Keith Urban – Ripcord – Album Review

For my 551st review, I discuss Keith Urban’s nearly abandoning country entirely for pop – with unfortunate results.

Best Songs: ‘Wasted Time’, ‘Worry ‘Bout Nothin”
Worst Songs: ‘Habit Of You’


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Text review of ‘Ripcord’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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Gloria Smith says:

I wouldn’t listen to anything you would recommend…..sorry, but you talk too much about nothing that really matters.  I love RIPCORD.  Sorry, I came here.  It makes me like the album so much more.   BORING review!

Ian B says:

Can you cover 3OH!3’s Night Sports please?

Jordan Williams says:

it actually makes me laugh that the likes of country radio refuse to play beyonces new song because shes not ‘country’, but have no problem playing pop music made by ‘country artists’

orlock20 says:

He should be as bashed as Iggy Azalea for switching accents to fit the genre.

Wences Acosta says:

Hey…would you be interested in joining in a conversation or two to help out with an up or coming blog?

Alec Krueger says:

Will you please review Cloud Nine by Kygo and Misadventures by Pierce the Veil!!!!!!!

Thijs van asselt says:

mark will you review the Eurovision?

Hongu says:

Why are you reviewing this instead of the new Radiohead

Wizzrobe says:

Between this and the review Trigger had on Saving Country Music, there have been plenty of negative reactions towards Keith Urban’s new album. I haven’t listened to all the songs, but Wasted Time was … well, Wasted Time.

Naos says:

I want to see you tear apart the Meghan Trainor album.

billy says:

As a huge Keith Urban Fan from Australia I didn’t mind this album but it was far from perfect. A lot of the lyrics felt a bit immature like “your lips keep getting in the way” ” when your body is touching my body”. He should be acting his age.

The days of pop country and bro country are slowly fading and for his next album he will either have to go into it full pop or country. A few of these songs will surely go to mainstream pop radio rather than country radio like “Sun don’t let me down” The start to Blue ain’t your colour sound a lot like the start to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS and it doesn’t really work.

Overall not a bad album just not a good one. I would of loved to see a nice guitar solo like the one in I’m In which I also felt was missing fro Fuse.


Best Tracks: John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16, Break On Me, Wasted Time, The Fighter, Sun Don’t Let Me Down, Boy gets a Truck, Worry bout Nothin,
Worst tracks: Your body, Gone Tomorrow, Here Today, Getting in the way

Cooper says:

Please review Meghan Trainor’s shitty new album. I need it to be dragged

Joanne Jaworski says:

Though I especially love the songs Wasted Time and Break on me, I much prefer real musicians to any fake machine creations. I was disappointed that Pit Bull was on anything Keith would create since they aren’t even in the same league of talent. I would put Keith up against ANY performer no matter their age or genre. His energy, performance level and quality oozes out of him!

Asquar says:

pls take a look on stephen’s Album sincerely… it’s his debut and for this, i would totally enjoy to hear your opinion on this!

In The Furnace says:

Good review aside, I’m questioning how you’re so able to defend Good Time as such a great pop song. As far as summer songs go it has a dated, cliche, and repetitive chorus that does nothing for me. Just my opinion though

Egg Hold says:

Sorry but the public doesn’t agree with you. Love Ripcord, beautiful album. I can’t believe I took time out of my life to listen to a nobody like you, never again.

mariokarter13 says:

0/10 Not urban enough.

Madison Luna says:

Pop “country” gets me every time.

Baxter Brown says:

I thought you said Wasted Time was completely pointless on Billboard BREAKDOWN. I know this album wasn’t good, but you gave it a 4 and on BB you gave Wasted Time a review that suggested the song itself was a 3! Certainly seemed like you thrashed Wasted Time far more than Break On Me

ElectroChart Top 25 says:

Kygo! Kygo! Kygo! Please cover Cloud Nine by Kygo! 🙂

D Goley says:

Love Keiths new album RIPCORD and evidently the public loves it too. It hit Number 1 in USA, Canada and Australia. You are not a talented critic, sorry.

VLRgospel09 says:

You might even say that Keith Urban is hanging by a “cord” that’s about to “rip”.

rfedun says:

No Radiohead review yet?

zooka0619 says:

Review Meghan Trainwreck’s new disaster.. I mean album, please!

ZestMaster says:

Thank you by meghan trainor, i wanna see you tear it apart!

Max Weiner says:

Please review chance the rapper’s coloring book

ElectricOutcast says:

Actually your review was a bit higher than what Trigger from Saving Country Music had. He gave this album a score of 1 out of 10.

JW64 says:

Kygo review?

Just Your Ordinary Toast says:

Review Meghan Trainor’s new album!
I want to see you suffer like I did, my boi.

The Avid Gamer says:

I hate Keith Urban. I haven’t heard a single thing from him that I enjoyed so far.

Naos says:

If you really like Lucy Hale that much, check out Jennette McCurdy.

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