Avatar – Avatar Country (Album Review)

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Jan 22nd – Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin & Bullet for My Valentine
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March 6th – Havok
March 9th – Morbid Saint, Blood Feast, Cellphone & Apokalyptik Warrior
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June 22nd – Insomnium


Metal 666 says:

React to Skitarg – Jag bryter nacken av din häst

shane mccarthy says:

Guys when you going to do more crystal lake

Khaligoth says:

Already listened to the album. The album felt very short for me because I don’t generally like instrumental tracks, so those tracks are “dead” tracks for me, but I know they are pretty good.

King after King is definitely one of the best Avatar songs in my opinion

E Rec says:


M. Swaiti666 says:

Thank you for this review.
Their previous album “Feathers and Flesh” was the album of 2016 in my opinion. Never listened to a band that’s as unique as Avatar.
You made me more excited for the new album!

Randy Moss says:

React to Gloryhammer – Angus Mcfife

ControllerOfMinds says:

Great review! Gets me excited.
Now I have two albums to listen to, Avatar and Heidevolk


Great review, I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Chris B says:

I listened to the new album yesterday. Honestly, as a huge Avatar fan, I’m pretty disappointed. Really cool instrumental tracks and it works really well as a concept album. But beyond that, the two best/catchiest songs on the album are the two they already released videos for. Unless this album grows on me significantly in the next few listens I give it, I can’t really see myself coming back to this one often. And it kills me to say this at all because I’ve been so hyped for this album the last few months and love every other album they’ve done.

Still…glad you liked it and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

Jabrane Amami says:

good review
maybe i will pick this album , never listened to an avatar album before
this one will be my first

Warriors Ponnie says:

Pls react to Atavisita – one within the sun, a really amazing solo project by Matt sippola, Heavily wintersun inspired, super awesome album!

spidarz says:

I know you have a ton of videos to review but you really need to check out Sisters of Suffocation- I Am Danger. They are a all female band. Just check them out and see for yourself. Don’t look them up or anything, just watch and listen to the song. Thanks


react to Diabulus in musica – Crimson Gale. awesome song.

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