Florida Georgia Line – Can’t Say I Ain’t Country | Album Review

Florida Georgia Line’s new album has quite a title: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country. In this review, I discuss their place in the country music landscape and what I think of the new record, which has some surprising twists on their typical formula. (Like steel guitar!)

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SpadeVisuals says:

Do they even know how to play a single instrument..

Derek Schumacher says:

I really like ur channel. I find it interesting that u said u might be biased and then u gave such a low score. I personally like the mix of genres and styles, though on Swerve I’m kinda there with u. I would give it like a 7.8 probably. But I do respect ur opinions and I do hear how they aren’t “real country.” God bless u man!

Mario Gillette says:

This song sums up what I feel about Nashville Pop.
They have another song where they kill a man who wants to play Florida Georgia Line.

Tara Jessen says:

You should review Lee Brice

Nether11 says:

Please react to upchurch

Ben T says:

These guys have an ounce of writing chops? If not – you may be country, but you ain’t an artist. Most just write a bare bones idea that allows them to get writing credit, and then rely on a laundry list of talent to write and produce. I.e. do all the work. But maybe they do. Have no clue.

The Angry Raccoon says:

You should check out In hell I’ll be in good company by the dead south

Brittany Hankee says:

FGL: orange peel
Grady: *love it*

MNhockeyav12 says:

no video about god and country music or every little honkeytonk bar?

theunderdog724 says:

More country than most actually. I like them and I’m 90s country to the core.

Hazel Davis says:

Anyone know of anyone recording new mountain country music? Not bluegrass, but mountain. Mountain gospel is good too.

Cjd Gaming&More says:

FGL is country. All y’all saying they ain’t are wrong. Now. I love Jimmie Allen’s album. But listen to that album and listen to FGL’s and tell me which is more country. Go ahead. I have a good idea what the answer would be. I love all the songs on the album. Yes even swerve. I like it it’s different. Most people probably hate it. But I like it. Some of y’all need to lighten up. Also Grady. Been really loving “Better Than Me” by Tucker Beathard. I think it’s great and I think you might like it as well. Keep up the good work man! I like how you just talk about country music. It is awesome. I love talking country music and seeing someone talk country music is awesome.

Braxton Roberts says:


Mario Gillette says:

I definitely don’t like this Nashville Pop (I refuse to call it Country Music), but I do believe that all music has its place. People love it and who are we to try and take it from them. I just really wish this particular music wasn’t on the Country stations.

Aaron Billings says:

They still give my ears cancer whether they do pop or wannabe country

Christos Kladeftiras says:

Im a new york country boy too, its good to know the fee of us are out there. You should check out this queens pop/rock group named the birds in t he boneyard. Please review their album on youtube

Kyndall Sextro says:

Tyler Hubbard is anti gun. No country person is anti gun. FGL IS NOT COUNTRY

Jaystaxz Vidds says:

This guy looks like he rides around in a ford focus drinking starbucks with a lap dog….gtfo

Indi Zona says:

I’m saying they ain’t country! Florida boy thinks he Jim Morrison. Georgia boy looks like he hasn’t eating meat in long time.

Ben Murray says:

FGL have improved since their earlier days but southern pop is the most accurate description. There is themes about the South and small towns but sonically their music has too much pop element to it. simple reminds me of Mumford and sons and women with Jason derulo is definitely r&b. Women has a steel guitar in the back ground but so does a song like tiny dancer by elton John. Tiny dancer is a timeless classic but is no way country in any way.

IrishGermanNorwegian says:

If they can’t see “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” or “Wabash Cannonball,” they ain’t country.

Nail Dale Productions says:

You should react to some Adam Calhoun or Upchurch

Cameron Cornell says:

If you actually like FGL, just accept that you like pop music (bad pop at that), not country.

Zoe Belcher says:

How do you fell about Kane brown

Georgia Cntry says:

IMO,, FGL TRIES to be country,, but they have learned from the mode that Shania Twain created, esp after Mutt Lange took over. Lets give the country music fans something, but lets give everyone else something too. While, overall Im not against that if that is what any act wants to do. But a TRUE country act would never do that. George Strait never had to APPEAL to NON country fans and he had over 60 NUMBER ONES,, next to Garth, largest country music seller ever. You would think that more country acts would follow the STRAIT model more than the Shania model.

