Blake Shelton – If I’m Honest | Album Review

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►My review of country artist Blake Shelton’s 9th studio album “If I’m Honest”. Also, I realized after recording this that my favorite track “Green” was also featured on his 2008 album “Startin’ Fires”.

“If I’m Honest”
Warner Brothers Records
Release: 5/20/16
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: Green, Came Here To Forget, A Guy With A Girl, Straight Outta Cold Beer, Savior’s Shadow, Friends

►Least faves: Doing It To Country Songs, Every Time I Hear That Song, It Ain’t Easy, Bet You Still Think About Me, You Can’t Make This Up

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Maximum Liberal says:

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Emmanuel Corpuz says:

7/27 album please

Sean Riddle says:

Great review as always Jon. Good work man

George Hennon says:

You should review Sixx AM’s new album Prayers for the Damned!

Dr3wtube says:

No Saosin review?

Alex Mitchell says:

Going to a review of ISSUES’ new record?

zack jones says:

Review The Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate!
Emo classic

Katharine Turpen says:


Gwen Gonzales says:

This was posted 12 seconds ago

Lucas Vieira Galvão says:

It really bothers me when musicians don’t write their own songs, it’s pathetic, how can you call yourself an artist if you don’t create your own material, I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 years old, every lyric is personal to me, I think that being a musician its telling your story to people, and how can you tell something that isn’t yours?

granttanderson says:

Ever gonna do Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book?

Owen MacEwen says:

No Kygo album review?

BollyBibby says:

Seeing this in my subscriptions threw me off haha

Daryl Loh says:

Could you cover Sturgill Simpson’s “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” and/or the Dave Cobb-produced Southern Family compilation?

Skyler Mitchell says:

Even though I don’t like Blake Shelton, I still clicked on this video super fast because I enjoy your reviews that much. Haha

Irfan Nasser says:


Brayden Kimbrough says:

Jon, please do a top ten strokes songs. That’d be sick

Juan J. Dueñas says:

could you review the album In Our Bones by the band Against the Current

El MusicalBlogger says:

Hi! I see you reviews and they a re really good! Good job man!
Question: Are you going to review the new Lacuna Coil album Delirium??

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Will you review 7/27 when it comes out?

maxxx says:

can you review taemin press it album

Justin Case says:

Pllzzz do a top 10 fob songs I need it

Gwen Gonzales says:

I’m too early

Thegreybell says:

Could you please review In Our Bones by Against the Current. It would be awesome

SPY-D says:

I know how you feel my aunt drove me back and forth to school for four years and all she would play is country music it burnt me out I wouldn’t listen to country for two years I’ve gotten back into listening a little like for one I really liked Carrie Underwood’s new album

J Davis says:

Could you do top ten No Doubt songs at some point? That works be awesome.

mtgriffin says:

Please review Flume – Skin when it comes out the 27th!!!

Kaitlin Kelsch says:

0:20 – Maybe if you’re considering reviewing more country albums you could review “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton. I watched his performance of “Parachute” on SNL and fell in love with the song almost instantly 🙂

Jon Dials says:

Eyyy second country review

Landry says:

Do a top ten Eminem songs!

TundraL5Z says:

You skipped over Issues album? why 🙁

Bunny in the Box says:


mariokarter13 says:

Any plans to review Night Sports? It’s pretty much flown under the radar, but since you reviewed the last two 3OH!3 albums I thought I’d ask.

Random Nobody says:

WIll you review the new Chance the Rapper mixtape?

Tater2018 says:

Would u do any metal/heavy metal albums or artist like Slipknot, Korn, or Thy Art is Murder

J J says:

You should check out Celebrate by Tiny Moving Parts

JustAVirus 1.0 says:

Honestly, I haven’t listened to it…but I think you and Spectrum Pulse’s opinions are basically the exact opposite xP

On a side note, will Skillet’s upcoming album be reviewed?

Jina B says:

for more of a throwback, framing hanley’s debut album The Moment

KrazyKing17 says:

All We Are by Raury?

maya robles says:


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