Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Hallelujah – Album Review

For my 654th review, Kenny Chesney tries to have a message and instead unleashes a disaster.

Best Songs: ‘Setting The World On Fire’ ft. Pink
Worst Songs: ‘Trip Around The Sun’, ‘Bucket’, ‘Rich And Miserable’


To skip my preamble, go to 1:44

Text review of ‘Cosmic Hallelujah’:

My first ever full-length novel, ‘To Kill A Dragon’!

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Sarah Stacy says:

I’m sorry but that album is one of his best albums out of twenty sorry not seventeen! he wrote only a few songs on that album granted but would you like to write twelve songs on a tight schedule while performin and constantly movin from show to show constantly?! he wrote Noise to make a statement to his fans and himself and granted it ain’t his traditional sound but it still sounded purdy damn great along with Settin The World On Fire and Rich And Miserable! he records songs with a reason behind every one and for you to disrespect him out in the public like this is a dick move! yeah you can have your opinions and yeah you can think what you want but its a douche bag thing to post it public especially if you’re gonna name the video somethin that seems like you’re gonna talk the album up! have a great day!

Wonkey Dude98 says:

Wow. I need to listen to this.

Sharie Voss says:

You sir are an IDIOT, I don’t care who you are

Twangtown7 says:

This album has been nominated for a Grammy. Good call, dumb ass.

Outloud444 says:

“Don’t Blink”

Goddess Of Change says:

I have a P!nk fan in my f-list, and she’s super obsessed with her, like, as long as she has one song in the chart, the pop situation can be called great, who cares if Teen Idols and shitty rappers rule the charts.
And she agrees with you. Come back, girl! And if possible, take my man by the ears and throw him too in the studio. Lock him up with his band and don’t let them out until they make Monkey Business 2.0.

Mario A says:

Kenney Chesney is probably the worst country artist out there, no competition. 3 seems a little generous. You seem personally offended lol
Let me just take a minute to thank you for your awesome work, you deserve much more subs and views and I hope you continue doing this for a long time

Grey Descendant of Rats says:

Well, I guess Mark wanted to set the album on fire.


You should REALLY listen to EVOLution by Sabrina Carpenter

billy says:

Allmusic gave it a 4.5/5 lol

Will Apted says:

Can you review The Letter O by Damian lillard

Kelsea Owens says:

alright now bitch u need to do some more research on this man that i call my life. his is NOT a lazy artist he was doin this and his tour at the same time it is a really good album. u need to find the meanin behind all the songs and albums if u gotta problem with him then leave him alone. its not the worst album of tge year or of his. he is one of the bigger singers rn. he sells of stadium after stadium and more. he is the KING OF THE ROAD. if u gonna talk shit make sure u know what u talkin bout cause u dont. u sayin that all the songs got somethin wrg with em aint got anything wrg u just jacked up. he loves the beach and has a house there. he is a beach guy. he is a hard worker and he dont take short cuts. dont compare em to Blake Shelton either they r nothin alike. Kenny is the best artist in my opinion. u aint gonna takl shit without gettin my piece of mind. look up the meanin behind the songs and the album and fix this damn album. what u said is all wrg u need to rethink what u said. u all over him bein a lazy and HE AINT i hope u loose ur subscribers cause u deserve it bitch back off my life

Adam Capps says:

Many country fans’ favorite artist is Kenny chesney. Nobody sells out stadiums like this guy does. I love your work with your criticisms, but I also think this album is great.

Emma Miles says:

My favorite artist is actually kenny I have been listening to him since 3 years old

1443 says:

intellectually bankrupt, heh good one.

turkeysandwich3 says:

You should review The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold 🙂

Nicholas Blake says:

your a fucking idiot man if you compare the legend of kennth arnold chesney too blake fuckin shelton get a clue and a new shirt bud

James Renz says:

I liked the album. His song ‘Bar at the End of the World’ is the best song on the album.

Emma Miles says:

Kenny is the best I love him

Irishfan007 says:

I think it’s a pretty solid album. But Jesus and Elvis to me is the best track on the record.

benalan1000 says:

it’s interesting that he says Kenny Chesney does not spark a lot of attention and country music but his fan base is actually massive and he has sold out more concerts than any other artist in the last 10 years not just including country that’s also including Rock in the us “Mr. Chesney (who seldom performs overseas) has sold 9.8 million concert tickets since 2003, the year he graduated to stadiums, for a gross of $608.6 million, according to Pollstar. His closest rival in tickets sold is the indefatigable Dave Matthews. who mostly sticks to arenas and amphitheaters. Bruce Springsteen, no stranger to stadiums, sold 5.5 million tickets over the last 10 years for a gross of $460.5 million.”

CountryMC says:

well that happened..

The Negan Guy says:

Setting The World On Fire is the only song i enjoyed but the rest really bored me

Jeremy Wright says:

Sorry dude but your reviews are trash….

Adam Judge says:

Oh boy I can’t wait to see what happens when the Kenny Chesney fans catch wind of this

William Zabarauskas says:

Well … You know what they say , Opinion’s are like assh*les, Everyone has one and they all Stink !! Including Yours !!

Omen Boy says:

10/10 for this peach shirt!

Aeddy35 says:

Oh boy a 3! Don’t even know what artist this is but I know this’ll be fun.

Levi Moore says:

I didn’t really like this album, The Big Revival was way better. I agree, Settin’ the World on Fire was one of the best songs and Rich and Miserable was one of the worst songs, but my favorite song was All the Pretty Girls and I liked Bucket, and I didn’t really like Trip Around the Sun, but I didn’t think it was really all that bad.

Alex98765 says:

After “Hemingway’s Whiskey” i don’t see strong material from him. Ordinary party anthems sounds so boring. Tracks like “Better As A Memory” – that’s what i need from this guy.

King of the Void says:

butthurt fans hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Twangtown7 says:

Also, there’s only a few country artists who sell out FOOTBALL STADIUMS. Kenny is one of them. Been doing it for 15 years. Get your shit straight.

Scott Rohrbeck says:

6:39 – How appropriate that you say that, given that Pitbull’s newest single just charted today. It has LunchMoney Lewis and actually some nice production, so maybe you’ll have good to say about it.

Levi Moore says:

You should listen to Mo Pitney’s new album Behind This Guitar and Justin Moore’s Kinda Don’t Care

Tony O'Neill says:

Wow… I thought this was just gonna be mediocre BBQ noise

Flameking20 says:

You should listen to Rob Scallions new EP, Anchor

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