Cole Swindell – You Should Be Here – Album Review

For my 549th review, I discuss Cole Swindell’s sophomore album, and how it should be considered the ‘final’ bro-country record.

Best Songs: ‘Broke Down’, ‘You Should Be Here’, ‘No Can Left Behind’, ‘Home Game’, ‘Stay Downtown’
Worst Songs: ‘Party Wasn’t Over’


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Text review of ‘You Should Be Here’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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brandon bitrich says:

hey spectrum pulse you should check out james robert webb he’s a new country singer and he’s actually pretty good he sings old school 90’s sounding country check him out thanks for the good reviews

Joseph Fernandez says:

Please review the new albums from the Lumineers and Radiohead!

Cooper says:

You should checkout ‘Sincerely’ by Stephen. The album is fucking awesome, one of my favorite of 2016. He reminds me of Hozier, but a little more upbeat, yet he doesn’t sacrifice lyrics for more upbeat feel.

C.M.Works says:

Besides the singles “You should be here, Middle of a Memory and Flatliner,” I really like “Home Game” amd “Stars.”

Warren Mitchell says:

I think Mark’s wearing the same shirt from the last Cole Swindle review.

brianhitzone37 says:

I am a fan of Cole, I loved “You Should Be Here”, but I do have to say I really like “Flatliner” ft. Dierks Bentley I hope that gets released after “Middle Of A Memory”, OMG “Remember Boys” is so awesome!!!!, Great album.

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

could you review the new Mike posner album?

Noname Noname says:

Mark I love watching your bro country reviews!

Sean Mclean says:

Hey spectrum pulse this is why you only have 21k subs. You fucking asshole. And all of y’all don’t know what y’all talking about. All of those singer are better than ever other type of singers. What’s so wrong about these artists. I hope your Chanel gets strike down.

Robb says:


Baxter Brown says:

Nice! Not the 10/10 that is the title track but this album was still pretty good!

Oscar Rodriguez says:

You should review Jack Garratt’s “Phase”. Its a great pop/indie album

Ethan Blue says:

Mike posner?

Jayden Macauley says:

JMSN’s new album!

Baxter Brown says:

Hey Spectrum Pulse,
I love a good thrashing 2/10 review and was excited when you reviewed Thomas Rhett’s Tangled Up. It was for some not as fun, however for me it is one of my favorite videos on this channel.
I bring it up because… you really don’t have to do this Keith Urban review. I actually listened to the album already, it’s just pointless. Not trying to be a backseat channel runner or anything (lol) but honestly watching this Cole Swindell review and thinking about how much better he’s gotten I realized that the least fun thing about music is seeing people that were good make pointless albums. Especially after Views, it just seems like such a shame, that’s all.
Have a nice day 😀

Eric Douglas says:

will chase rice survive in doubt it

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

how did this genre rise and fall so quickly

Inevitability says:

Biggest jump in quality since Eric Church

Zachary Jones says:

6/10? Jeez, a year ago I could NEVER have predicted that. I remember you completely despising him.

frankie enloe says:

I. am Jackson i am your huge fan and there’s more country albums to review Martina Mcbride reckless and blake shelton came here to forget album and Florida georgia line h.o.l.y.

CobaltT9 says:

Be careful Spectrum, just like with the fall of nu metal and the many sub-genres of punk, there will be acts that continue that kind of music even if its not in name. Still, pretty good review and Swindell showed he has ‘some’ degree of talent. I’m really hoping for a review of that new All Saints record.

Ann Harada says:


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