Chase Rice – Ignite The Night – Album Review

For my 238th review, I talk about the death knell of bro-country and Chase Rise’s major label debut.


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Text review of ‘Ignite The Night’:

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lucyk310 says:

did he talk about the song ‘Ride’ what was on the album? didn’t really feel like watching for  10mins if he didn’t..

WiwomWill says:

Breaking Benjamin is back! Does that mean anything to u?

DK devilplayground says:

I thought the whole album was awesome!!!

Scooby D says:

Greatest review ever!!!!!! Everything I could ever imagine!!!

Brandon Monzel says:

will you be reviewing wiz khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood? Or Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V?(when it comes out)

Taylor Radley says:

Is there any way u could listen and maybe review Troye Sivan’s new ep trxye?

Carson Jones says:

Basement Jaxx – Junto

Arabella Jones says:

I love this video! I have some music videos that you might like on my YouTube channel. I’d love to know what you think of them! Have a great day

Noname Noname says:

Haha “3 out of 10. Ignore this album”. I was cracking up when you said that.

Alex Proctor says:

Alright bro, two questions, have you hit puberty yet and are you still in your mom’s basement? Also, who the fuck cares if music is “good” or “bad.” Everything in this world is a matter of one’s opinion and how they perceive information. I could take a shit on your face, someone would think that that is hilarious and another would say that it’s disgusting. You saying that Chase’s album is terrible is just flat out degrading to someone and their dreams to do what they love. It’s people like you that have ruined this world and today’s society by posting shit like this. Music is music bro. It’s not there to be criticized or scrutinized. It’s just there. You said it yourself, that the album was to promote a “party” feeling.. And then you go and bash all the songs individually for being party songs and lacking depth. Why does a song need depth? Songs don’t need to be dramatic and intense and I wish that dumbasses like you would realize and accept that. Get a life dickhead.

Warren Mitchell says:

When Mark holds up his hands up in the air for the first 5 seconds of the review, you know it’s going to be a bad album.

Breloetta Ben says:

Best songs: Carolina can, Jack daniels and jesus
Worst songs: MMM girl, How she rolls.

Also, could you not have mentioned the fact that this album is 18 TRACKS LONG

TheJokerfan95 says:

Dang, from what it sounds like, the whole album (minus the few good tracks you mentioned) is nothing but repackaging of That’s My Kind Of Night.
But yeah, as a fan of the genre, the country music scene has become unbearably homogeneous and same-y sounding, and just has devolved to some extreme lows as of recently. If I want a good time party song from the country genre, I think I’ll just stick to Red Solo Cup, Drunk On A Plane, or Beachin’, thank you very much.

adamagedone says:

Ok this is gonna be fun.

R Burns says:

“Screw that movie with a jackhammer.” You never cease to be entertaining, Mark.

Getting pumped for the new Foxygen LP coming out (hopefully) soon?

JT Tha beast says:

Off topic and sorry to ask but what do you think of Taylor Swift’s new song?

Jesus T. says:

Hey, I’d love for you to check out Broods’ debut album, Evergreen. They’re a promising synthpop duo, and they’re being led by producer Little, who produced Lorde’s debut.
And you as a Canadian music fan, are you to eventually review the new Big Wrecks album?
Keep on improving, Mark! 🙂

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