Brad Paisley – Love And War – Album Review

For my 753rd review, I dig into Brad Paisley’s most consistent – and most country – album in years.

Best Songs: ‘Love And War’ ft. John Fogerty, ‘The Devil Is Alive And Well’, ‘Go To Bed Early’, ‘Drive Of Shame’ ft. Mick Jagger, ‘Grey Goose Chase’
Worst Songs: ‘selfie#theinternetisforever’


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My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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The Media Monitor says:

What are your thoughts on the song Brad did with Demi that sadly got cut from the album?

Barney Willemse says:

I disagree with you completely…

11LuStar says:

That haircuts cute no homo

SolarWinds says:

Review the third country album from Nikki Lane called Highway Queen

Ivan Khamphoukeo says:

Just an update: Castle on the Hill is roaring on pop radio, so expect a boost for it on the Hot 100 😀

Jack says:

Planning on reviewing the new logic album?

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

nice haircut

meankrandel says:

everybody by logic?

Milo Hempel says:

Chris Stapleton review coming?

1443 says:


Oli Wylde says:

Review Adorment by Grayscale

EYEcu says:

Will plan on reviewing Everybody by Logic?

Complete Plebian says:

Brad Paisley is a staple in my Dad’s truck, and honestly he’s a great artist.

When someone says “Country Music” I think Brad Paisley.

Beatles Fiend says:

Please review Everybody by Logic and There’s Really a Wolf by Russ. They are both SUPERB

5545News says:

“From a Room: Volume 1” by Chris Stapleton should be next

Chris Brown says:

Gold all over the ground is actually a song started by Johnny Cash and Cash’s son came to Brad asking him to finish it, and Brad said himself he poured his heart and soul into this album, personally its one of my favorite albums from him because there are vibes of the mud on the tires album, 5th gear, heaven south is like wheelhouse, and Brad Paisley is my idol so i pick up on stuff others dont

Jamo Say No says:

Review Logic- To Prostitute A Moth

Dwaipayan Ghosh says:

Mark, a little advise. ” Hey there folks, welcome to Spectrum Pulse. We talk about music, movies, arts & culture .” This sounds a little bit cliched now. After all, I’ve watching your reviews for 2 years now. Can you come up with new intro ?
Great review, BTW.

Carson Hume says:


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