Chris Stapleton – Traveller – Album Review

For my 373rd review, I discuss one of the most critically acclaimed country records and debuts of 2015 thus far.

Best Songs: ‘Outlaw State Of Mind’, ‘Parachute’, ‘Whiskey & You’, ‘Was It 26’, ‘The Devil Named Music’
Worst Song: ‘Nobody To Blame’


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Text review of ‘Traveller’:

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joshporter08 says:

“Sometimes I Cry” is the only song I would leave out of this record. I give it 9/10 as a classic country fan. Stapleton is worth the hype

Eric Douglas says:

Are you going to watch walk the moun tonight

Hostetter says:

Use your real voice, give up on the affectation….

8dharvey says:


turbowarrior23 says:

Will you be reviewing the next Muse album when it comes out?

Jeff Burch says:

Someone is deaf. There is no Engineer listed on the CD sleeve. Powell, Cobb, Brigman, Spear or Lyman wouldn’t make a wort on an Engineers behind. You got what you paid for CS, zero dynamic range. Damn shame. This pos might sound listenable on AM radio thru a single dash cone in a ’68 Skylark.

glenweiser says:

dude you got to be a dumb fuck this album and artist is what country music needs ………let me guess you like georgia florida line bs country…………dumb fuck

Madison Luna says:

Planning on covering Adam Lambert’s new album “The Original High”?

Andrew Mawhiney says:

Are you ever gonna review the new Tech N9ne album special effects. Please let me know. Thanks

life soundtrack says:

Thi guy is a fucking douche/idiot. This guy is keeping country real. Traveler album is fucking great!!!

Andy Carver says:

Absolutely loved this review!

life soundtrack says:


Marcus Kirlew says:

Great record!

Soggy B says:

This is a new sound to this guy, it was designed to sound like it came from the 70’s, this is well known.

Trustfund Hippy says:

Great review! Do you plan on reviewing the new Twenty One Pilots release, Blurryface?

Aliyah Burnette says:

Can you review Christian rap like lecrae, Derek minor, tedashii, Trip lee mark.

Will says:

Mark, as one Alan Jackson fan to another, have you ever said anything bad about him? 

Marcus Kirlew says:

His voice the guitar playing on the record is impeccable.

Derek Mckinney says:

You need to review Snoop Dogg new album Bush

Brad's Beer Reviews says:

This album made me fall in love with music again. It reminded me of how good real music with real heart can be. Mark, do you play any instruments?

Edward Rico says:

you have no fucking idea what you are talking about

Jeff Borowiak says:

Can you review Van Morrison. Duets?

Throwback WWE 2k Matches says:

You sound ridiculous, this album is Amazing and it has that old school country sound (real country).. you must like the new water down country music

Charlie Marlie says:

Hey Mark, review Futuristic’s ‘The Rise?”

Daryl Loh says:

I thought this would get a 8/10 or 9/10

Jeff Borowiak says:

Thank you. I thought it was just me. I heard Traveller on Letterman’s show. I wanted to love this cd. I like it but not love it. A real country/bluesly effort.   I was waiting for a Waylon Jam. Ain’t Living Long Like This type of tune. I didn’t get it. I am positive he will write a tune or cover a tune like Living.  I know Waylon didn’t write it. I would give it a solid 31/2 out of 5 stars.

Marc Cooper II says:

A constructive note on presentation. I know the Pokemon affixed in your video has absolutely nothing to do with what you are saying and shouldn’t affect people’s perception of your critiques, but it is inherently distracting. I enjoy what you do and respect your honesty when it comes to these videos. The Pokemon, to me, is just a giant distraction that takes attention away from your overall work in general.
On another note, the lady singing in somewhat of a call and response pattern with Chris is actually his wife or girlfriend. To me, it adds depth to the songs in a way that just wouldn’t be there without her. Again, that’s just a personal preference thing.

Cody Brown Reflections says:

Please review a thousand horses “southernality” it comes out tomorrow!!! thanks

pokemonand9 says:

Are you gonna review Kelsea Ballerini debut album coming up or Reba’s Gloriana there’s a lot of country releases.

ET43 says:

Two things:  a) That’s his wife on backgrounds.  No way he can say “no” to that and I believe that makes it more viable (regardless of the fit)—-She was a good songwriter years ago as well (co-wrote “Don’t Forget to Remember me” for Carrie Underwood amongst others)   b)  Just a pet peeve of mine but I don’t like when anyone reviewing a song says “they did it justice” when comparing it to another version that was a “cover”.  Jason Eady, Tim Mcgraw and others covered a Stapleton track.  They “did it justice” if you like their version.  You can’t ever say an artist did his own song justice when comparing to another version that was a cover.      While I vehemently disagree with your view on this album I thoroughly enjoyed your review and reasons.  Keep up the good work.

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