Kane Brown – Experiment | Album Review

I gave the Kane Brown album ‘Experiment’ a fair shot and gave it four full listens before this review. Ultimately, it’s just nothing all that special, though there are a few nice country music moments inside the pop/R&B swamp. What do y’all think?

(Trying out some new editing techniques lately, too. Hope you enjoy!)

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Doris Doepel says:

You brought up his color at the beginning of this song don’t act like it’s not about race

Seth Graham says:

Can you please take a look at Maddie and Tae’s newest song, DIE FROM A BROKEN HEART!?!?

Brandon Curtis says:

Love this channel. So different from everything else music related on YouTube. You should take a look at Justin Moore’s new single “The ones who didn’t make it back home”.

Bree Simmons says:

Weston hughes he is not wasting his time on kane brown you as asshole so shut the fuck up okay. You ugly ass. I’m only 13.

Alice Moon says:

Lauren Alaina’s mother always says she’s 13 years old. Hahaha . What a pitiful mother fucker!

Jeffery Miller says:

Red. Yes.

Track 30MISS says:

He’s ruining real country music

Myles Nelson says:

Plus almost every country star has tattoos…

Doris Doepel says:

Why does Kane have to be a cookie cutter of a country singer? Why can’t Kane just be Kane? George Jones and Willie definitely don’t sound the same but they both are country.

Cam Jackson says:

I love Kane brown

Will Thorson says:

my issue with him is his voice…if a piece of wood could sing, there it is…from hearing him on facebook doing real country songs, then did a bait and switch…he fumbles around with country, but he is not…straight up pop with a fiddle…not for me…

Jessica Watson says:

I’ve never heard those covers but, they sound so much better. I don’t care what someone looks like if they sound nice to me imo

Skylar Whitton says:

you should review/react to Morgan Wallen’s album If I Know Me!!

Darla Frantic says:

Nobody likes Kane Brown except Lauren Alaina and her mother. All those positive comments about Kane Brown are posted by Lauren alaina and her mother with their tons of accounts. Fake comments by Lauren Alaina and her mother. Kane is a destroyer of country music.

Tyler Davis says:

Merle Haggard had more country in his left ass cheek than Kane Brown’s entire music catalogue

Falcons' fan says:

Kane Brown is a disgrace to real country music. He is ruining country music

ChannelX24 says:

King of the click track

Heaven Vs. Hell says:

He cannot sing country like other country singers

Lisa Powell says:

What’s the definition of “good looking” or “hot”? Sorry, I need a dictionary!

Bree Simmons says:

All ya’ll that hate kb can go to fucking HELL. Since you made this channel you can also go to HELL.

Seth Graham says:

My favorite song from this album is LOST IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

Noah Peterson says:

good analysis

Doris Doepel says:

That’s funny when you reviewed Homesick you said it was going to be a hit. So people started bashing you about now you changed your mind? You don’t have your own opinion?

Myles Nelson says:

Do an album review on me. Anchored Deluxe Edition. I hit #1 on iTunes in the US and AU in February. Country Veins, Everyday is the weekend and I’m not your ex are the ones you should review. Nothing like what I have coming out next year though. My new stuff from the past 2 years is way better

Taylor Ann says:

I love it thank you for doing this he said thanks

Colton Pouch says:

Please do a review on Whitey Morgan’s and/or Dillon Carmichael’s new albums

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