Album Reviews (July 2018) – Kenny Chesney, Cody Jinks, Mason Ramsey, Chris Lane, Lori McKenna

Time for my monthly check-up about all the country albums I heard in the past month. This video we’ve got Lori McKenna at the top of my list and….. little Mason Ramsey at the end. I’d love to know what you think of these records and hear what you’re listening to as well!

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Comander Mcgarrett says:

When i watched a masson ramsey interview he had a slight douchey edge to him. He seems like the kid that will become a player in middle school. I mean im glad he’s from Illinois but doesn’t take away from that douchey attitude.

Glen Miguel-Matsumoto says:

Hi Grady, will you be reacting to Cody Johnson’s new single, “On My Way To You?”

Jessica Watson says:

So agree with you on Mason, it’s such a shame! Loved the Lori album.

5545News says:

Kenny album is great. I’ve been listening to “gulf moon” nonstop. Also love “fishin” and “Drunk People”.

Ryse Designs says:

Please react to “Must’ve never met you” by luke combs

Austin Cross says:

I definitely agree that Kenny Chesney’s album is his best in a while. I have yet to listen to Cody Jinks and Lori McKenna’s albums all the way through, but I like what I hear so far. Just wanna know what you thought about Talk of This Town by Catherine McGrath (she’s a new country artist who I feel has a lot of potential) and Adam Cunningham’s (he was season 13 of The Voice) new single “Sing it Again.” Also, great video. Hope to see more of these.

Amory Jewett says:

By the way, John Donne also wrote a poem entitled “No Man is an Island.”

JJ Tse says:

I really love Kenny’s album and I can totally feel and relate to the island vibe that it exudes. Lori’s a great lyricist but kinda one-note-ish sonically. Did you just mention Taiwan? And lastly, on a completely irrelevant note, you are hot!

Amory Jewett says:

Thank you for your good insights, Grady, before you fly to Taiwan. I shall pray for safety and traveling mercies for you, my friend.

Comander Mcgarrett says:

I forgot about fishin by Chris lane untill it came on yesterday.

Zack Kephart says:

Haven’t heard Chris Lane’s album but I echo the sentiments for Cody Jinks, Lori McKenna and Kenny Chesney! I’m in the minority who thinks ‘Lifers’ is his best. Fuller production all around fits him well IMO. I’m reviewing Jinks’ album tomorrow on my own outlet.

Will Thorson says:

i am the polar opposite….i am just tired of the same songs over and over again. If this was 1079, it would work…saying that, i have all his albums…i just do not listen to his music anymore…it is boring to me.

rockpaperscissors82 says:

After a few listens now, I must say that the Kenny Chesney album is actually his best album, period. His early albums had some great songs, but the albums as a whole were less inspired. This is finally Kenny coming into his own. I enjoyed your thoughts and completely agree. As for Cody Jinks’ new album, I also agree. It’s a solid album, but it doesn’t match the greatness of his previous two albums. If you haven’t seen Cody Jinks in concert and especially Whitey Morgan, the greatest honky tonker alive today, then you are missing out on the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I will soon be seeing Whitey for the fourth time! As for Chris Lane, we both graduated from UNC-Charlotte. He graduated just a year or two after I did. I can’t stand his music. I’m glad to hear that the new album is not entirely a disaster, but he’s one of the worst things to ever happen in country music.

John Brouwer says:

I 100% agree with everything good you said about Kenny Chesney’s album; it’s my favorite from the month. The entire album sounds so genuine, and I can tell Kenny truly cares about the Islands. The songs that stand out to me are Song for the Saints, Pirate Song, and Ends of the Earth. Ends of the Earth really hit me and makes me want to explore any new place. I know it’s early, but I think that song will keep it’s importance to me much like Dierks Bentley’s song Riser.

Anna Heck says:

Please react to Kelly Clarkson “Whole Lotta Woman”. I know you love her and I think you would get a kick out of the lyrics!

Jessica Watson says:

Have you reviewed Daniele Bradberry? Love her!

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