Florida Georgia Line – Can’t Say I Ain’t Country | Album Review

Florida Georgia Line’s new album has quite a title: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country. In this review, I discuss their place in the country music landscape and what I think of the new record, which has some surprising twists on their typical formula. (Like steel guitar!)

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ccubsfan94 says:

Sorry FGL, boots and bourbon dont make you country. Dont be a dick and tell off the local sheriff then be pissed when he doesnt give you a free escort. Also you cant be country and try and sell our rights down the river #every2ndmatters.

Matthew Dodt says:

Bro-country truly is garbage. Much like hair metal in the 80s it will soon decline and give way to a resurgence. Surely the Nirvana or Pearl Jam of country music is out there and will hopefully soon rise to the top.

justin chambers says:

Florida Georgia Line calling their album can’t say I ain’t country is a giant fuck you to anyone who plays real country music.

jack androsky says:

This album lowkey Fire

Liam Smartt says:

Yea I can.

Michael Wills says:

Country + Rap = CRap

Justin _ says:

They want a good review which is why they reached out to you

IronVet Designs says:

Just Subscribed. I like your “Country Defense” category… seems to me that A LOT of artist, from many genres, have in one way or another their own “Defense” album(s). Those are the albums that ruffle many feathers, because sometimes there’s “a lot of splainin to do” – Ricky Richardo.

Kale Morrow says:

Your videos are long winded and annoying.

Nicholas Mitzuk says:

We-are-country bumbadumbumbumbumbum

Jason Jayne says:

FGL sucks

Wardy says:

Just found your channel bro and it’s great! Hope it all goes well for ya!

Jordan Mendes says:

Country is much like punk. Authenticity is key and it’s impossible to fake.

Nate Suddeth says:

country music died the moment these people felt the need to emphasize just how country they are. I guess you could say I’m country but in my adult life i have never in the slightest bit cared or had any sort of pride in how “country” I may be. Those who admire the true country singers think on an entirely different spectrum than these hick-pop singers. Life priorities and things that are in general important to a true country fan are just flat out in a different realm than where these guys stake their flags. It’s all surface level things, the bling, the fashion, the partying, to them. Bro stuff.

JonahBlack100 says:

The dude on the album cover is wearing a women’s pair of pants…I CAN say he “ain’t country.”

JonnyInfinite says:

Still haven’t forgiven them for that terrible Black Stone Cherry cover..

Derick Tyler says:

Don’t be a bitch now that a beta called you and stroked your ego. Be a man and speak your truth.

Vape says:

Sex jams ogh!

MississippiRailfan 2004 says:

I honestly believe Cruise was when country music started the downward descent

Shane Shepherd says:

(I’m writing this as I watching your video)
The look of the FGL album cover looks like a couple of crack smoking retards who had enough money to buy some cheesy stupid clothes. It is so difficult for me to even WANT to listen to the album with that cover!! And, their intentionally over abusing the English language in many of their songs as a sort of effort to sound country makes me want to vomit.

So, I’m trying very hard to listen to what you have to say with an open mind….

Regarding the “country debate” – I’m mostly of the “sound” perspective. I’m listening to country music to listen to “country music” – NOT, with any intent to listen to rap/pop/hip-hop/etc… I don’t mind some influences in play in a country song. But, it still needs to SOUND mostly country! No focus on strings. No steel guitar or fiddle. No focus on lyrics that have a good twist or clever phrases/etc… Then, it isn’t Country Music to me. Is the actual artist who is playing the country music authentically a person from the country – well, that matters much less. What matters is are they able to understand what it means to be those things that have defined country music for generations: less fortunate, hard working, many times lonely, celebration of success (in relationships/work/life/children/etc) and an element of nostalgia for what you could/might have experienced (this comes from working hard jobs by oneself where one gets lost in one’s thoughts and ponders what might have been if they weren’t stuck working a hard lonely job). That “longing” for something better or on the flip side the joy expressed when you have that longing fulfilled. Too much of today’s country seems filled with artists who WANT to come up with that – but, don’t feel it deep enough so they “fake it” by coming up with something they think “sounds cool.” In the rap world it would be like someone who never had a hard life rapping about a hard life – and, everyone listening realizing during the rap that the artist just doesn’t intrinsically understand what they are rapping about.

If FGL and the Bro Country sounds were on the edges of the country scene I would be more accepting of them… But, with the general movement of Nashville forcing Country Music into loosing its soul and identity – it is difficult to even WANT to accept/listen to stuff like this…

I will say that overall this album of FGL has a few songs that are a bit more country than their previous work. And, I would agree with your comments about this feeling like a forced attempt to convince people they are “country.” But, by doing so, they are proving that they MIGHT be able to make a country album without actually having made one as of yet.

James Bagwell says:

Cross-dressing hipsters who drive Priuses ain’t country.

DatChef 502 says:

They’re shit. Simple.

Mike Hughes says:

Florida Ga Line isn’t country, it’s garbage…

Tybirous says:

“It has words like… ‘orange peel’ in it”

I found this to be surprisingly funny, actually.

Sarah M. says:

Chicken in a bread pan pickin out dough is literally from Devil Went Down To Georgia. Which I don’t see a problem with referencing it. Though it is almost an entry level references.

Collin Mellor says:

I love talk you out of it!! And I’m a die hard country music fan it my genre.

Hunter Mcnair says:

Have you heard rodney atkins new song? I used to like his music but the new song made me wanna throw up. Its shit.

Nick Jones says:

Really liking your insights to this crazy era we are in with music. I miss the 90’s

Rachel Medellin says:

Your Handsome. ☺

JFM says:

I don’t listen to modern country music and therefore won’t comment on the sound, but I was born and raised in the rural Midwest and I’m still out here. I’m disappointed that FGL’s argument for their country-ness is built entirely on corny tropes and redneck stereotypes. This essentialist definition of country identity and lifestyle is so tired and boring, not to mention inaccurate.

Kristina hussey age 30 bath bombs says:

you are full of crap i love this band hands down

Kermit Tumbleweed says:

If you think anything by FGL is remotely good just go ahead and drink bleach.

Salmo biggerthanu says:

You talk too much

Rainbow G says:

I going to there concert in July in Arkansas Walmart amp

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