Jake Bugg – On My One (ALBUM REVIEW)

The return of this folk/rock singer-songwriter is kind of a scattershot mess, but not without some great experimentation to escape that nostalgic bubble.

Listen to a track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o70e7Nb8SVM

Top 5 tracks:
Love, Hope & Misery
Gimme the Love
Bitter Salt
Livin’ Up Country
The Love We’re Hoping For

Hold on You
Put Out the Fire
All That

Score: 7/10

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Let me know your thoughts on this album, and thanks for watching!


Lola Richardson says:

Great review! I’ve been a follower of Jake bugg since the first album and have seen him one and going to see him again in October, so I’m a big fan haha. This album is great but it does take a couple of listens to fall in love with it, well it did for me and my dad anyway. My favourite song is hold on you as it’s just a total classic and makes you want to move your hips! Ain’t no rhythm is a weird on as it take a good few listens to start really liking it and I think the same goes for the hold album.

Giggs says:

“Jake Bugg is rapping” …..IT IS THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2016! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING lmao anyways, sounds cool, I loved his debut so I will probably check it out when I can

Lobster Punk Music & Art says:

Do you take review requests? Will you do punk rock opera? Its new and independent. And probably not what you’d think from the name. https://punkrockopera.bandcamp.com/album/punk-rock-opera-vol-i

Matteoj says:

This is a really good review – like really good!  It all made sense – rather than the sometimes self indulgent reviews you might see on YouTube or indeed that shite on Pitchfork!Keep it up lad #subscribed

John1MN says:

In the USA, if people are having a hard time finding this CD at a reasonable price, it’s available on the barnesandnoble web site. That’s where I got mine. (I wasn’t satisfied with Amazon’s offerings for the CD, for reasons I won’t bore you with.)

Don Maley says:

Really great review.. I love Jake Bugg from the very first record that was such a powerful debut like nothing I’ve ever heard before and then the second album came out and I was kind of like oh this is to La produced but then I got into it and then I loved it more than I did the first album this third album kind of surprise me but it is a little bit retrospective but I’m with you my favorite song is the love hope and misery I’m going to give it another spin I’ve seen him a few times and he’s so great live definitely a talent to keep on watching for he’s not letting me down great review

Lila H says:

Great review man

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