Vinyl Community: Give Me 10 Blues Albums


daddysensei Silver says:

Thanks for the shoutout Andrew. Also nice list of blues albums. I have most of my blues albums on cd, but some on vinyl. My faves are the usual suspects, Howlin Wolf, Muddy, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin Hopkins, and SRV.

Helloween Fan Mark says:

Thanks for the recommendations! Awesome selections! Especially loved the Hound Dog Taylor and Luther Allison!

H2Vinyl says:

Epic video Andrew! I do not have enough Blues in my collection and your recommendations are helping fix that. Love that Luther Alison sound! Wow! Blues with electricity sounds amazing! I picked up a Willie Dixon album last month “I Am The Blues” and was surprised to hear “I Can’t Quit You Baby” on it and questioned if this was the original Led Zeppelin popularized; but Otis Rush, I never knew… is this the original version or is there one that goes further back than this? I also picked up my first John Lee Hooker last week, “On The Waterfront” and really like it. I believe I saw this on your channel some where (the cover looked familiar and snagged it); but don’t remember where. Man, Sonny Boy sounds great and I’m a sucker for organ highlights too in many kinds of music (just not when it is the solo act with NOTHING else surrounding it). Man, I’m gonna need to be on the lookout for all of this stuff! Thanks you for doing this video. Thank you also for the shoutout; catching up on older videos and missed this one. I greatly appreciate it man! Hope you’re dong well! -Brad

The Vinylverse says:

Thanks so much for the needle drops. As someone who’s skated around the blues and never fully embraced it this video was extremely helpful. And now I have a list to go explore. Listening to the two different takes of Little Red Rooster was very cool. And that Fred McDowell really spoke to me. Good stuff, Andrew! Take care. -Bill

M Jones says:

Great vid, buddy. Those Otis Rush classic cuts on Cobra are where it’s at – that’s a gem right there. I love everyone of the albums you showed. I made a response for Mark too, check it out if you get a chance keep the blues train chugging…Later…

Cheap & Cheerful Record Collector says:

Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I had that Luther Allison LP but unfortunately sold it with all my records about 15 years ago. Also had a Lightnin’ Hopkins on VeeJay, “Nothin’ But The Blues”. Now going for close to $100, so it will be hard to replace, unless I luck out. Been rebuilding my collection but a lot of those are getting really expensive.
As I said in response to Andy’s video, I’m old enough and lucky enough to have seen a bunch of these guys during the Folk Revival of the mid 60’s. The best was the 1970 Ann Arbor Blues Festival where I saw Howlin’ Wolf, Big Mama Thornton, Luther Allison, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell.
I’ll be making my own video this afternoon so keep an eye out.
Thanks again for posting. And remember all American music started with the Blues

Thomas Lucas says:

All My Love in Vain and Love in Vain are two completely different songs. 🙂

Shawn's Vinyl Corner says:

I’m really enjoying these blues album videos. I need to pick some up on vinyl all my blues is basically on cd. I might make me one of these videos but showing them on cd.

Vinyl Landslide says:

Love that Luther Allison record. Headed today to go digging for blues today. Local store got some good Lightning Hopkins in today.

Thrilla Gorilla Picker says:

Great stuff.I picked up some Vinyl over the weekend 50 cents each 2 Albert King 3 Freddy King and a Johnny Guitar Watson all in super good shape.They looked interesting and man I was not disappointed. There is a vid on youtube with SRV with Albert King and its excellent.He knows how to get that blues guitar out of a Gibson Flying V.Not a guitar choice of many in the blues guitar players.Love your style just laid back and you can tell you are into the music much more than what some of the vinyl is worth.

scott guerin says:

Great picks, 100 extra points for Hound Dog Taylor who doesn’t seem to get the love he deserves.

Metalwargod59 says:

Love the Todd Snider intro. That Mama Thorton sounded killer. I found some Buddy Guy on vinyl back in Oct good stuff. I think George Thorogood gowned his sound from Hounddog Taylor.

