Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty | First Impressions

This was how I felt after spending about 24 hours with the new Carrie Underwood record. What are you guys feeling about it?



Dakota Jones says:

When You Learn To Sing Then You Can Talk.

tara lou says:

I LOVE Carrie- and I can relate to this album on so many levels. Cry Pretty is about when you are so overwhelmed that you pretty much lose it- and no matter how hard you try- everyone has that scrunched up, tears streaming, nose running. I get it but that might be a girl thing.

Kevin Romano says:

The first three songs are my favorite as well.

Beatrice Santos says:

I’m completely biased when it comes to her music. I’ve been such a fan since idol and I love everything she does but I do understand you being a little underwhelmed about it in a way. I was a little weary about it but now I’m obsessed haha! I always enjoy your videos and your input on things(:

Jennifer Richardson says:

Hello. I love your channel and reviews and I love your comments on music and the music industry. However, I love this album, there’s not a single song I dislike on it. Yes, it has a different sound than past albums, with pop and r&b influences, but some of my favorite artists also experimented with genres. For example, Linda Ronstadt covered a myriad of genres and even Dolly had a ” poppy” sound (Potential New Boyfriend, for example, was mixed into a dance song. I find it interesting when artists play around with different sounds. I do kind of get what your saying though about maybe to many things being thrown into the mix, but all in all I love this album.

Victoria Rooks says:

Carrie’s fans aren’t the worst fanbase…you’ve never met the Beehive(Beyoncé fans).

Letitgo101 says:

Carrie stans need to take a freaking chill pill.

Mevis Hidalgo says:

I really appreciate this first impressions… I completely agree with you regarding the sadness. I felt a general sadness listening to it in its entirety and couldn’t put my finger on it until you said it… Also, I think she has a formula for albums that seems to work for her and she sticks to it every time. All that said, I love her music and talent and am so excited for her tour next year to hear these songs live.

MicInc says:

completely agree!!

Marie Hannon says:

I love your reactions can u react to the music video for love wins

DJMeCa says:

You just amaze me. Period. We are very much in sync here. I am a big fan of Carrie’s, and I was hoping to LOVE this Release. I wasn’t a fan of Cry Pretty (the single), though she sounds amazing in it. I just felt the track was over produced and to slick FOR MY TASTE. I respect it…just not my cup of tea.

My favorites were the same as yours. Only about three tunes I found myself nodding to. Her performance is excellent. For me, this album missed (like you said) in being cohesive. Almost sounded like a greatest hits spanning a decade. Just overall, over produced for me, and lyrically, only a handful of songs grabbed me.

I not a fan of country/today’s pop generally speaking. Just don’t connect with it. I AM however, still a HUGE Carrie fan. Listen, I applaud her for putting her talents out there and doing what feels right for her. Didn’t connect with me, but it certainly has connected with others. And that’s awesome. Same thing happened to me when listening to Little Big Town’s project with Pharrell Williams. Just not connected to that vibe.

Looking forward to hearing her next record for sure. I still think she is one of the most gifted vocalists on radio (in any genre) today. Thanks again for your video. Have a safe trip!

Courtney Kramer says:

I agree with you about this not being her most cohesive/consistent album (when you said what makes a good album is a clear message, I thought of Brother Osborne’s most recent album “Port Saint Joe” and even Paisley’s “Love and War.”) That being said, I think she delivers on bringing the most emotion to an album than she has in the past, even though it’s probably not the most autobiographical record in the world. “The Bullet” and “Spinning Bottles” are probably my favorites right now!

Jacob S says:

I agree I think. It kind of does feel like a collection of songs, but at least it’s a collection of good songs. “Spinning Bottles” has been in my head since I heard it and is my favorite, but I definitely love the album for what it is, even if I’m with you in feeling slightly bummed that it wasn’t a confessional album full of “Cry Pretty” type songs.

