Cam – Untamed – Album Review

For my 491st review, I discuss women in country in 2015 and Cam’s headstrong debut trying against all odds to make an impact.

Best Songs: ‘Hungover On Heartache’, ‘Mayday’, ‘My Mistake, ‘Runaway Train’, ‘Village’
Worst Songs: ‘Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty’


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Text review of ‘Untamed’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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MrFlipperInvader782 says:

tomoatoe controversy?

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Review Christmas & Chill by Ariana Grande

zach wellner says:

Please answer it’s my birthday! Gonna review randy Rogers band new album “nothing shines like neon”? Since you loved the collaboration between randy Rogers and wade Bowen? Love to hear you’re thoughts!

Alyssa Danielle says:

i love this album it is a great album cam is super talented artist her voice is amazing and the songs are amazing some of the best songs on this album are burning house mayday want it all half broke heart and cold in california I give this album a 8.5/10

KDog1265 says:

I don’t know if this is one of the three reviews you are going to talk about, but could you, at some point, talk about BØRNS’ debut?

mariokarter13 says:

“Beer goggles are cheaper than Gucci” Stay classy, Country Music.

Stephen Insalaco says:

Can you please review the new EP by Ariana Grande, “Christmas and Chill”?

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

could you review the new bloodhound gang album

Goddess Of Change says:

Said it before, say it now: STAY AWAY FROM ROYALTY.

It’s disgusting. Embarassing. Clumsily made and with an insufferable attitude from Breezy himself. And I like some of his stuff. I love Next To You, a song with Justin Fricken Bieber (and not any Justin Bieber: 2011 Justin Bieber… at least was smart enough to wait for his balls to drop) and a lot more from FAME, and a lot from Fortune too, and a bit of the old stuff as well like Kiss Kiss, Picture Perfect and such.
This album is sickening and very unconfortable to listen to. Stay away from it, Mark. There may be people in Team Breezy with my kind of attitude towards criticism.

Agustin Martinez says:

Nice video could you pease review tell me i’m pretty by cage the elephant

Ocean Sage says:

Your description should say “For my 491st review,” not “For my 491th review.”

David Leary says:

I agree with your review. Uneven is a good word to describe it. As for Kacey Musgraves, I think Pageant Material is at least as good as Same Trailer, Different Park if not better.

Melissa Waddington says:

I’m really glad you reviewed and recommended this album, since I like Burning House. I have a renewed interest in checking it out now. If you haven’t yet and get a chance, I highly recommend checking out Brandi Carlile’s and Jamie Lin Wilson’s albums. Beautiful female singer-songwriter stuff, Brandi on the folk-rock side and Jamie Lin country.

Jonathan Smith says:

I wouldn’t say it was necessarily a bad year for country, considering the large amount of stellar records coming from the independent scene, but yeah the mainstream largely sucked

TeflonDon2445 says:

Can you review royalty by Chris brown?

zach wellner says:

Gonna review randy Rogers band new album “nothing shines like neon”? Since you loved the collaboration between randy Rogers and wade Bowen? Love to hear you’re thoughts!

Teddy Haines says:

Huh, when you said you had a last-minute contender for your year-end list, I thought it would be a retro review of Ward Thomas or something. I’d previously only seen Trigger’s less than impressed review, plus listened to Burning House and being underwhelmed, so I didn’t expect it to have an impact on you. Oh well, better to have a decent record on the show than a middling one.

Mikey says:

Can you review royalty by Chris brown?

leonel gonzalez says:

Can you please review “Royalty” by Chris Brown, the singles have been mostly good if I got to be honest

Yelsyn Webb says:

Royalty is a great album

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