Evan Vincent says:

Thanks for this! I dig that Sonny boy Williamson song. I am obsessed with blues that has organ. I like that Hammond sound.

dwashington607 says:

I just subscribed to your channel! OMG! Awesome sauce! Great blues videos. Thanks for the needle drops.

jgyokohama says:

Made famous by someone else… haha   Was that one they took writing credit on?
Digging the Luther Allison and the Hooker n’ Heat. Some more albums on my buy list. Thanks for another great vid!

Shamrock'n Records says:

I never knew there were 2 Sonny Boy Williamson’s… damn, that’s good to know. And Hound Dog with 6 fingers. That’s crazy! How did he buy gloves?

TONE Scott says:

Thanks Andrew, I really appreciate the love, brother. 😉 That Big Mama Thorton record sound fricken great! I like the Big Joe WIlliams stuff because it’s very archaic and when I’m in the mood for that type of sound, he’s a ‘go-to’ for me. I don’t have vinyl, but I have him on compact disc. Being a huge Harmonica fan, the Sonny Boy W record was a great finish! Good picks bro

The vinyl countdown says:

man I like that Luther Allison you showed. I’m really looking for stuff that’s more electric that digs in real deep

Vinyl Richie says:

I know I’ve seen that Luther Allison album shown but did not realize it was so good.. Did you show it before.
I watched Culture Fan’s video and he showed some Mance Lipcomb albums. I’m sure you are familiar with him but I wasn’t. Checked him out online and really liked him.

HenryTheHorse says:

Great blues collection you have there, A!! Just wondering, do you have a good selection of Muddy Waters? He’s definitely one of my top 3 blues guys, especially when he’s got Johnny Winter playing slide with him. Those albums COOK!!

Jeff Kempin says:

Great, now I have another stack of records that I’m dying for.  Thanks a lot Andrew.   Lol, I’m just kidding.  As usual, that’s a killer list of records.  I want the Luther Allison and I’ve had my eye on Hooker n Heat for awhile, I just keep losing out on auctions.  But that one’s on the list.  The Hound Dog Taylor made my top 100 list.  Killer album.  I have Natural Boogie too and that one is just as good.  I love love love Hound Dog Taylor.  I love the blues too and I really want to expand that part of my collection.  Anyway, another great video.  You’re one of the guys I always look to in the VC and whose opinion I respect.  I picked up a lot of great records thanks to your recs.  So thank you for that.  Take care.

thriftymicks says:

great picks dude, that john lee hooker was heat. I really gotta dip my toes into some deeper blues artists, its a major gap genre in my collection. anyways, thanks again for the shoutout! i actually just posted a new video today lol, go check it out if ya feel. peace my man ~Mick

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} says:

Well done Andrew. I liked how you included Hound Dog Taylor. What an amazing slide player he was. You can clearly hear some of the more contemporary artists and where they got their influences in some of the older blues artists. May sound a little stretched but I can hear George Thorogood in this guy’s playing. <> I was introduced to Sonny Boy and Muddy at a young age. I was able to see Muddy Waters as a backup to Clapton in the late seventies at the Providence Civic Center. I did like Clapton but I was never a huge fan of his post Cream and the Dominos. But seeing him playing with Muddy was very cool. I used to sit down with my guitar and play ‘The Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock & Roll’ over and over and over as a kid practicing my lead playing. Also Sonny’s ‘Checking Up On My Baby’ and ‘Don’t Start Me Talkin’ where great to practice with. Way to go on the Fred McDowell too. I can see that you really appreciate the blues. Another example of the depths of your collection and music knowledge~

Gavin T says:

Thanks for the shout out, bro. So nice of you and keep posting. Your channel’s always at the top of my list.

Noble Records says:

Great choices!

Thomasgene says:

Got to get it Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker
I bought Little RIchard “the King” and Canned Heat in college and loved it
Historical Figures

Iamthebadfish says:

Still subbed even though no mention of freddie king.

Grandma's Handbag says:

Really enjoyed the two versions of ‘Rooster’ – Big Mama’s was hottt! That Hooker sounded skeletal, tough and mean almost. I picked up my Hound Dog taylor on your word before, love my electric blues down dirty and messy. Really loved the sound of Lightnin Hopkins and Fred McDowell – would you say they are both a country blues, or can you hear a texas blues thing with Lightnin’? Great selections Andrew, cheers- Dean

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