Florida Georgia Line – Can’t Say I Ain’t Country | Album Review/RANT

Some of the instrumentals and rhythms may be catchy, but the lyrical content pretty much across the board makes this album a cringe-educing, painful listen. Also…a lot of this record isn’t country, so…

“Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”
Big Machine Records
Release Date: February 15, 2018
Rating: 1/5

Favourite Tracks: Simple

Least Favourite Tracks: Women (feat. Jason Derulo), People Are Different, Told You, Y’all Boys (feat. Hardy), Small Town, Sittin’ Pretty, Can’t Hide the Red (feat. Jason Aldean), Colorado, Swerve

1. “Tyler Got Him a Tesla” (skit feat. Brother Jervel)
2. “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”
3. “Simple”
4. “Talk You Out of It”
5. “All Gas No Brakes” (skit feat. Brother Jervel)
6. “Speed of Love”
7. “Women” (feat. Jason Derulo)
8. “People Are Different”
9. “Told You”
10. “Sack’a Puppies” (skit feat. Brother Jervel)
11. “Y’all Boys” (feat. Hardy)
12. “Small Town”
13. “Sittin’ Pretty”
14. “Catfish Nuggets” (skit feat. Brother Jervel)
15. “Can’t Hide the Red” (feat. Jason Aldean)
16. “Colorado”
17. “Like You Never Had It”
18. “Swerve”
19. “Blessings”
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Gurglyturtle says:


Kataskii TV says:

can’t say they country

ReviewKie19 says:

1/10 is that due to Simple being the only passable song on the project

Dum-Dum says:

yee haw

ajasemse kousldojazyku says:

Come on kid, i understand everyones opinion from i love it to i hate it, but dont be so biased. You act childish and overreacting about that lyrical content shit. This review is very subjective and there is nothing cringy about it, musically its a fenomenal album.

Kataskii TV says:

this could’ve been a zero if FGL included a song made up of ELECTRO-POP AUTOTUNE GARBADGE

Maniac Reviews says:

“Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”. Um, yes we can. Because you AIN’T.

kanye east says:

Good video but I feel like you could’ve talked a little bit faster

LegendBTV says:


MissMusicCritic says:


Joe Parker says:

“Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.” Then stop making us say it.

Allan Jurgens says:

I hate Florida Georgia Line

Mark Hughes says:

It’s not a bad album hahahahaha

Disx 131 says:

Who would listen to 19 tracks by these two idiots lmao

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