Woolly Reviews: Atmosphere – Fishing Blues (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from the legendary Minneapolis underground duo Atmosphere entitled “Fishing Blues”! The album is available now!

Buy “Fishing Blues” on CD/Vinyl/Cassette/MP3:

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fishing-blues/id1124257111

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Scotch Whisky Lover says:

You hear the Kool Keith x DOOM track that dropped yesterday Wooly? Called Super Hero. Poor beat, great DOOM verse

Randy Tiet says:

Kool Keith’s next record coming out late September is gonna include both DOOM and Slug haha

NV TheDream says:

i mean u know fishscale

deeselcyde says:

In your opinion, rate your favorite production wise atmosphere album, favorite lyrical atmosphere album, and your top 3 overall atmosphere albums.

jacksok2 says:

Hey homie new sub. I’m feelin ya channel. Could you do Kendrick Lamar’s album to pimp a butterfly? Thanks man keep doin ya thing!

seandaley says:

fam. this may be my favorite review of our crap EVER. thank you

Anthony Macia says:

Dope review. I HIGHLY recommend you check out Ka’s latest album, Honor Killed the Samurai. From top to bottom, it’s an incredible record.

Daniel Welshons says:

Been a long time Atmosphere fan due to growing up in Minneapolis and I think you killed this review. Slug’s solid lyrics and Ant’s dope beats give the album a fantastic chill and mellow mood I can vibe to for the rest of the summer but the album lacks an edgy feel that I got from southsiders as well as previous albums.

jacksok2 says:

Agreed. B- overall.

bya says:

Slug shared this review on twitter

Mark Greiner says:

Great f’ing review! too true for school! but consider Slug is an older guy now, talking about older guy stuff…

karottenkoenig says:

pretty much

Focus Hip Hop says:

I thought Slug’s delivery on this album was a lot more energetic than it was on Southsiders and The Family Sign

Inprogress (Official) says:

One of the only people who reviewed their new album. Good job. New subscriber, for sure.

I make music too, mostly inspired by them and some other artists. Check me out if you want.

Ryan Panny says:

this is an awesome review! real entertaining and insightful. so glad I found your channel

Bearer Of The Curse says:

Nice video as always . Hey can you review Ka’s new album Honor Killed The Samurai ?

David Rowe says:

I thought this album was solid enough to where I wasn’t disappointed but not so great to where it’ll be in my top 5 for the year of anything, still Slug is spitting as always and Ant is still on top of his game production wise

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