Meredith Welch says:

Also 90% of the vocals on Spinning Bottles were from the day they wrote it. There’s no click-tracks on that one. David Garcia just got on the keys & started playing to get the music they wanted too. It’s all very raw & in the moment. That blew me away because her vocals are insane.

rockpaperscissors82 says:

Well, based on the comments so far, we’ve got the Carrie brigade predictably saying what they always say: basically that Carrie can do no wrong and she’s the best thing since Jesus. It’s a pop album. It’s not a pop country album, though I suppose a couple of songs (obviously the second track) could qualify as that. This is pop Carrie doing what Carrie likes. So, yeah, it’s “personal” in the limited sense of having her hand in it, which tells me what we’ve always suspected, that Carrie’s commitments to authentic country music are tenuous. So, maybe it’s a good pop album. I don’t know and don’t care. I listened to the album once, and I have zero interest in revisiting it.

cassidy gajewski says:

This is definitely carries best album to date!!

Niels Reviews Music says:

Wait, why is The Champion on this record?

cindysimonds1 says:

Just so you know, she had 3 miscarriages while writing this album in 2017 and 2018 before she got pregnant and it stuck. I watched a interview with her talking about it all. So for her to discribe this as personal to her, you could not understand..

Will Thorson says:

i will totally come out and say it..i cannot stand her voice..nasally, loud, pop…she is a pop singer straight up…

Josh says:

Carrie’s music has that something that makes me want to listen to her music again and again, and this album is not the exception, I like this album, and yeah she did some changes in her music style and production but I am sure it is for the better. This is going to be a great era.

Phil Charles says:

What accolades does this MORON have? Has he produced an album before ? He is critical of Carrie and a producer who has had success in his career. How are you going to criticize the FLOW of an album when your ” flow” on here is all over the place in this review ?? Before you post a video looking like a special needs child sit and perform an intelligent review of the album….IDIOT

Liam Welling says:

You are confusing autobiographical with personal, she never said it was a autobiographical album. Would love if you forget what you expected and do a review of the album for what it is.

beedeeanna2 says:

Who the f are you anyway, other than the most egotistical human being on the planet other than donald j trump>? Thank god for the gift Carrie Underwood brings to a musical anthology sadly devoid of women who can REALLY SING. And what other female singer do you know who has taken the risks she has (daring “The Sound of Music” with spunk for example, even though she had no acting experience yet managed to do the SONGS justice), has the impish sense of humor she possesses, wears her physical beauty so modestly, and has quite a delicious sense of comic timing, as evidenced in her co-hosting with Brad? She is also the youngest female singer to be accorded the honor of collaborating in such august circles as the group celebrating Ronstadt’s R & R Hall of Fame induction, singing duets with the likes of TONY BENNETT, and included in the Sinatra 100 tribute. Shame on you for your narrowness of mind.

David Leary says:

People: Stop taking negative comments about an artist you like personally. There are different opinions, not everyone is going to react the same way to something. Grow up.

CDT Thiessen says:

Your an a hole

DJZ101 says:

Now watching the interview she recently gave where she revealed she had 3 miscarriages, it definitely adds a whole new meaning to the song cry pretty. I’m glad she is having another baby I hope she has an easy pregnancy

Ashton Fabela says: this the link that explains why Carrie Underwood said that Cry Pretty is her most personal album

Micky D says:

They’re not a toxic fanbase. I have seen a few of your vids judging Carrie’s stuff and some of her best work has been slammed by you. The album is pretty amazing. Your reviews are just unfair and harsh. Love Wins wasn’t a personal song; it was making a political stance. “Personal album” doesn’t necessarily relate to her life, it means issues that are important to her. Ghosts on the Stereo is about a break up and letting your guard down for a night then getting back in the game. Backsliding is sexy and sultry. Southbound is just a fun, holiday track; not meant to be taken seriously… That Song that we used to make love to is one of the highlights; quirky and fun but with meaning. Drinking alone will be a hit… it is perfect. I literally can’t even go on with this video. You have misinterpreted her meaning behind “most personal” and have held it against her for the entire album.

Joseph Kowles says:

Wow just wow !! I thought the album was fantastic!! You just don’t know Carrie Underwood personally,kinda feel negative vibes from you ! I’ve been a fan since day 1 !!! Loved every track of her new album ! I don’t like her being criticized!! She put all her heart into this album!! And Carrie has a solid marriage! Like wtf man

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