Chris Young – Losing Sleep – Album Review

For my 846th review, Chris Young continues to lose interest with even less personality.

Best Songs: ‘Where I Go When I Drink’, ‘Blacked Out’
Worst Songs: ‘Radio And The Rain’


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Courtney Kramer says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Darius album!

Dwaipayan Ghosh says:

It’d be great to know your views on ‘ V’ (Hollywood Undead album). TIA.

5545News says:

Really you did this before kip Moore and Darius Rucker

Bob Irwin says:

You still need to review Turnpike Troubadours! A Long Way From Your heart!


Wow. This is the nicest 4/10 review I’ve seen. Lol

ghost314 says:

Would love to see you review the new albums from Margo Price and Carly Pearce.

DestructionCentral - says:

Wait, this isn’t Chris Lane? At least then, we might as well have some decent hooks.

Jake Higgins says:

You got me to check out A.M. back in the day, and it’s a damn good album, so these last couple albums are really disappointing.

The Negan Guy says:

Review Trivium please

Alex98765 says:

Horrible album. Even worse than “I’m Comin’ Over”. Chris himself now chubby as hell. Big fan of his early work. So disappointed.

Stitch o7 says:

Well, I for one really loved this Album.

The Negan Guy says:

Losing sleep i already did on this godawful album

Naos says:

When Thomas Rhett is better than Chris Young.

Wonkey Dude98 says:


SolarWinds says:

I’m still hoping you’ll review the new Whitney Rose album

Jason Hopkins says:

I thought this’d be at least passable… until the times for the songs came out. Generally any mainstream country album who’s songs are all around three minutes are bland and very underdeveloped. Shocker, this was no exception. It really does seem like they’re running out of ideas; most of this album blends together, and one of the only two songs that isn’t bland is a ripoff of Sober Saturday Night (you know the well of ideas has run dry when artists start ripping off themselves). Even Blacked Out (which imo is the best song on the album) immediately reminded me how much I’d rather be listening to Castaway by Brett Eldredge. Kind of sad to see one of my favorite artists reduced to this; at this point, the only real selling point for me is his vocals

5545News says:

Aside from “Blacked Out” and “Where I Go When I Drink” this album is total garbage. Btw you said where I go when I drink is a drinking song when it’s the opposite. He isn’t drinking because when he does he thinks of the break up.

Tiffany Rose says:

Good thing I never listen to critics/reviews when it comes to music and movies! I am inlove with this album and the extra song on his exclusive with Cracker Barrel is amazing as well! #GreatJobChrisAndCorey #LoveIt

Sash comes Around says:

Review the new Franz single
Always ascending

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