Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty – Album Review

For my 1015th review, Carrie Underwood changes labels and delivers her most compromised pop ‘country’ album to date.

Best Songs: ‘Drinking Alone’, ‘Spinning Bottles’, ‘Love Wins’
Worst Song: ‘That Song That We Used to Make Love To’, ‘Southbound’


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Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty – Pop Country – Album Review

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Naos says:

Is Paul McCartney on your schedule? Or Lauren Daigle? They’re both huge albums too, so I’m wondering.

Robert Broadway says:

What a dump ass

Victoria Rooks says:

Well her tour should be enjoyable at least!

dhelmen says:

Great album! Classic Carrie!


wow what a moron you are.

EYTPS says:

Cry Pretty? My god, you know that’s an indication an artist is trying too hard

Wizzrobe says:

100% agreed with the rating and the best/worst tracks (well, the first two at least on the former). Carrie Underwood is still a powerhouse vocalist to this day and she’s very friendly, but the production is just so excruciating. If this settle on less on the poppy side (and there were absolutely, positively no touches of trap production) and more on the country side, it would work a lot better.

Wade k 21 says:

The closest I came to liking country was the primus song wynona’ big brown beaver

Tom Mot says:

2 issues…

1) your terrible sense of taste… Carrie is the best.. And Backsliding is amazing.

2) You making it appear like the album is commercially flopping, when it is predicted to sell 230k, making it the highest selling country album in it’s first week in years…

carrie on.. no pun intended.

Joel Robinson says:

lol every album is a big one

Naos says:

This is opening with 200,000+. No worries about the album failing.

Cornel Marshall says:

While I do think kinda agree with mark on this review. I can tolerate the more pop focus better just cause I’m usually a pop fan more than country and usually the best part of Carrie Underwood songs is Carrie herself. And I feel like her herself isn’t that compromised. I agree that she made better albums but this is still decent.

Strong 6/10

Best: Backsliding, End Up With You, Drinking Alone, SouthBound, Spinning Bottles

Worst: Ghosts On The Stereo, The Song That We Use To Make Love To

P.S. I do agree that Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs Are the best things shes done and Before He Cheats and Jesus Take the Wheel are the worst.

sanguis m says:

Spectrum doesn’t Like Blondes

Lewis Carty says:

Carrie Underwood is still a thing? I thought she was just a one hit wonder in the UK.

DestructionCentral - says:

Caitlyn Smith is doing this sound and pop sensibility much much better. Listen to Starfire, excellent album that is actual pop country.

Luv_ Ramy says:

Carrie is constant state of trying to recreate the magic of her first two albums and failing miserably. Some hearts and Carnival Ride are amazing. Blown away was close. Story teller was embarrassing and just awful. This one seems like more of the same forgettable shit. Nothing really stands out.

Rosandra Davis says:

I like Drinking alone, low, love wins and southbound.

Anna-Tyler Wester says:

Yeah I agree Mark,comparing this to her past work is depressing.

Michael Linde says:

Are you going to review A Star is Born starring lady Gaga?

JDPG 13 says:

Mark in the thumbnail looking like he just exited the hospital after an abortion.

Liam Welling says:

This album is sick!! not one filler song!! all are really amazing!! the production is outstanding.

Zachary Devore says:

Its Amazing ur on crack.

Chrizelda Bernil says:

Have you heard of Hozier’s new EP? Are you going to review it?

The Negan Guy says:

I’ve never liked this album sorry very low 3 it’s so bad it makes me wanna listen to Otep Kult 45

andrew gould says:

“consistently inconsistent.”

NiNoLiberté Fioz says:

What’s wrong with Jesus Take the Wheel man it’s a good song

Whatever says:

My word you’re predictable. I wish I could bet on your scores.

Radio Raven says:

Look at the names on that song list aHaHAhAhAh.

ARTV says:

That Song That We Used to Make Love To is so laughably bad. Really like the title track and Drinking alone though.

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