Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit – Album Review

For my 968th review, I discuss original intent and the expanded but hollow new record from Zeal & Ardor blending black metal with blues and spirituals.

Best Songs: ‘Waste’, ‘Stranger Fruit’, ‘Don’t You Dare’, ‘Gravedigger’s Chant’
Worst Song: ‘Coagula’


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Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit – Black Metal/Negro Spiritual/Blues – Album Review



When are you going to review Kids See Ghost?

turbowarrior23 says:


Cyril Panda says:

Yeah, this is kinda what I expected, but it’s definitely interesting to talk about, I did like this more than the last album too but I’d kind of like to see them expand some of their songs a bit more rather than just… add more songs to fill out the album.

The Negan Guy says:


The Giver Of L's says:

Now that melon gave kids see ghosts a 10, mark is probably gonna give it a 2

Lil PumpthisnamesironicIdontactuallyLikePump says:

Here to say u have to review kids see ghosts now that it got a 10 from melon

It is the law

Awesome 2.0 says:

Can you review Jack Stauber’s HiLo? ( even though it came out a few months ago)

DestructionCentral - says:

Seeing the fact that they were suggested ‘Black metal’ then ‘nigger music’ on 4chan, actually made me see some potential. I didn’t listen to the debut, i haven’t listened here yet, but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Hey Melon says:

Now I know what you’re thinking “he’s just gonna bring up “I’m Upset” And how drake is the goat” and you’d be right “I’m Upset.” By drake is fantastic and drake is the goat Mark you’re hating.

Sergio Villanueva says:

Hopefully serpentwithfeet gets added to the schedule

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