Cody Jinks – I’m Not The Devil – Album Review

For my 603rd review, I head back to Texas country and find a damn solid if broadly sketched record.

Best Songs: ‘Give All You Can’, ‘No Guarantees’, ‘No Words’, ‘Heavy Load’, ‘Grey’, ‘Vampires’, ‘Chase That Song’
Worst Songs: ‘She’s All Mine’


To skip my preamble, go to 2:06

Text review of ‘I’m Not The Devil’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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ForestGWolfy Productions says:

plz review skin by flume

Matt Whitaker says:

Thank you for reviewing some of the more obscure country albums and giving them some attention. I definitely enjoy the discovery!

zach wellner says:

Will you do Amos lee new album “spirit”?

JoeDoakes1015 says:

Jason Eady has a duets album coming out with his wife, Courtney Patton, in early 2017.

Adam Truett says:

Hey mark! Your my favorite critic! I made a song,influenced by 60s Rock,Can you check it out? It would mean everything to me!

Olly Howcroft says:

Review ‘Endless’ by Frank Ocean

Trey Alexander says:

Even though all his albums are, at the less 9’s, it’s good to see you covering one of the top 3 true roots country artist out there.

Geoffrey Todd says:

Loved the album! He also puts on one of the best live shows. Can’t wait for the next!

William Curran says:

Lindsey Stirling Brave Enough?

Teddy Haines says:

Huh. It’s unlike you to do the video first and then update the blog. I usually check there first for reviews.

David Overstreet says:

You mention that he does not take any musical chances. But as a fan of this style of country music, and his music in specific…I like that about the album. I like that predicability. It’s what draws me, and many others to his music and to artists that are like him.

Brent Easterwood says:

Cody Jinks is such a breath of fresh air for country music, especially those who are sick of the pop-country that has run its course. I wouldn’t call him a word smith, but his lyrics are personal, relatable, and honest. That mixed with his voice and appropriate instrument mix, there is little to wonder why he is growing more popular every day.

David Overstreet says:

The only correction I would make here is that Cody Jinks had 2 albums before Less Wise. The first was named “Collector’s Item” and the second was named “Cast No Stones”… But both are no longer available.

this day says:

please review watsky’s new album “X Infinity

Mike Richard says:

Jinks actually released Adobe Sessions in January of last year, not the summer

Justin adams says:

Review Tory Lanez’ I Told You

Wicked Dreamer says:

Will you be reviewing Tory Lanez’s new album?

chris elliott says:

Your an idiot

Deporte Independiente says:

Gotta be me – Cody Johnson

Kyle jeboss says:

Damnit mark why are all your most recommended albums country. I just can’t get into country oh well

ElectroChart Top 25 says:

Are you going to review “Music Is The Weapon” by Major Lazer?

Spencer fisher says:

I’m just curious to who you are to judge or give opinion are you a music critic with any background in music? I just heard him for the first time this weekend and I think he brings back the original country music that’s become country pop music like Luke Bryan which I can’t stand and is the furthest thing from real country like Waylon Waylon and Merle and Johnson I think it’s refreshing to hear someone his voice.

CountryMC says:

Can you review “Spark” by Drake White please?

Johannes P. says:

Review “Fishing Blues” by Atmosphere pleaseee

Cur Newb says:

Owen-the king of whys….?

James Totton says:

Can you review ‘Honor Killed The Samurai’ by Ka?

KarlEuro89 says:

Can you please review Wings of the Wild by Delta Goodrem? It’s amazing and worth a listen!

Bradley Layne says:

If you haven’t already check out the new Watsky LP “x Infinity”. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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