Szitas says:

Ladywood is a great album when listened to in order! Influences, Vibes, Keep it Simple and Flashes are all great songs that are very strong and mature. Blue lips is stronger, more edgy and more sexual and up front than Ladywood.

The kill 93 says:

A well crafted good album . Only thing I don’t like is the over repetitive lyrics in most of the songs. 7/10 for me

oh my its a loner says:

This album is AMAZING

TØPLaneBoy _ says:

Yes!! So glad you liked it. Hopefully restored a bit of faith in you for her as an artist and songwriter

João Victor Rodrigues Rocha says:

I admire Tove so much and I loved Lady Wood but this follow up is a bit of a let down.I felt the production kinda messy and it’s not a strong second and final part for this project.It’s a shame.

Audrey Brock says:

You’re pronouncing her name wrong…

Briana Isaiah says:

lady wood is definitely better than blue lips. blue lips is fantastic but tove got deep in her feelings and the story flows a lot better, especially with fairy dust and fire fade along side with it. keep it simple is one of the best things tove has ever produced, you can even hear the similarities from that song in don’t ask don’t tell.

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