Fever Ray – Plunge ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJjGZkPl9Tw&ab_channel=FeverRay

Fever Ray returns in a diminished capacity with a long-awaited sophomore album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


A Abu-Hala says:

Remember, this is just an opinion from the busiest music nerd. I can relate to some of the feelings you had on Plunge, and some I feel differently about. I love Karin and I believe she is way ahead of her time. So I will keep listening to me until my brain can develop with this music.

ewokshoterz says:

I love fever ray… But man.. I can’t look at that artwork.. it’s like when a statue in a museum looks like it’s watching you

Juan Manuel says:

Blah blah I stopped Video and read comments instead.

NANCY Noise says:

New Björk! New Fever Ray? This month is shaping up to be the “no shave November” of weird ass Scandinavian avant-garde experimental pop…YEAH! YEAH THATS RIGHT!!!!

world citizen says:

Maybe it’s age, but this album gave me goosebumps. It’s fucking incredible front to back.

Anya Trybala says:

At first I was a bit shocked when I heard this release and thought how all over the place it felt compared to the first album, which I think is actually my favourite album, ever – there are a few but it just stands out time and again.

I thought, hmmmm, yep this does sound very The Knife-esque, but Plunge grows and grows and seeps in and coils until finally it has both enchanted me and it’s kicked me in the guts hard all at the same time. I LOVE it now!!! I think with any of their projects you need to really give it repetition and the time because their tracks really do take time. I really disliked Shaking the Habitual for ages and then one winter it just clicked after certain things happened in my life and now it’s one of my favourite albums to listen to. Maybe give this a few more listens when you’re in various moods? It feels like a progression into new phases – and why would she make something that sounded like her sound before, it has been eight years. The first Fever Ray is an exploration of early motherhood – this is eight years later and probably so much has happened, both personally for her and of course politically in the world we live in right now. It’s so lovely to have new music from Karin, she is superb. Personal fave tracks – Mustn’t Hurry and Red Trails. : p

Dori World says:

Fever Ray ST album was/is one of my favorites of all time. So dark & contained. This follow up is beyond disappointing. Wtf Karin. *weeping*

Jeordie White says:

I went in not knowing what to expect, but excited I get to hear more of Karin’s work. So maybe that’s why my opinion differ’s somewhat. I know the voice effects of a part of us are annoying and sound like a bad youtube song placed over a meme, akin to the portal cake is a lie song. The rest of it you raise good points, but overall I enjoyed the album quite a bit more than you I suppose. Red trail’s is by far my favorite song of the album. Personally i’m not sure if fever ray’s new label has changed anything with the delivery of the album. I feel the music video’s are just thrown together. I mean to the moon and back was interesting. The only part that made me cringe was where she goes for the pussy spread licking. I feel that was too on the nose. Not that I think she should hide the meaning, but I felt a little subtlety with not having that part in would have been best for the overall video. The flower sniffing during the lyrics was plenty for the message. As for the rest of the album, I keep listening and enjoying it. I often listen to things over time and get more out of them with each listen and discover new things to love about each song. With Karin’s music, I find myself just hearing something in a new way and then i’m hooked. Some things require hearing more than once to truly appreciate them. I hope I find more to love with this album and I hope you do too.

Needledrop Stan says:

Are you seriously complaining about something being skeletal near halloween? Smh that was the whole point wow albums can really go over your head huh, melon

Aaron Dunn says:

Couple bones to pick with your review. First, why do you insist on calling her Karin? If you reviewed Prince or Daft Punk would you keep using their first names? I noticed that you did this with St Vincent’s album too. Strikes me as sexist–just respect the artist and refer to them by the name that they choose to use. Second, you are using criteria that make me laugh when discussing work by Fever Ray or The Knife. You’re mad that it’s not pleasantly listenable? That is sooo not Fever Ray’s wheelhouse. If you want pleasant go listen to Norah Jones. Lastly, you seem to have missed the point that this album is an urgently political queer call to arms, and that listenability isn’t the aim–the artist is clearly trying to shock the listener out of complacency. (“Ram my fingers up your p*ssy”, “THIS COUNTRY MAKES IT HARD TO F*CK”) Doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t pick up on that though, as you come across as a smug cis white guy. Oh well.

Douglas Perry says:

89 on metacritic barely a poorly received album

r15u5k00 says:

I really don’t like this album and I’m here for validation.

Big Bad Roman says:

The album just wasn’t for you

-AngelGr- says:

It is indeed far from her best work but I’ll take what I can get
It starts to grow on me

samā says:

i think that even though there is a word song in the lyrics of mustn’t hurry, imho it is not to be interpreted as a song for this or any other album, once you look at the rest of the song lyrically. also, not to sure on why you would look at it so badly that someones music has a political message. also a thing that is often overlooked when people analyze Karin is that even though she sings in english, she is usually singing about the political state of sweden, and involves lgbt subjects. this country makes it hard to fuck can have so much smart and important meaning, if only you dont diss it just cause on your first listen it can sound pathetic. when are we gonna go past that and actually start acknowledging music with deeper and esoteric meaning? you come to a point where music you dont like or understand for a very long time is actually the one worth giving attention to. cause it takes time and knowledge to understand it, instead of drinking it like an easy summer lemonade you forget after 15 minutes of doing something else.

