Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey (REACTION!!!)

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Reggie Landry says:

Yall need to listen to a cat named Marc Brousard. The song I recomend first is “Home”

Carter Petite says:

Colter wall – plain to see plainsman

Courtney West says:

I can’t believe no one has requested Broken Halos by him. It’s literally my favorite country song ever. And I was raised on country.

Jim O'Donnell says:

Y’all are great, I truly appreciate your videos

Oliver Jones says:

This reaction alone made me subscribe. Love your authentic love. For some guitar shredding blues, try anything Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Kodee Davis says:

George Jones did this first y’all 🙂 true OG

James Baker says:

Try neon moon by Chris and dun!

Mac Dawg says:

Oh… Whaat he doing….. Sannnnnginnnng

Shane Shanker says:

Grammy-nominated band Marigold from Las Vegas, you like Stapleton you’ll love the beautiful Megan Krause

Dub BullOh says:

Man I got put on this shit tonight!!! Damn I had the SAME EXACT REACTION.

Jessica Freeman says:

Look up and do Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake 2015 CMA’s Tennessee whiskey/ Drink you away!

Joe Harv says:

Tom Macdonald “Whiteboy”

Joe Blanch says:

If you like this version TRY Kris Jones singing for his daughter in his truck in home depot parking lot. For me the best version I have heard

Kimberly Knowlton says:

You guys are the best!!!

troy warncke says:

You should react to CCR put a candle in the window

H 831 says:

Every Race Likes This Song

Teri Carson says:

Mates, he can move. ☘ T x

Nomatic Vandura Artz says:

Chris Stapleton is a breath of fresh air to country music. most modern country music is crap. look into the Zac Brown Band they’re amazing as well.

DebInfo says:

A Dad does a cover in the car with his Daughter on video

LN Braden says:

Country – Brrooks and Dunn “Believe”

b staehly says:

This songs old as hell…been done by several artists. All great

Gina Jones says:

George Jones…. this is his song

Corey King says:

How about The Gourds cover of Gin and Juice by snoop….

Ronald Spangenberg says:

Here’s some more Country, Old school. George Jones – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes? I think you may like this, it tells a story. You say you like the stories in the music.

Pig Ford says:

This is a perfect example of some music/musicians transcending genres….this is so much more than country music,it’s soul music,it’s universal…Chris Cornell had it,Waylon Jennings had it & Chris Stapleton definitely has it ,Rihanna has it,certain singers just convey certain feelings thru their music that just about anyone with an ounce of soul can relate to,it can’t be faked or concocted in a studio,they just have IT….Kurt Cobain had it (listen to Unpugged)….Ben Harper has it…I could go on & on

a says:

I hear Etta James from the get go. Awesome song, awesome sound.

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