Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 1 ALBUM REVIEW


Chris Stapleton’s new album may be short, but it’s incredibly versatile, mixing country-style songwriting with whiffs of soul and Southern rock. A country artist worth rooting for.


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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Geekdom's grandma says:

do There’s really a wolf by russ

Ben Adams says:

Check out the new John Moreland album if you were disappointed by this Chris Stapleton album.

Stephanie L. says:

I see you <3 Maangchi
Do you have a favorite recipe?

jacob woods says:

do paramores new album

Dev'sAdvocate says:

A lot of these complaints you had with this albums were less existent on his previous album, Traveler, which is fantastic. If you’d like this, you’d enjoy that album as well. You know… when you find time.

Dangada says:


Barry Massive says:

Come on now, you like your music, we’ve got it

PsychicAndIce says:

Where be the Harry Styles review, melonboy? Huh, Charleston? Where’s the fucking review?! It better be a 10/10!

Olivia Jane says:

Great manners anthony

Jaxson Workman says:

Bitch. You’ve one job: Use DSLR

Nick Weber says:

Yooooo! I need a “there’s really a wolf” review. It’s Russ’s album

Ooga Blooga says:

Either Way makes the entire album worth it. Fucking beautiful song.

JJordawg says:

hell yeah chris stapleton is showing stadium country what its about

ace2high says:

sums up my opinion about the record.

Gucci Mane says:

i love these raw videos. way better than the over edited common stuff.

Grape Culture says:

Review the pwr bttm sex scandal.

Tavo Lemus says:

Tennessee Whiskey is my favorite by him.

Melvin Melvins says:

Review Alex Jones.

GarciaASFM says:

Do a Review on the new Willie Nelson Album!

William Boisture says:


dangrabat says:

He might be alright if he wasn’t ripping of Waylon

gob126 says:

Anthony, have you ever listened to Aaron Watson? I feel he is another great country artist (Texas country in Aaron’s case) that avoids the hackneyed pop country formula. His latest album, Vaquero, is not my favorite (that’s probably Underdog or Real Good Time for me, but his older catalog has a lot of great albums), but I think he’s an artist worth checking out.

Bryce Johnson says:

Are you gonna review Paramore’s new record

Stacey Ross says:

melon a country fan

artillery666 says:

You’ve really got to check out his work with the Steeldrivers. It’s so epic.

Wise says:

Can you review machine gun Kelly’s new album ‘Bloom’?

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