Johannes Helgelin says:

I think this guy’s problem is actually lack of context. If he would just give the album a bit more time and maybe read up on the political climate in Sweden, I think he would actually like the album a lot.

Justin Speranza says:

You are spot on. The more I listen to the album, the less I like it.  I was not expecting her to make the same album as the debut, but it sounds too much like the Knife.    Very disappointing.

F.W.Curtis Wetmore says:

Oh wow I couldn’t disagree with everything you said more! This album is pushing so many boundaries sonically, stylistically, conceptually, politically, etc. It feels like the opposite of thrown together to me. And it’s queer & catchy as hell.

Steven Fugara says:


Ashton Turner says:

I disagree. This album is great!

Jay Finlayson says:

I disagree. Great album. 8/10. <3 it

Giovanni Gee says:

I was sooo looking forward to this album. But now that the hype and initial shock value has died down, I find myself struggling to latch onto anything with staying power or longevity like her debut. Maybe that will change in time.. but I do like Mustn’t Hurry, Wanna Sip, and Falling for starters.. the rest? hmm.. just so repetitive.. meh! ..and the lack of maturity in her lyrics, I would expect this quality coming from a teenie bopper newbie ~ not Karin!

MR says:


jo omg says:

Hate to be this guy but Fantano just doesn’t get it lmao. Also This Country is the best song on the album.

l'or du temps Association says:

Image kill the music

Zie says:

yes, yes & yes literally all my thoughts. Only tracks that were even remotely reminiscent were Plunge & Musn’t Rush and then Mama’s Hand and maybe Red Trails.

Gozde D says:

Sorry, I know it’s totally beside the point by the name is not pronounced Caren. It’s Karin, pronounced as spelled with the a held a bit longer.

Omar Aviles says:

sounded like a avant garde musican trying to do a 2000’ish euro pop shit album

theslydog59 says:

FUCKthony BOItano

J B says:

Think this albulm is a sign of the times…..Sexual awakening in terms of G/L/B/T rights and equallity! I think this captures the mood and progression prior to total liberty for all……it’s almost a political commentary also wanna sip is also a major banger!!

Emil Hermansson says:

She went full tumblr, and it’s so boring.

Tristan Selva says:

Unfortunately, I agree. It’s not horrible but I really only care for a couple of the tracks on this album. Which is a real bummer because her first Fever Ray album was so insanely good and I was so happy for her and how much success she got flying solo

Raul Tellegen says:

That Dopethrone (the album) LP on the shelf though…makes me want to light one up and listen to Electric Wizard’s finest…

BonoLightier says:

What a shame! “Plunge” is one of the boldest, most experimental albums of 2017! A true statement of politics, sex and feminism.

kloggmonkey says:

i for one loved this album through and through.

2noided says:

So sad to have all my feelings confirmed in this video. I’m hoping I start liking the record more after a few more listens but idk, I feel like the magic just isn’t there

medens memor says:

James says:

i can get to love this album, i thought the last fever ray album was more of the heart of the knife when i heard it. i feel the same way about this album too, the knife is kind of experimental and gotten a bit nebulous. i think it’s just her settling into a new form that hasn’t been as clear as the album before it. i’m a bit biased though, i’m a pretty big fan of hers and the knife projects.

Patrik says:

I can’t still forgive you for giving to Science Fiction (Brand New) and Sleep Well Beast (The National) only 7/10 but thank you for this. Someone really needed to say this album sucks. It’s like typical vegan hipster mayhem of electronic sounds. 89 on Metacritic, I mean WTF!? I mean this is not pushing borders (she is maybe singing “pushing boundaries” but it does not mean this is what she does…), or somehow reinventing genre, it’s only pretenious nonsense, I really don’t understand that someone can like this album. But that’s music right, we are feeling it in different


Philip Sherburne > Anthony Fantano.

Faerygoddessofwar says:

Completely agree. Wtf happened? Her first album was solid. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Idk.

Andu Titescu says:

Sorry mate.. You obviously don’t understand electronic music…
Also.. Reminding you of shaking the habitual is… Wrong?

Everenferno says:

What’s the album behind Anthony on the right?????

GI Jimbo says:

Didn’t get any sense of cohesion or direction at all with this album. Lots of odd sounds that didn’t really add anything.

Enan Maldonado says:

This Country is my favorite of the album. Can’t believe he did not get the song. I thought it was a very liberating moment for her.

Uwe B says:

Really? well I like the Album very much. Of course it s not so dark like her first very atmospheric Album – but it got the Quality of Silent Cry by The Knife. And as I was very addicted to this Album I likle PLUNGE very much.

Yes could have include some darker, mellow songs – but its Karens decision as Artist.
I think my favorite by Fever Ray will 4ever stay: Keep the streets empty…. it s UN-beatable. Simply not beatable.

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