Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour – Album Review

For my 929th review, Kacey Musgraves drops her most critically acclaimed – and oddly lightweight and sedate – record to date.

Best Songs: ‘Slow Burn’, ‘Lonely Weekend’, ‘Space Cowboy’, ‘Happy & Sad’, ‘Rainbow’, ‘Oh, What A World’
Worst Songs: ‘Butterflies’


Buy the album! https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/golden-hour/1350091548?mt=1&app=music&at=1000lsNQ

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Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour – Pop Country – Album Review


Liam Carmody says:

Has anyone added Ready Player One to the schedule yet?

Rybread 28 says:

Kacey musgraves is my favorite country artists of all time and Lydia loveless is my second favorite country artists of all time. I don’t like country at all those two are the only two I could ever get in to. This is easily the best country album I heard all year and the best country album to come out since real by Lydia loveless I don’t know which of her 3 albums I like more but there all amazing. Her voice is stunning and her lyrics are amaizng.

shabara liberal says:

Please listen to Chloe and Halle’s ‘The kids are alright’ Album

Zach says:

Really great review. One of your best.

DestructionCentral - says:

It may be the fact that I was as excited for this as I was. But yeah, for me at least, this is a near-masterpiece. It’s perfect for me, and while I’ll always miss the side of Kacey that got more fiery and a bit more country, this is still an excellent album that shouldn’t be overlooked. My only problem with this album is that the drums feel a bit too basic on certain songs, that’s it. I don’t think it beats Same Trailer, Different Park, as that’s a masterpiece. But wow, it justs hit the mark for me. I can listen to this no matter what mood I’m in. Very strong 9/10 for me, listen if you haven’t already.
Edit: Also, I don’t consider this very much country. I consider it bits of country, disco, pop, and some psychedelia. Also, considering how my opinion changes with a lot of listens, this may change with the more listens I give it.

Tiernan Flaherty says:

Probably a bit harsh for an 8/10 review but I get it and you made good points. Also thanks for turning me on to Caitlyn Smith and others here! Margo Price tried a bit of “disco-country” on All American Made that worked pretty well too.

Joe Melly says:

Can you do a video guide to modern country music, listing your faves? (if you haven’t already)

Dekido says:

Though all songs from this album sound kinda same except the pop influence like High Horse, I still like it and probably my top 5 favorite album this year.

hgearly says:

i’m sorry it’s still a 10/10 for me .

Ryan Lowe says:

I loved this album a lot.
I would give it a 9/10

luca santamaria says:

It’s not the best country album of the year, but it’s the one i like the most

DihStyle69 says:

fav album of the year so far and i dont even care about country music

MrFlipperInvader782 says:


MonsefMA says:

Your delivery has improved so much lol

MartinHCollection says:

We get it… you don´t like country music. So… why do you bother?

Alyssa Danielle says:

I would rate it a 9.5/10

Brad Taste in Music says:

“Worst: Butterflies”

Mark… stop

duke86fan says:

tbh this just didn’t click for me.. i dont get why all the critics praised it so intensely.. it not really reinventing the wheel, or making anything more provocative lyrics..

it just sounds like the country my mom was listening to 15 years ago (which i was never a fan of)..

alondra. says:

Please review Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko, I have not seen a critic’s opinion on it yet. Most critics are either ignoring it exists or they are taking their sweet time.

SilentAssassin01234 says:

I recommend looking at classic albums. My recommendation to start off, Kate Bush’ Hound of Love

Wigney Flewston says:

This album was awesome! So was Kate Nash’s

Nobody At All says:

I agree with you pretty heavily on this record. I think it’s Kacey Musgraves’ weakest album (I mean, I still really like it). I wish she’d gone deeper with her lyrics. It’s much more fleeting than her other albums were. That said, I liked that fleeting feeling a lot. The happy moments were so sincere, and that’s not something I see frequently in happy music. I didn’t feel like she really tread any new territory, (especially with High Horse, my first thought when I heard that song was that she’s done this three time before).

whizzard blizzard says:

Jeez Mark, don’t hate the player’, hate the game! Jk, But yeah a strong 7/light 8 from me, mostly cause I miss Luke Laird & Shane Mcanally. That ‘Trip’ comparison is what I’ve said too! ;D

EYTPS says:

I really do not get why Kacey Musgraves is so popular. It’s just lame safe music she makes IMO. Pitchfork even gave one of her albums an 8/10 and this one an 8.7/10 and a “Best New Music” label…… Oh, how the mighty have fallen

papernicolas3 says:

I don’t get why people like this thing. It’s just MOR Adult Alternative blandness.

The Negan Guy says:

Melonhead gave this a 4/10

shabara liberal says:

Please listen to Chloe and Halle’s ‘The kids are alright’ Album

Matt Whitaker says:

I love this album. Glad to see you give it a fair review.

Daud Rotama says:

I agree. Wow.

Adam Tibbetts says:

This album is very good in my opinion but fair review

Joel Miles says:

I don’t even like country music that much and this’ll probably be one of my top 20 albums of the year. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

Ashton thornton says:

I hope your voice gets better. I also hope you know that was probably one of your most soothing intros ever

Allan Sh says:

I waited till midnight to listen to it on Tidal as soon as it was released. I had been hyped for months. But I felt pissed after I listened to the album twice.
The album is quite mundane and uninspiring. It is still enjoyable if you ignore her silly lyrics on this thing. For me it is 4/10.

7915thomas says:

Great album, very much like The Beautiful South

Lord Succubus, Lord Xenu's Second in Command says:

I’m Mark Ross. Welcome to The Joy of Reviewing. Today we are going to be making happy, little 8/10s

dancingonmy0wn says:

Best album ever

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