Avatar – AVATAR COUNTRY Album Review

The weirdos return with an album all about our mighty and noble king. The king is great, long live the king in his royal kingliness.

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Jonny Guillen says:

Review Hamferd’s new album ‘Támsins Likam’ its an amazing doom album. Top notch vocals

Gamma Angel says:

How are those lists coming?

Tyler Keating says:

I saw these guys in concert the night this album came out. I’ve seen them before, and the singles off the new album just seemed pretty average and “just okay.” When the whole album came out, the rest of the track list felt the same to me. The humor is somewhat off putting at times. If you think The King Speaks was cringey or difficult to listen to, keep in mind that before their concerts begin, they play a solid half hour of comedy tracks like that over the PA. That being said, when the band takes the stage, it’s completely different. They are a phenomenal live band. Their stage presence is far superior to most newer bands out there today. They’re also touring with some great opening acts, so that show was one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to.

Not Avatar’s strongest album to date, but Avatar is a pretty hit or miss band with me anyway. They’re just so great live and so fun to listen to.

FamousLastWords says:

Hey man! Another great video. Are you planning checking out the new Breaking Benjamin track? I just checked out your review of Dark Before Dawn again, and you called that their next album, three years later, would probably explore new territory and be even better, and I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with the lead single.

Leroy Cleveland says:

Any chance you can tell me the song playing in the background bro

zombieslayerz1 says:

Saw these guys the other day and it was such a great show.

Trevor Book says:

avatar’s live show is where they really shine and where they are FUCKING AMAZING. I do like the music a lot too, this album defenitely was not my favorite though

Bailey Dicus says:

Nice album. I like the concept album route they’ve been taking since the Feathers and Flesh album

Fatman 50 says:

Hi CKN when are you going to do a live stream?

Vito DiGiovanni says:

It was pretty unique and overall Pretty good

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

I enjoyed this album, it was a lot of fun but it was a bit lacking and while its par for the course with Avatar to not take themselves seriously and have fun with their music the second half of the album was fine but not that great and considering this is the follow up to Feathers and Flesh it’s a bit disappointing but just slightly.

1901lanky says:

I would really love for you to review the new Cane Hill album Too Far Gone. I think you’d like it and I really enjoy your reviews. This album is a mixture of a lot of different elements and they add their own spin to the tunes. If you’re digging them, definitely check out their last album, Smile

palavos 3 says:

Hey CKN have you ever heard an album that would get 0/30? If so what was it? The lowest I think you have gone so far was 8 and that was torment by SFU.

TundraL5Z says:

The album almost seems like an EP, its very short… why?

Luis Atienza says:

Review Eminem’s new album

snovaxz says:

I really love avatar… but there was Something about this album that felt like it was really out of place. Like little taints in every song (for example the chorus riff in the king wants you feels like it should have either less intonation or more to make it sound better)
Was a fun listen anyways.

Ben Hughes says:

I Think i have strange musical taste i love this album its brilliant

I find alot of really well recieved albums i dislike

And alot of albums people dont like i love like this

I guess im just wierd musically

Bryant Crosby says:

Talk about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard pls

Sidney Eubanks says:

Very good album! I like it

RideTheLightning says:

I love this album from beginning to end.

Land says:

I thought Kink After King was a fantastic song.

Steven Baksh says:

Are you going to review the new Breaking Benjamin new song Red Cold River

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