Florida Georgia Line – Can’t Say I Ain’t Country – Album Review

For my 1084th review, Florida Georgia Line tries to tells us they are country, and then makes a disjointed album arguing otherwise.

Best Songs: ‘Simple’, ‘Speed Of Love’, ‘Blessings’
Worst Song: ‘Can’t Hide Red’, ‘Swerve’


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Florida Georgia Line – Can’t Say I Ain’t Country – Bro-Country / Pop Country – Album Review

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Naos says:

Regarding the medical part, Bo Burnham put it perfectly: “I walk and talk like a field hand
, but the boots I’m wearing cost three grand. I write songs about riding tractors, from the comfort of a private jet”.

polux says:

just listen to the album, its horrible, very dissapointed, dig ur roots is much much better

JudaiKitsune says:

…That’s *really* the album title you want to go with, guys?

TVRIK says:

This album is projected to only do 50k first week, which is shocking considering how they generally do well over 100k consistently. I guess they need big lead singles like “Dirt” and “HOLY” to get their albums to do well, and while “Simple” did pretty well, it wasn’t the expected FGL smash lead you’d expect.

Zachary Jones says:

Anyone get the feeling that FGL came across Mark’s channel and decided to name the album to annoy him?

Joel Robinson says:

no well, here’s the thing…

Anon Ymous says:

The most ironic album title I’ve ever seen.

Yoshifan9511 says:

Calls itself “A tribute to 90s Country”.
Features the guy that made Wiggle.

Makes sense…

krisdaschwab912 says:

Well, at least you got to review one album with actual instruments before having to go back to bullshit like this.

Bosh Force One says:

This review should’ve just been a clip of Mark saying “you ain’t Country” and then the video ends

Justin Tomo says:

FGL ain’t country at all.

2nd in Command says:

Really? The guys who mix almost as many genre’s as Thomas Rhett try to act like traditional country artists?

Dalton Riser says:

Jason derulo a d hason aldran should not be on the same album

Mike’s Music Reviews says:

Luke Bryan: What Makes You Country
Florida Georgia Line: You Can’t Say I Ain’t Country

These guys have been hearing what we’ve been saying for years, and their responses were to make album titles that were the equivalent of “nuh uh!”

dirty rat says:

swerve is maybe the worst song i’ve heard so far this year

Ice Bear says:

now this is a 10/10

Garrett Scroggs says:

Florida Georgia Line ain’t country. If you have to tell me you’re something, I’m less likely to believe you. A lot of even later 90’s country wasn’t that great, but they’re classic compared to most of what the mainstream has now.

graceisrofl XD says:

I feel like the only reason why Jason Derulo is featured in the album is because the record label required at least 1 pop singer on the album since that’s apparently the trend in Nashville now. “Country” singers collaborating with pop singers.

Joe Parker says:

I’d have to say Y’all Boys is probably one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion

Matthew Kelly says:

Country is the Achilles heel of many YouTube music reviewers. Like classical and sometimes jazz, it’s a genre that is often deemed uncool or irrelevant and many otherwise eclectic social media critics ignore it. Or, when they do cover it, seem uninformed or uneasy. Not so with Mark who clearly knows his George Strait from his Blake Shelton – good to see a genuinely well rounded critic who doesn’t ignore a genre that’s the backbone of American folk culture.

Gurglyturtle says:

They literally put an 808 beat in their biggest hit and say they’re country

Aiden Lenhart says:

first; right?

Yoshifan9511 says:

To Florida Georgia Line

You’re the Nickelback of Country.

From Music Fans

Allan Jurgens says:

This is a terrible album

Dreigonix says:

That album title is just _askin’_ for it.

kanye east says:


Robbie Blankinship says:

good thoughts mark. I always appreciate your well thought out views on country music. most critics won’t even give the genre a chance these days unless its kacey or Chris

The Negan Guy says:

3/10 Pop and Country don’t mix

Idk ? says:

Why do I feel like one day that title is not going to age well?

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