Dustin Bourg says:

Do I review of any frank foster song.

Abby Kasperowicz says:

I absolutely love this album, I’m not usually too into fgl I do love this album. Can’t hide red is most likely my favorite song with simple right behind it. Love your review of it as well❤️

Caleb Ashley says:

Don’t forget Florida Georgia Line ruined the song Stay (yes it was a cover).

Austin Cross says:

Just gonna come right out and say this: you’re a really good looking guy.

Erik in Minnesota says:

It all depends on your own idea of what country music is and what era of country music your familiar with. Everything evolves.. doesn’t make it more or less just different.

Mike Flinn says:

You should review Gabby Barret’s “I Hope.” The American Idol alum just got picked up by The Highway as their next new artist or whatever they call it. Also, I really enjoyed your Singles Roundup video with Brantley Gilbert, Chris Young, and Aaron Watson. There are a lot of big name artists (Dierks, Chris Janson, Aldean) with new singles just being released to radio and I’d love to see another one of those. Although most of them aren’t technically new songs, it would still be a fun to see your opinion on the new radio singles

bostons_departed says:

Ummm. You ain’t country? Well shit I guess I can say it.

TMats100 says:

I can appreciate the fact that you did a thorough review of F/G L’s new album; it’s undeniably true that they have a big fan base. They set an attendance record (for a time) at Cheyenne Frontier Days for the night performances. That said, and in spite of your disclaimer at the opening of your VLOG, the best you could muster is a 5.2.

Right after watching, I put on a Pandora station built on Vince Gill. Song after song that check the boxes of great Country music: outstanding musicianship, crying pedal steel guitars and spanky Tele leads, and great story telling.

He said, it’s cold out here and I’m all alone
Didn’t make the short go again and I’m coming home
I know I’ve been away too long
I never got a chance to write or call
And I know this rodeo has been hard on us all
But I’ll be home soon
And honey is there somethin’ wrong?

Thanks, Grady. Drive on

Caleb Ashley says:

Listens to your review of Cody Johnson’s Album, you should check out an older song of his called “Guilty as can be”, it has that more gritty natural storytelling type of feel.

Zoe Belcher says:

Can you do something about Kane Brown

Evan Warren says:

The farmers throw in was my favorite thing

Amber Rom says:

Gtfo u don’t like talk it out of it. That song is sooo pretttty.

Derek Hayner says:

Y’all might hate me for this but I’d definitely consider FGL country. As someone who listens to pop, and country I can tell that what fgl makes is for sure different than pop. Fgl is hard to judge because they do make songs like “swerve” “talk you out of it” and “meant to be” which those songs are for sure pop songs and aren’t country at all. But a lot of their other music at least for me doesn’t fit into the pop category. You can feel free to disagree with me but I just can’t consider songs like “simple” or “speed of love” to be pop.

Jeremy Heartriter says:

Even Asian fans know what’s country in the truest sense. I mean they sure have some country undertone but more pop than country . But I don’t dislike them.

Jared Granberry says:

Seriously 3.43 in is all I could handle.

Will Thorson says:

honestly, the cruise song was fun the first time i heard it…i give anything a chance, but it is consistently not good music from these guys. Over and over again, it is just sophomoric garbage. Too much repetition of the same gunk over and over. It is sad that it is always an automatic no from me. I tend to give every band or singer a chance, but i just cannot with the bro country/pop/hip hop vomit that is coming out. I literally have a zero tolerance for fluff like this. Call me old, but i like a bunch of others that are “not country” but sound much more country than these guys like Ryan Adams or the Bellfurries or the Ruen Brothers… Grady, i hope you do The Cactus Brothers new album coming out soon. Those guys are awesome. That is what i like. Good quality music that does not ignore where country music came from.

bostons_departed says:

You should check out some Upchurch. It’s country rap from Tennessee.

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