Cody Johnson – Ain’t Nothin’ To It | Album Review

Cody Johnson’s new album ‘Ain’t Nothin’ To It’ is straight outta the Texas/Red Dirt scene, but it’s making huge waves in Nashville and country music as a whole. Today, I take my first steps into the CoJo waters! And I like em.

Cody Johnson songs in this video:


Nothin On You:

Monday Morning Merle:



Aaron Gonthier says:

If you want something different from the usual Nashville releases, you should check out the latest album from Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, “If You Can’t Stand The Heat.”

Stomach Hands says:

First time hearing of him, not bad for new country. Sort of got his own style Tim McGraw thing going on but a rougher voice obviously.

txag07 says:

You did Cody Johnson… you name-checked Aaron Watson earlier… So when are you going to cover Aaron?

Jake Pridgeon says:

This is coming from left field but you should do a review of Sam Outlaw. He’s really different from most country but I really like him. He is almost alternative country but it’s good in my opinion

Saulsberry —Stk says:

Listen to whiskey Meyers firewater album

Jesse Sullivan says:

Grady, just wanted to say I’m a big fan. Keep up the great work, it’s gonna be a big year for you!

Bodie Netherlain says:

Texas country > any other music

Dan Arnold says:

Texas music is better than Nashville music now!

Tarah Dwight says:

You definitely should dive more into Texas country

Mallory Mielke says:

You need to do a review on Gabby Barrett’s song “I Hope.” It’s definitely more of the Pop/Country, but I love it!

Dueey Gaming says:

First time I’m hearing of Cody Johnson as well

C. Hill says:

Review Mitchell Tenpenny’s new album!! I love his song Walk Like Him

bsvman vandenberg says:

I remember when this man was playin county fairs

Garrett Wilson says:

Loved all the songs individually. Hate how the album was put to together, hard sit down and listen to the whole album.

John Salazar says:

Saw cody on his first full time tour in 2011, and I’ve said for years he is our generation’s George Strait. King George is starting to sit back more, and Cody picked up the reins without a hitch.

Dane Lewis says:

Check out homeland insecurity by flatland Cavalry

Blake Sehlke says:


Ryan Morgan says:

If you listen to Cojo’s other albums it will make more sense as to why he made the song choices he did. Start from “Six Strings,1 Dream” and follow his progression as a writer and performer

Eric Hughes says:

Troy Turner…you kind of look like you used to mow grass for Cody back in the day maybe it’s just the white shirt

Hudson Sheppard says:

Really enjoying your videos man. Glad to find a YouTuber who appreciates country music like I do, and wants to see it retain its identity. Just watched for the first time today but I’ll be back.

R Long Jr says:

Thanks for the review and thanks for posting the songs/writers ! I just ordered the CD and should have a couple of listens in by end of next week.

John Berislavich says:

If u haven’t done a video over keith urban could u do one? I would like ur side on him as an artist?

Jorge Casias says:

I would love to sit down and go over Texas Artist with you. It’s an amazing seen, there shows are energetic, fans are as loyal as can be and it’s just an amazing scene!

Brian Dyer says:

Here’s what your missing just cause someone is a “long hair country boy” who is drinking smokin and not giving a damn can also be the guy wanting to build a life on a small piece of land with the woman he loves… “Fenceposts” “nothin on you” “ain’t nothing to it” while the songs are a mix and written by others Cody and his fans can personally relate to the complexity sensitivity and the partiness of other songs. Saying the album doesn’t fit because of the contrast is ridiculous when that what makes this album one of the best I’ve ever seen put out.

Crazin Gammin says:

Review upchurch

Robby Lanier says:

Parked out by the lake- Dean Summerwind. Please please please do this one

Darth Musturd says:

Title: When your wife asks if you can cook.

Chad Leonard says:

Cody Johnson is what we expect New Country TO sound like!

Jacob Moonshower says:

You should review of “anywhere in Texas” by Kyle Park

Ashley Garcia says:

You want Texas Country review Randy Rogers Band!!!!

Jeffrey Schmitz says:

“Gotta be me” and “cowboy like me” are solid top to bottom. Both albums have plenty of songs that would have hit mainstream charts if they got big national radio pushes. #COJONation

Shelby Rice says:

PLEASE react to whiskey myers!! You love lyricism… check out Reckoning, Trailer We Call Home, Broken Window Serenade, Stone, Ballard of a Southern Man! They’re also “Texas Country”. SO good

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