Dierks Bentley – The Mountain | Album Review (+ Ranking Every Song)

We’ve got an Album of the Year contender hear! Thank goodness for Dierks — showing the rest of the A-list how to make an album that’s both mainstream and quality. What do you think of it?

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Joseph Ortiz-Luis says:

I never comment, but I’m absolutely in love with this album so I’m so glad to hear you’re in love with it too! I was really hoping this album was going to go in the direction of Riser (the album covers are even the same colors!) and this exceeded all expectations. I also just really love albums with this kind of grounded positivity that this oozes. I gotta say Travelin’ Light is my current favorite because of the sentiment and Brandi’s part gives it so much life.

John Krause says:

Perfect!! I don’t know what I can add, you hit all the right notes on this one! The wait for your reaction was worth it! I am a self proclaimed music nerd…the thrills and highs I get are sometimes embarrassing! My friends put up with me! LOL This is why I love your posts! The Mountain has brought me so much joy this weekend…soulful, earthy, real, lyrically poetic! Words matter, and when the words are so simple but intricately weave a story or just a turn of a phrase….AHHHHHHHHH!!! Heaven!! This CD is what releases the inner musical geek in me! Thank you for this channel!! Can’t wait for what is next!!

Justin Casey says:

nothing on but the stars is probably my least favorite, just feels it’s going back to the period after come a little closer was a huge hit and he had the obligatory sex song like 3 or 4 albums in a row. Other than that i think this album’s really solid, one of my favorites of the year so far.

John Elkins says:

If dierks bently and Seth Rogan had a baby it would look like Grady SMith

Will Thorson says:

I’m gonna add this to what I won’t earlier. I need to listen to an album a ton of times to get what I like. 2of the things I like is rhythm and instrumentation. Probably why I love old music more than new stuff, and the song that hits it for me is Nothing On But The Stars. That guitar that picks up with the chorus is freaking awesome. It’s what, to me, differentiates between what is playing in Nashville, which to me is pretty far from this album, and actual country music. Your not gonna get what he does with a Hunt album or any of the other cookie cutter stuff out there. It reminds me a lot of Gary Allen crossed with Tom Petty. I love it, maybe my favorite album this year so far.

Amory Jewett says:

I love the passion that you show when you find music that you appreciate and enjoy. Now if Gideon would only show a little more enthusiasm….

Faye Oygard says:

Fantastic review! You nailed it. I agree with so much that you said about this album. It’s one of my favorites of this year so far.

Clancy S says:

Grady, you’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head! Took me an hour to watch this :’) Had to go back and listen to every song as you mentioned them coz with each one I was like, “Yeah! I love that song”. Definitely up there as one of the albums of the year. This album and its rawness reminds me of Weight of These Winds (The Nerve) by Miranda Lambert – one of my favorite albums to date. Every song has meaning and it’s so amazing to have an album that tells a story – I’m sick of random songs that are piled together to make up an ‘album’. I feel like he was halfway there with Riser with songs like Here on Earth and Damn There Dreams but he’s absolutely hit the nail on the head. And I could not have explained it better myself if I tried. Would love to see you do some blogging. Absolutely love what youre doing and will kept watching as long as you keep posting.

Tyler Baron says:

I love your vids, u are so cool. I love all types of country music, new and old, and what I love about you is that you at least respect the types of songs that make you so angry. Like for example you don’t like florida georgia line and that’s fine because your not an asshole about it. I don’t understand why ppl have to insult stuff they don’t like, if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it. So thank you for not being that type of person

dru smithwick says:

I wasn’t expecting to like this album after the disappointment of Black, but man he came through. One of my favorite albums of the year so far, right up there with Jason Boland, Blackberry Smoke, and Brothers Osborne.

David Zonunfela says:

Finallly! Dierks Bentley’s long lost brother doing a Dierks Bentley album review!

Ashley Baldwin says:

It’s nearly one here in Phoenix— insomnia has kicked in. I agree with so much of what you said in this video. I think the writing on this record is stellar. And I hadn’t thought about the well-thought out opening lines to songs, but that is so true. They hook you and pull you in— this record is full of them.
My favorite song has changed a dozen times, but I really love Stranger to Myself. It’s just a really great song.

Jake Bradley says:

You should listen to Kate McCannon by Colter Wall. He is the future of country music.

Hylander says:

14:38 “I really like sort of depressed people.” Isn’t that how we all became country music fans in the first place?

Daniel Newton says:

I just found this new song by Dairus Rucker Featurturing Jason Aldean, Charles Kelley, and Luke Bryan called “Straight to Hell”. Amazing song!

Jayson LaPlante says:

I am a huge Dierks Bentley fan and I agree I wasn’t a huge fan of Black it felt very Keith Urbanish.. I have always thought Riser was the perfect album but The Mountain is just amazing! Love the theme of Lifes Journey on this album especially Can’t Bring Me Down, Living, and my personal favorite Stranger to Myself. Burning Man is a great song so different than anything hes done and Travelling Light tap into that whole Up On the Ridge vibe. Dierks will get Album of the Year on this one just really think this one is the one! Love every thing about this album

Gary Sprengel says:

Do you hear Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” on the title track like I do?

Jayson LaPlante says:

My Ranks 1. Stranger to Myself 2. Cant Bring Me Down 3. Burning Man 4. Living 5. Mountain 6. Travellin Light 7. Going Out 8. Goodbye Telluride 9. Stars 10. Son 11. One Way 12. Women Amen 13. Religion

Conley26Times _ says:

Man you gotta go back and review on the rocks by MIDLAND

Jesse Morrison says:

I liked this album. Not as much as you did. I felt like a lot of the songs were really good but were held back by the production of the percussion. However, I love love love the title track. It’s my favorite Dierks song that I’ve heard in awhile. I think that opening riff is awesome. Also wanted to say that I love your channel because it is somewhere where I can be a music nerd and have real in-depth conversations about Country music that go beyond conversations one would have with the average music fan. I hope you keep it up and you keep getting views!

Judy Large says:

Okay you convinced me to go buy this album!!!

jeffisraw2000 says:

Nice review bud. Check out the new single by Cody Jinks ‘Must Be The Whiskey’. You might enjoy it!

Zack Kephart says:

Awesome review Grady! I really liked your send off about the country community too. I love this too. It’s just one of those rare albums that instantly clicked with me! Ironically I had “Son of The Sun” as my lowest with “One Way” being my favorite track, haha.

Conley26Times _ says:

Personally a lot of the songs still have too much poppiness for me to stand on these songs like woman, amen for example is a lyrically awesome song, but the music in the background just drives me crazy with the over poppy feeling and pop vocals and other things it just doesn’t feel like a country record , but these days those are few and far between , hope you follow up this comment

Will Thorson says:

Dierks does his own thing…but always a nod to mainstream and others…probably why i enjoy his music so much. I know what i am getting with an album from him. it is always an automatic buy with me. Even the songs that wink at mainstream radio are good…which says everything about the artist. good stuff…

Luke Broadbent says:

Love this record. First thing it comes across as to me is honest and, ultimately, that’s all I ask of an artist.
My favourites are probably One Way, Stranger to Myself, Son of the Sun and How I’m Going Out. In that regard it’s refreshing for me to find the second half of the album slightly better than the first. Too often its the other way round.

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