Eric Church – Desperate Man | Album Review

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Excited to cover the Chief himself, Eric Church, and his album ‘Desperate Man’ today! I really like this new album, though I don’t think it’s the masterpiece that Mr. Misunderstood was. Lemme know your thoughts!


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Cyborg 27 says:

Singles: “Some of It”, “Jukebox & a Bar”, “Solid”. Single to wait for next record: “Hangin’ Around”.

Tyler Davis says:

This album is really weird.

Favorite song: ‘Some of It’

Ryan Ruesch says:

Great video you should review Josh Turners I Serve a Savior album

Gary Sprengel says:

I’ve been meaning to scroll back to early October on The Twit to discuss this album, so I’m glad you finally reviewed it! I love it overall, and it’s been ALL I play in the car since its release, but I do admit I was a tad underwhelmed at first. I think I’d built it so up in my head that it was gonna be LIFE ALTERING or something. I also admit to not having bought (or even heard) any of his previous albums; I only know the singles, which I love, so I can’t compare and contrast this album to the others, though I’m looking forward to finally exploring them. My main “gripe” with you about ‘Desperate Man’ is that “The Snake” is one of my favorites on the album, and I think it’s a GREAT way to open it! I wasn’t put off by the “low energy” of it at all! It’s fantastic! Totally sets the mood. Gives me a Springsteen ‘Nebraska’ vibe. I also like “Drowning Man” as a closer. “Higher Wire” is another favorite; I feel like I read you say at some point it was probably your least favorite. (BTW, I read an interview with Church that “The Snake,” “Higher Wire” and “Hippie Radio” were the 3 songs that kind of set the tone for the record.) The title track is probably the song I keep going back to the most. Wish it was longer; I hate when it ends! Agree “Some of It” is very radio-friendly. It’s a very, er, solid album that’s probably grown on me even more since my first listen. God, most of the other comments are one line, then here I am rambling for an epic paragraph haha…

Bogar Cooks says:

Grady if u could just rejoice with me in what just happed on the billboard chart. Remember when u said lose it was a forgettable single. Well, it will be remembered forever. For breaking the broken meant to be streak.

Amory Jewett says:

Good review– Eric Church has his own unique style. This is definitely part of his success.

Louis Frink says:

Drowning man makes me wanna kick back it’s like a slower smoke a little smoke

Lance Hill says:


Isaac Worrell says:

One of my favorite songs is drowning man it is a song for the average blue collar man

Brennen Kelly says:

Hippie Radio is so special. One of the few songs that gave me chills on first listen.

Jesse Morrison says:

Woo! You’re back!

MicInc says:

Great review Grady. So glad you’re back. This album is so damn good.

Andrew Seth says:

The chief is my fav artist of all time

Evergreen Moline says:

What do you think of Kip’s new acoustic project?

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