Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour ALBUM REVIEW

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Kacey Musgraves softens and buries everything country about her music on the bland Golden Hour.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


nsablue8 says:

Kacey went into this album with the intention of making mainstream pop with a slight country sound. She herself said she wanted to do “slightly country Katy perry”. It’s called golden hour because she feels like she’s in the happiest place in her life right now and wants to make a happy, comfy record. She’s not trying to push boundaries, she’s actively not trying to do anything southern or have any “teeth” to it like you say. So to criticize it for not doing anything original is like criticizing metal music as not being pleasant enough. The entire aim of the album is to make straight-forward, comfortable catchy pop music. Maybe try it again and rethink the album’s purpose, what it’s trying to do. Love your reviews, but these criticisms are incredibly misguided and unfair.

Hiraeth says:

Please review From Mars to Sirius by Gojira. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Samantha Welle says:

I’m really not understanding your opinion on this one Melon….

Æther Adept says:

Rolls eyes at space…cowboy. jerks off to ‘Cause I know we’re connected by love
Yes, I know we’re connected, connected, connected by love
Yeah, I wanna be directed by your love
Connected by love

Zan Scarfato says:

Review How to: Friend, Love, Freefall by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Trevor Evansyoung says:

thanks for being honest about it I also found this totally bland and overrated

RECON Don says:

I don’t see why I keep hearing the word “country” from you and other critics. STOP LETTING the traditional genre from the artist steer your ears. I don’t view this as a country album, just a damn good, quaint album. Not everything has to be “groundbreaking”.

Will H says:

I’d love to see a review of the debut album from Lillie Mae “Forever and Then Some”

Remiah White says:

Review Doja Cat – Amala

Gr4vull says:

I don’t listen to country much but tht bc it mostly sucks. I enjoyed Kacey before this album. Golden Hour gives me an opportunity to listen to her voice and enjoy her song writing without as much twang that I just reactively cringe at.

Jean Carlos says:

Trash review

Saint 9494 says:

From Texas, Anthony is wrong when he says we don’t have internet. I sent this via cow dung.

duzzy says:

please review Alina Baraz’s new album The Color of You ❤️

Victoria Rooks says:

Boooooo! I agree with pitchforks review on this album which definitely doesn’t deserve a 4!

samuraiinCfede says:

Are people deaf? Seriously overhyped album. I’m with you here Melon, bland shit boiiiii

Nat Tong says:


Ali Cody says:

Great video

Neblin275 says:

Anthony I’d recommend trying Faye Webster’s self titled album

DamianTV says:

I knew it!
I knew Anthony favored the alt-right!

Guido Montini says:


Stephen Weir says:

High Horse is a banger, tho

Carter Leach says:

melon i’m sorry but I dont agree with you

Ryan Carter says:

Just no. So wrong about this one!

Paul Johnson says:


Kali Uchis!!!!

Dave Shephard says:

oh dear, have you lost your mind, , your review sucks and is so out of whack. this album is outrageously beautiful and breaks new ground in Country music. also please do not assume we do not know or understand Country music, have forgotten more than you might ever know. so forget it dude your review basically is irrelevant

Hector E. Pagan says:

Amen Dunes and Kali Uchis melonnnn

Johannes Gutenburg says:

What the actual fuck..? This is worse than Damn or MBDTF but his normie fans will never know. Fucks sake.

Vince Guaraldi says:

You’re a fucking retard

sasha jean says:

i politely disagree with you, melon.

Cashew Chestnut says:

lets go mudding antnee

Oscair Connolly says:

Flatbush zombies album. Now.

Daud Rotama says:

I understand why he gave the album a rating that low. Few songs are excellent (per Musgraves standard), most are… average.

Rob Vespa says:

Somone fell off the wrong side of the bed and into the abyss this morning.

Harvey Smith says:

He overrates albums that are willingly angular and typically views anything involving a commercial edge as average.

Jonathan says:

review the gardens new album!!!

sesh dogs says:

Flatbush Zombies review coming?

The One Fifth Baby says:

I wish people could stop saying that he’s wrong, let him have his own opinions.

The Dog's Kneecaps says:


Garrett Scroggs says:

Jason Isbell, Reckless Kelly, Steve Earle, Micky & The Motorcars. All of these blend country with blues, rock and roll and singer-songwriter music and it’s great! Steve of course also had the adopted keltic classic “Galway Girl.”

Uncle Squiddz says:

Vegany smoothietano here

Oliya says:

Please review The Garden – Mirror Might Steal Your Charm

TASK says:

Loved this album

animus says:

yo anthony would you like to destroy the new 30 seconds to mars album

BrenDon says:

Fantano & Pitchfork beef?

Billy Ocean says:

Melon is quickly becoming the worst kind of joke.

suportyourlocalDJ84 says:

I thought the same thing. I’ve seen all these folks praising this record, and I just don’t get it. I love her last two records but this one falls flat.

Dean Colpack says:

Wait so Sturgill Simpson can get away with singing cringey lines like “Life is but a dream” but Kacey can’t sing “What goes up must come down”? Hypocrite.


Can you review the new Kali Uchis album Isolation?

Metha Dechthaisong says:

I strongly disagree with you.
I think this is her BEST ALBUM! for this period of time.

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