Enter Shikari – The Spark | Album Review

Christian breaks down the new record from Enter Shikari titled “The Spark”

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Album Rating: 4/5

Top Tracks:
Take My Country Back
Rabble Rouser
An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Puzzles

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Martin Kábrt says:

The only thing going through my mind while watching this video was – why the fuck are your ears in that cap? Anyway, I agree (not with the ears in the cap). Good review. 🙂

Mr.Mister says:

I love Enter Shikari and The Spark is no exception.

Liam Hanahoe says:

Favourite band for half my life.
To me this album was awful.

Nunziiii says:

Would be interested in what you thought after listening to all there other stuff. Everything they do is pure gold.

roy sniekers says:


Ar0474 says:

I love this review and album, probably my favorite release this year honestly, and I’ve been massively obsessed with a lot of albums this year! Musically and lyrically it hit me emotionally.

DJay_1 DJay_1 says:

It’s different but after second listen I love it. It’s a nice chill album. Makes me feel good when listening to it.

alittlebitlouder says:

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this record. I might go check it out after watching this.

vibes says:

thought it was alright on first listen, but the next day when i woke up, i had another listen and absolutely loved it, and my love for its just grown more and more each time. it was the same with neck deeps new album, i was a bit disappointed at first, but i loved it more the more i listened

TheFilmPunk says:

can’t tell what accent is that

Giovanni Belletti says:

Are you gonna review the new Sleeping with Sirens record? ( I think it would be funny lol)

Greg Consciousness says:

Dude get the other stuff. You’re doing yourself an injustice waiting this long.

Marky P says:

It is a solid album, agreed, and I’m a *long* time Shikari fan (wearing the Lion/Common Dreads t-shirt as I type). Also happen to live just down the road from where they’re from.

Not a bad albeit short review, my man. And it is indeed an album to *listen* to; that’s what pretty much all great music should be. Unless you’re just in the mood for background music. Finally, no note of the crescendo at the end of Airfield? It’s fucking emotive. But yeah, ‘Ode To’ is more noteworthy. Packs a punch.

If you like the instrumentation of Shikari, I can’t recommend my fave band of all time enough. Maybeshewill (and to a lesser degree Falling Up). Just as great as Shikari live, too. (These are two of the bands I strive to somewhat emulate). Peace.

Kate Maystrova says:

Enter Shikari – Airfield (Piano cover)

Andronk says:

I appreciate how Enter Shikari have always experimented with different styles and genres. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I love them so much. Unfortunately for me, this record strays way too far into the pop world and has lost the heavy edge that was a constant through their previous albums. I was listening to it thinking “it’ll get heavy in a minute… there will be a big heavy drop any second now…” but it never happened.

NotRealMusic says:

This album is pretty good, some of their best songs ever show up here

Count Deangeli says:

Their debut “Take to the sky” is great but I doubt they still have it for another great record.

Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™ says:

What do you think about Nothing More’s new record “The stories we tell ourselves”? This album + The Spark are one of the most unique and interesting albums in 2000’s alternative rock. You should definitely check it out!

Jens Let's Play says:

This is actually the first record on
which I like the quieter Songs more. On other records I usually skip the slow, emotional songs but these (like Airfield or An ode to lost jigsaw pieces) are so amazing, especially cause you get so satisfied with the songs and don’t say: Oh, that was soft and boring. On this you say: Oh! That was harmonic and beautiful!

Chris Robinson says:

I like this album record more than Mindsweep.

Chomusuke says:

Ive been listening to enter shikari since 2005 and they haven’t made a single song I don’t like. I can’t say that for any other musician. They aren’t afraid to express themselves and express their style. An honest band and one of the only bands where diversity and changes in style is a selling point. Most bands die when they change style. It only plays to ES advantage. Every song is a story. A venture into the mind of Rou Reynolds.

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