Contemporary Country Starter Pack ft. Spectrum Pulse

Chilling with Spectrum Pulse and rattling off some contemporary country suggestions!

Mark’s channel:

Albums in order of appearance:

Zac Brown Band – Uncaged
Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth
Lydia Loveless – Real
Whitey Morgan & The 78’s – Sonic Ranch
Cody Jinks – I’m Not the Devil
Hank Williams III – Straight to Hell

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tyrel iverson says:

This review has officially made my life I can die happy

Karl Frederich says:

Can’t say enough good things about A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.

André Pardue says:

Stop fucking moving, Mark!!

Ed Nunes says:

Do Reggae and World music next.

pika what says:

queens of teaching a genre

Chris Camerino says:

When are we getting the Cal Chuchesta Tabasko Sweet beef?

Metalosis Maligna says:

Jay Munly ???

Joseph Fleming says:

Thanks for doing this Melon. Greatly appreciated from us country fans

John Smith says:

K pop starter pack

Grimacing Glower says:

Have you ever heard of Larry and His Flask?

Henry VE says:

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.

Maddie Bricout says:

melon is so seasoned that most videos i forget

shady313 says:

wheres that royce review at melonboy

luthierjustin1 says:

No Jason Isbell?

Kenneth Baker says:

Top 10 Anime Crossovers #2

Josh The Creator says:

Got some recommendations:
70’s Funk and Rock starter packs
80’s Synth pop and new wave starter packs

Would love to get into these old genres!

richy l says:

spectrum pulse look like a fall out 4 npc waiting for you to respond

Profoundemonium says:

Recommending two locals: Chi Lameo and Jimmy Rowe. Stoner country blues from South Wales.

Joey Bonzo says:

Just watching Anthony’s side while spectrum pulse talks is terrifying

Strogger says:

I actually really appreciate this video because I like a lot of older country and kind of didn’t know about this kind of more contemporary country.

Earl C. says:

Zac Brown is real bottom of the barrel shit. That album might be better than some of their other garbage, but I’ve heard Sweet Annie, which at its best is just regurgitation with some clunky lines thrown in.

Someone better check out Railroad Earth if there’s going to be more of these. Todd Schaeffer is a fantastic and egregiously unnoticed lyricist, and their lyrics capture a lot of what is actually real about the country, rather than just listing country-sounding objects (as Zac Brown and the rest of the garbage country musicians do) or with an exaggerated twang.

Max Braithwaite-Ludlow says:


Devin Vernon says:

My two favourite music reviewers. Everyone sleeping on Spectrum Pulse

Loud Gay Dollars says:

wtf is wrong with this spectrum pulse guy he got cerebral palsy or something??
edit: oh shit now i’m wondering if he actually does have some kind of disability…

Edward MacDonald says:

Mark actually has magnetic hands. Very rare.

Tip Top says:

how have you not talked about childish gambino this is america??

mxvideogamemaster says:

spectrum pulse more like my hands are constantly orchestrating

Glor1fy says:

Golden Hour, sorry melon. But this a great starter pack due to the whole “I listen to everything except country” ideology that’s been prevalent recently.

Charlie Thompson says:

Country and Rap will solve the partisanship issue of America

Wabbi says:

This dude is like what do I do with my face.

LIL OFF says:

i fuck wit how laid back anthony is and this buhl looks like he’s tweaking lol love to both channels been watching both for years

Space Holiday says:

Brandy Clark

Mackube Animations says:

I despise contemporary country

Emma van Wijngaarden says:

no Chris Stapleton? ):

Roger Wayne says:

Kind of lame how Anthony doesn’t seem completely engaged in the conversation at times. I’ve seen him do it before, like at points in this video he seems to just be waiting for his turn to talk or even just checking other shit on his computer, and I even saw him on his phone at one point lol like? Am I watching Spectrum Pulse channel or Fantano’s? Spec is like totally paying attention and engaged the entire time I love it. Just something that throws me off.

Pretzels722 says:

Why is modern mainstream country music so bad? What’s wrong with that industry?

Tim Holmes says:

in my opinion country music has seen a sharp decline since the 70s and almost any modern piece will likely be outclassed by one of the many classic songs. Just think, yodel boy got famous performing a song written in 1922 then re-performed in 1949 by Hank Williams, not by some Garth Brooks trash. The older songs just have more rustic character and patina that you’re really not going to get from today’s artists.

duke86fan says:

i just cant get into contemporary country.. mostly because of the specific sound and voice that i often hear there

Matthew Brisbois says:

Thankkk Gooodddd UNCAGED IS ON HERE

J A D E says:

This will be a hard listen for me, Imma try though. Outlaw country and punk country has always interested me, but like it’s better looking from a far. Like fr, I’ll stick with my folk-punk and be fine lmao.

rschiela says:

how woke do u have to be to be able to listen to a variety of guys singing about trucks and dirt roads over acoustic guitars and actually determine which ones are better than the others

Maxx Militscher says:

This other dudes facial and eye movements give me some heebie jeebies

ProsecutorGodot says:

Man, I feel like it’s plain as day that Anthony doesn’t know shit compared to Mark when it comes to modern country. I’ll try checking out this Lydia Loveless album.

Grady Smith says:

Love this idea. I like Mark’s point about quality pop-country at the moment. Jon Pardi is great. Midland too. Carrie Underwood is more good than bad. For the most part, though, country radio and quality country music have pretty much split ways, with few exceptions, like Zac Brown Band (most of the time.) So glad Mark pointed out Cody Jinks and Lydia Loveless. And, controversial opinion…… I liked Sturgill’s debut High Top Mountain more than Sailor’s Guide!

Kendall Kracht says:


Neko Jayy says:

jpegmafia is an interesting choice anthony

Paul Jackson says:

No Turnpike Troubadours? 🙁

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