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LiMBOTiC says:

Vileself seems to judgemental sometimes as well…. we all have an opinion though as well… but still…Avatar MF !!

Marcmaxx says:

I have not listen to all the songs from the album yet, but the songs i have heard souds okay not as good as the old songs like Hail The Apocalypse and Black Waltz i cant not say a lot o abut the album but i wil give it a chance since i love the other albums 🙂

also Lordi gonna have a new album in this year, so hope to see a review on that and also if they make a music video hope to see a reaction video on that too 😉 🙂

stephanie reeves says:

you guys are totally right…the only track I totally enjoyed was “a statue of the king” that being said, I’ve seen some live performances of other songs off of avatar country and it sounds way better live than the album…my thinking is it was way overproduced in final editing and he sounds almost chipmunk-ish on the album in a lot of songs….check out live perfomances and you can hear that the live versian is a lot better

M. Swaiti666 says:

The new album is good in my opinion, but it sounded a bit simplistic and less heavy than its previous albums.
my rating is 7.510.
It doesn’t have that variety Feathers & Flesh and the 2 previous album had.
.Feathers & Flesh was a totally perfect album.
I don’t think that the band will surpass the perfection of F&F.

You should check out Hail The Apocalypse Album

music.saves. us. says:

p.s – listening to this record was actually my first time listening to these guys and I was actually blown away and I still keep on coming back to this record really often. gets me really stoked to hear their previous stuff might be even better, excited to check them out once I’ll get the chance. it’s just that I don’t really agree this record is bad as an introduction to these guys, as a first time listener myself.

bricesonc says:

Naw man, I love me some Avatar, but this album doesn’t do it for me. I think you got it right here. Good review.

LiMBOTiC says:

Good album… yeah… bad.. NO!! … respect your opinions … but i LOVE Avatar!!!

Alexander says:

i personally think that the only major flaw of this album is its length, and the lack of actual songs, cause present actual songs are all great except track 3 maybe) I wouldn’t say that there’s something with the structure of the album, cause if you read lyrics, you will understand that each song is on it’s place. I just think they shoudn’t been hurry this much with its release and just write a couple more songs and think the concept through just more mindfully, and I think that more songs been written, cause in the lyrical themes of tracks 6-7 and 8 there’s like a gap – in The King Speaks the King is in a good health and just had his enema and in A Statue of a King they’re building a giant statue in his name, but in King After King he’s suddenly dead (that’s why the next two tracks are instrumentals). So maybe they actually wrote some more songs for this album but then considered them not that good and cut them out?

music.saves. us. says:

been waiting all week long for this. kinda saddening you guys’ opinions didn’t change that much, I personally enjoyed this record a lot, still I respect your opinion of course. really well worded review, love you guys’ work so much! x

Jabrane Amami says:

i was going to start off with this album regarding avatar !
now im doubting it
maybe i will go with feathers of flesh

She loves the night says:

I think when it comes down to it you really have to understand Avatar and their sense of humor to enjoy this album. Otherwise, it won’t flow the way it would if you put yourself in that particular mind set. Also, seeing this album performed live definitely made me appreciate it more. I agree that this is not their best album but I don’t think it deserves such a low rating. With that being said, that is my personal opinion. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion and I respect that you guys have your own. If anything, I think perhaps your expectations were a little too high because you enjoyed the other albums so much. Instead of having expectations, go in with a clear mind. If even then you have the same opinion, totally fine! I’m glad you guys like Avatar though. I’ve met all the guys except Johannes, the vocalist and they’re all incredibly kind. Rock on guys!

TheMeslava says:

Okay… Corny sound? Kinda what? Royal? Umm, do you know what a concept album is?? I take it you haven’t seen Avatar live… where they incorporate other elements from past songs as well as new ones. This album is about Avatar Country and them welcoming you to it, that song is currently being used as the intro for the shows… Stop looking at it in a weird way or being “corny” and understand it’s just part of the creative process. Doesn’t follow that tone? Uhh, yeah, every song is about the King and his followers..Funny you like Statue, when die hard avatar fans aren’t really that keen on that one… out of all the others xD… See them live… see the tone, see the WAY that the band plays and puts songs in the order. Literally the 5 songs that you say at 3:40…except king after king, were all played live at the show I just saw… so… They must be picking something right with recording the concept album. I don’t think you guys GET what a concept album is…

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