Jon Pardi – California Sunrise – Album Review

For my 575th review, I discuss Jon Pardi’s second, defiantly neotraditional country effort.

Best Songs: ‘She Ain’t In It’, ‘California Sunrise’, ‘Head Over Boots’, ‘Cowboy Hat’, ‘Out Of Style’
Worst Songs: ‘Dirt On My Boots’


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Text review of ‘California Sunrise’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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Brooke Lounsbury says:

I’m sorry I tried to listen to this but I could not understand what the fuck he was sayjng

Ethan Tone says:

A suggestion for an album review:Magma by Gojira heard it’s one of their best albums to date

Theonewithglasse says:

Can you review Uma kompton album it is a trainwreck of epic proportions

Jason Hopkins says:

As I listen to this album more, it starts to get weaker and weaker. The writing lacks deeper meaning, or is too broad, and Pardi’s nasally voice grates on the nerves after too many listens. And yeah, there’s some clear label tampering going on here with “Heartache On The Dance Floor” and “Dirt On My Boots”. However, I love the 90s country sound, including the occasional cheesiness that comes with it. Pardi does pull these songs off well, and the production and instrumentation is fantastic. Added bonus, all the instruments are real!

Omen Strike says:

will you be reviewing wild world by Bastille (whenever it does come out)?

Elias Villa says:

Could you review Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall?

CountryMC says:

I’ve always thought jon pardi sounded like Tyler Hubbard from FGL. On his first hit “Up all night” when I heard it on the radio I thought it was FGL.

Rudy Parris says:

who are you?

Oscar Rodriguez says:

May you review Broods sophomore album “Conscious”

Rad MovieGuy says:

“Head Over Boots” and “Dirts On My Boots” are Awesome!!!

Baxter Brown says:

You’ll be talking about that Neil Young record right

dall2341 says:

I love this album. Have had it in the truck since it came out. Not sure when I’ll take it out.

Jared Clark says:

jon pardi’s new album is great you don’t know anything about country

Manuel Antunes says:

Can you review Broods’ new album “Conscious”?

Brandon RMM says:

I really want to like this album, but there is something off putting about it that I can’t place.

Suggestion for an album review: Luke Bell by Luke Bell

Adam Daniluk says:

Pretty please review Act One by Marian Hill!!

Robb says:

am I the only one who puts on the notifications

Joebie Kong says:

Suggestion for you to review Cash Cash’s new album, Blood Sweat and 3 Years? Please!

ElectricOutcast says:

For the record I agree with your review, I thought the album would interest me but taking some listens on GhostTunes I decided to pass on it

ElectroChart Top 25 says:

I hear MØ has a 2nd upcoming album later this year. Mark, can you cover it? You would like “Kamikaze” and “Final Song” and her voice has gotten better! 🙂

Parker Josef says:

Where’d you go?

CountryMC says:

suggestion for an album review: The Fighters by LOCASH

TheFilmPunk says:

please review the new blink-182 album.

Melissa Waddington says:

I have the same reaction to him. Glad it’s not just me. Not bad, just doesn’t resonate with me for whatever reason.

James Mcroy says:

Review Peach Panther by Riff Raff

Dean Langley says:

Love “Head Over Boots”

Naxavier Rowell says:

Please review the new broods album conscious

Rocco Capp says:

album reveiw

enuo9 says:

Please tell me you’re going to review Cash Cash’s debut album.

Second Avenger says:

hey mark, how about instead of having a best songs and worst songs section in the description, you list the songs ranked from best to worst. i know your opinions and ranking would change over-time, but i think it would be a better way of presenting it, especially given sometimes I (and probably most of your other viewers) wonder what you think of a particular track.

Kat says:


Wonkey Dude98 says:

+Spectrum Pulse I’m surprised no one has asked earlier, but do you use a certain font for the numbers? (In this case, a 6) If so, what is it?

Nannomous says:

Mark, will you be reviewing the new Swans?

Theonewithglasse says:

Can you review Uma kompton album it is a trainwreck of epic proportions

Swan lee says:

Eat my ass lol

Tony De Rexxo says:

Could you please review Todrick Hall’s new album “Staight Outta Oz”?

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