Colter Wall – Songs Of The Plains – Album Review

For my 1037th review, we venture into Canadian indie country for Colter Wall’s strident bridge of traditional sounds for the present.

Best Songs: ‘Saskatchewan In 1881’, ‘Wild Dogs’, ‘Wild Bill Hickok’, ‘Thinkin’ On A Woman’, ‘Manitoba Man’
Worst Song: ‘Night Herding Song’


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Colter Wall – Songs Of The Plains – Traditional Country / Indie Canadian Country – Album Review

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BS Detector says:

It’s time this guy get some credit.  I love his individuality!

Jack Cerro says:

I don’t understand why you haven’t done a review of Gillian Welch’s The Harrow and the Harvest.

The Negan Guy says:

Meh country music pass on this album
Red Dead Redemption 2 coming tomorrow

Colton Pouch says:

Gonna do Whitey Morgan’s new album or Dillon Carmichael’s new debut album?

zack mueller says:

I don’t really think “indie country” is an accurate description. If anything “pop-country” that is popular today like luke bryan is more indie, this is akin to classic country, perhaps you could call it Homage Country or something to indicate that it’s closer to the real thing than what most people think is country today.

Alyssa Johnson says:

First video of yours I’ve seen, and I like your style!

Mitchell Campbell says:

can you review the new Eric Church album

strangeradios says:

glad to see you cover this! love Colter Wall. what i find interesting is the comparisons to his voice, because i’ve heard him compared to Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, etc. but the voice i hear the most in his is Gordon Lightfoot. Colter’s voice is deeper, but very similar accents in my opinion.

I like the rain says:


Nicholas LaPoint says:

One of my current favorite artists, I was really surprised you didn’t cover his previous release but glad you gave this a listen!

I agree with the lack of standout tracks, compared to the self titled (save the first two tracks). The overall the sound and scope of the project is incredibly solid but, as you said, that drama seems to be missing at points. Songs like ‘Me and Big Dave’ or ‘Kate McCannon’ from his last project, really set the hook for me and had me coming back over and over again. All things considered, I consider his eponymous project a strong 9 so this one is still a 8 for me. Thanks for covering so much interesting music and introducing me to awesome projects!

El Wray says:

I have to disagree regarding your criticism in terms of “things missing” (John Beyers). This song is just perfect as it is. Thres´s no verse missing, everything you need to know has been said & sung. This song is short but at no time short of immersive story telling. And the minimalistic arrangement only makes it more convincing to me. Quite frankly, I believe you only want this song to be longer because you like it 😉 Have a sub anyway for reviewing Songs og the Plains.

Nick Moss says:

Is this the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack?

J.D Lawhon says:

7/10 my ass

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